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    I just downloaded a bunch of stuff and did a bunch of tweaks, lol. I think I'm done, should I keep my phone in dev mode or switch it back? Will it kill the battery in dev mode? or will anything not work right in dev mode?

    I've only had my pre a few days now, lol.
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    i've always wanted to ask this question, mine is always in dev. dont know if that is good or bad...
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    Mine has been in Dev. Mode since 1.0.3

    No affect on battery or anything else. I just leave it on that way if I ever do anything I don't need to keep turning it on and off
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    Besides, the phone being in Dev mode won't hurt anything.

    I know some people have been worried that other people can install whatever on your phone, but they would need to take your phone, plug it into a computer, install software, and run it.

    If someone knows how to do that, they already know how to turn on Dev mode
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    They have a patch to on preware that you can download similar to an app on your screen. This makes it easy to just switch it from on to off. As far as battery life I am not sure. I have read that you should leave it off as your phone is open for hackers to get inside. I have read the odds are slim of this happening but it is a good idea to turn if off. Somebody, correct me if any of this information is wrong...
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    great question -- i have never turned off my developer mode -- i have unhidden the icon however but is there an issue to leaving it on????
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    I think I downloaded that actually, the toggle switch. I wasn't sure if it turned it off AND on, or just on.

    ETA:, ok all it does is bring up the dev on/off screen which saves me having to type. I'm turning it off for now, if anything it makes sure I reset my phone after installing all of those apps. I had to do that on the hero, not sure if it's necessary on the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellz625 View Post
    I think I downloaded that actually, the toggle switch. I wasn't sure if it turned it off AND on, or just on.
    Yes. It turns it both on and off.
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    I turn mine off when i'm done,
    Christ knows why though.
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    mine has been it since june 09
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    I always turn mine off when I'm done. If I don't I randomly lose my phone connection and my 3G gets buggy.
    Once I forgot and left it on and Preset Reset went off which then made my DM backwards. It said it was off but synced to QI, turned on and not recognised. (pain to fix)
    I think technically your phone is hackable when on too but chances are that would never happen.. .
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    I am a launch day owner, and have had it enabled since the Konami code was first discovered. i haven't noticed any issues, but since I never turn it off, I suppose i wouldn't.
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    if i keep mine on my phone is prone to resets during the day, if i switch it off the phones stops the random resets
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    Mine has been switched on since October, no issues here.
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    Mine has been on since day 1 of the Konami finding. If someone wanted to hack me they could do it anytime... If they do I will just re-image my phone.

    If you hack my phone do something cool like "random fart sounds, reversed images and text or something of the like". Hahaha
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    Nocaterm FTW!!
    btw, novaterm is the terminal program that lets you access a linux shell on your Pre
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    I turned it off since I got the feeling that the lockscreen bug (normal background with lock) might only appear when the dev-mode is on. Haven't had the bug since but this might ofc be a coincidence
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    on since august 27th till septembre 6th? (when i exchanged my phone, not sure when it was), then on till then, till soon, which i exchange it again... Hardware error, not related..
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    I turned off dev mode.
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    I'm not 100% but I'm fairly sure dev mode is turned/set off through updates. Once Preware is installed I turn it off for the unlikely chance someone finds and uses an exploit through it. I have the reveal hidden icon patch which I've never used, but nice to know I wont need to type in the konami code if Preware flips itself.

    It shouldn't drain your battery anymore to have it on or off. Also, sometimes the toggle switch and the actual value of the dev mode flag can be different (happened to me) so even if it says you're "on" you may be off or vice versa.
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