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    Please read the message I got from Sprint below. I wanted to put my contract on hold for one year since I am working out of the country. It seems I still have to pay $8.99/month and this only applies for 6 months. Is that correct as far as you guys know?


    Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the services on the account.

    Sprint offers a Seasonal Standby (Vacation) Plan for the customers who
    do not need to use their phone for some period of time. This plan allows
    you to keep the account with Sprint for an economical monthly charge of
    $8.99 per line.

    After 6 months on the Seasonal Standby rate plan, you need to move the
    phone back to the Sprint regular service. Voicemail and long distance
    features are not included in this plan.

    All the services on the phone are restricted when the number is placed
    on the Seasonal standby plan.

    Contract is frozen for the period the number is on this plan. For
    example, if this plans remains activated for 3 months, the agreement
    satisfaction date will also be extended by three months.

    Please reply if you wish to change the plan to the Seasonal standby

    This plan includes the following features: -

    -The Vacation Plan is available for a monthly recurring charge of $8.99.

    -This plan does not include voice minutes or long distance.
    -All usage is charged at $0.75 per minute and $.20 per message for text
    -You do not need to renew your PCS Advantage Agreement to sign up for
    this plan.
    -Long distance is not included.
    -Data cards are eligible for this service.
    -Customer may remain on the plan for a maximum of 6 months.
    -All services (including data, EVDO, and so on) are to be restricted.
    -There are no additional costs associated when changing to this plan
    outside of the MRC

    Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

    Jon S.
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    Yep it sure is. But you can take it off for a couple weeks or days then put it back on. It is just 6 months straight. There are always ways around stuff.
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    If you are not in contract port the number to a pre-paid line and cancel the account. When you get back port it back to Sprint if you still want an account with them.

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