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    Does anyone elses palm pre screen able to turn I can jiggle it to both sides my sister is solid. I am in first 30 days If I go to verizon will I be charged a restocking fee thanks
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    the "jiggle" has come to be called the oreo effect if you do a forums search for it you will see how common it is probably around 60% have it
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    I would take it back and show them what the sold me..
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    Usually an allowance of 1-2mm is natural for this phone. When you are a new user, this feels weird, but you do get used to a little movement. If it is more than that, or 'wiggles' very easily, you could take it back. But even your sister's unit will have it after a bit of use (they all do).
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    How do you measure it sorry to be a nub
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    How do you usually measure things?
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    Smart *** haha but I mean how do u measure the oreo effect. Like do u turn it or push it off to the side
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    In my opinion people trying to measure it by turning and pushing several times a day causes more than 50% of the occurences...
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    measure it by how far it moves without you making it worse by wiggling it back and forth if it doesn't move without a little push it's nothing

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