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    I've had my Palm Pre Plus since launch...wait...I'm on my third Pre Plus since launch so I guess I've had THIS one since the middle of February. Anyway, I have noticed that my on/off button is starting to not be as "bouncy" as before. In fact, I am having to press it harder and harder to get the phone to turn off and on.

    I personally give it 3-6 more months and it isn't even going to work anymore.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Great OS I have to say. I left AT&ShizzyT and a Iphone 3G for Verizon and Pre Plus. I don't regret it b/c of the quality service Verizon has over AT&shizzyT. BUT, the hardware is a nightmare.
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    Search for broken button threads. Pop off button and put a piece of rubber band in the hole and put button back on. Works wonders.
    Oh c'mon guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearings these days.---Fletch
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    Yes, your power button WILL WEAR OUT.

    This is the worst built cellphone I have ever owned without a doubt

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