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    I have a O2 with Rebel SIM. I bought it thru eBay and am using it in India.
    I had MetaDoctored the phone to 1.4
    I had selected Palm Profile creation for later time as there is no 3G here in India.. and I did not have a Wifi at that time.

    Now I have Wifi.. I had the First Use Icon..
    After clicking on it with Wifi Connected... it just restarted phone/Luna.. without any options.

    So I have the phone without a Palm Profile. Anyway to create a new Palm Profile without reDoctoring it.. I would hate to loose my contacts.. I saved on the phone.

    Any way of creating a new Palm Profile. I guess I cannot access App Catalog without a Profile..
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    Thanks a Lot Tomi.

    It worked like a charm..

    I was able to Log into the
    Anyway to check If the Contacts have been Synced fine ?

    Super.. Seeing AppCatalog for the 1st Time... 235 Apps
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    What language did you select? English UK?

    In that case, get Webos QuickInstall.
    Click Tools > Receive File
    Under File, enter:
    Under Destination Folder, enter you Desktop or whatever folder you want to copy the json file to.

    Open the json file with UltraEdit. Do not convert it to DOS format.
    Hi tomi,

    I would to try this, because i cant see any app in my catalog....

    i have a Spain profile

    but whem i select the folder of my desktop...and select "get from device" of QCinstall.....dont creat any json file on the folder of Desktop

    waht i can do?

    and them to UltraEdit what i can use in a macbook?

    thanks by advance
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    I was Wondering during the First Use process.. can I say US as the country ?
    Considering that I am getting "The Application is not available in your country"
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    Your location/carrier: Portugal (Optimus)
    Your device model: 2 hand Pre locked + RebelSC + fw 1.4.1
    Where did you buy it/what country: Spain (Movistar)
    Who first activated the device: first owner in Spain
    Where was the device activated the first time: Spain
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    Just one change in Tomi's Instructions

    The correct path to the file would be
    Loose the / at the end
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeushunt View Post
    Just one change in Tomi's Instructions

    The correct path to the file would be

    Loose the / at the end
    can you see the file?

    i try this and nothing....try also change de en_gb to sp_sp ...spanish from spanish

    edit: i will try esp_esp ....espanhol from espanha....dont work


    I PAY MY PALM....AND WHANT´s BUY SOME APP....or have some legitmy free apps
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    Your location/carrier: India (Airtel 2G GSM)
    Your device model: Pre locked + RebelSC + fw 1.4
    Where did you buy it/what country: UK O2
    Who first activated the device: first owner in UK
    Where was the deice activated the first time: UK

    I got it Activated now with ur instructions...
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    i have the file now i have to found a linux text editor to mac...lets see...textMate

    i have this

    "icon": "../../icon.png",
    "id": "",
    "main": "../../index.html",
    "title": "First Use",
    "type": "web",
    "visible": "false"
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    You should edit this file:

    You should try to do a Full Erase and create a completley new Palm Profile with Spanish settings. You need to have cell data for this, as there's no WiFi after a Full Erase.

    If the first owner in Spain made a Spanish Palm Profile the first time the phone was activated, you should have access to paid apps. Also, stop screaming or you will be ignored.

    With es_es dont acess just en_gb......maybe the 1 owners creat a en profile

    i have one first profile in eng_us that i was able to see some free app in....webOs 1.1..

    i must have some tests and creat a en_gb...maybe the 1 spanish owner creat a english profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    If that is the case, you should be able to have at least some free apps with an English profile. For best results, however, you should pick the same Country as the first profile.
    Not sure though. All in all, contact Palm via Chat support and have your case escalated.
    They should come to the point where they give you Customer Service email address.
    Then write an email to them. If Palm doesn't know, they will not change anything.


    my 1º profile was en_US, whem i was total noob and install the : Sprint 1.0.4 with Activation disabled....and i can see some free apps

    them i make the Richards steps, to webOS 1.4.1 and create a 2º Profile in es_es.....and i cant see any free app

    Now i am making a complet secury erase....and will create a en_gb to see whats apean.

    Maybe the 1º Spanish owner prefers to make a UK profile...lets see...
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    nothing work

    try en_gb profile in webos 1.4.1
    try my en_US profile in webos 1.4.1

    now i'm gona doctor one more time webos 1.4.1 from 1.3.5 to my es_es profile

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