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    Well I got my pre plus this past friday and was 100% happy with it. Howevee today I have noticed that a very small wobble has developed and wheen tthe phone is closed it seems that the screen goes down a little farther than it should. When I got the phone it was not like that and I have treated it very well.

    I worry because of the many stories here about how bad the problem develops.
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    it's called the oreo effect. Don't worry though.
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    welcome to pres oreo effect lol its cool its just how it is. normally at least on sprint you can get in to a repair store and the it readjust and ur good. not sure about verizon so.
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    yea I read alot about the oreo effetc and I thought I wouldn't get it but I did. If I bring it to verizon will they try and fix it? Will it get worse if I just leave it?

    If something happens to this phone and verizon won't replace it or fix it for me for free, then I am screwed. It's back to my flip phone
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    Verizon can't fix it , and it has a one year warranty by palm so there is nothing to worry about unless you break it yourself (dropping, getting it wet etc.)
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    If I'm not mistaken, all slider phones were built to have a very small oreo. Anything large or too noticable should be taken care of though. I have a launch day pre (6-6-09) that has a very tiny oreo that has caused no problems whatsoever.

    Good luck
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    Oh well I guess if it gets really bad then I can just check with both palm and verizon for a replacement.

    Will either replace it if the 1 year warrenty is over and the oreo effect gets bad and it has no damages that are my fault? I don't have the extended insurance btw.
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    All this Oreo talk makes me want to drink some milk, Be right back cause i dont have any.
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    Does anyone wanna answer?
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    You have 30-days and I would take full advantage of it. If it doesn't meet your satisfaction, then definitely have it swapped out. Oreo slider can get worse over time (not saying that it will), but I wouldn't want to chance it this early.

    My Pre Plus slider is perfect, no oreo - if it had it when I bought it, I would have quickly exchanged it for another.
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    Yea I guessi will exchange it in a few days. This is day number 3 and I remember that on the first day I did not have this problem.

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