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    my vzw pre+ is running great. SPK 800 cpuscaler uber 125-800. it seems to keep the temps down. i'm usually around 32 or 33.. definately warmer in my pocket obviously...41 or so with several apps. radio hibiki seems to be the biggest temp producer, 44c in the palm sleve, in my pocket. i am, however, experiencing the old 1.4.0 issues with missing the Y key, double typing. it's not bad, and i'd never had it bad before.

    my wife's stock pre+ is about to get the uber kernel and govnah app. just for sh*ts and giggles. i'm very happy with the SPK and cpuSU.

    the kernels and scaler apps are in the forums, they have their own threads....with VERY DETAILED information, warnings, guides, tutorials, videos etc. it's alot easier to SEARCH first and do the background work. threads like this get gummed up with "where's the patch, where's the kernel...whats a kernel... help a noob...."
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    There is NO!!! downloadlink in the threads!! pls show it to me! They was alle removed!
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    push.. where can i download it ??
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    There is no need to post and repost 3 times. Use search, see Uber, there are MULTIPLE posts with downloads and info.
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