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    In June, I'll of had my Pre since it's launch. I'm eligible from Sprint to switch phones. I really love the phone, but I don't want to lose the updates it gives out or new apps . I was thinking about a Nexus One... What do you guys think?
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    I switched to the samsung moment from the pre, although I do like the pinch and zoom with pre the android is a fun OS with all the apps it has I spend most of the time playing with the new apps then anything else on the android..
    Help a guy thats down and out on his luck..
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    Are there any 3-d games?
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    Help a guy thats down and out on his luck..
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    I'd hold out for the EVO. I don't think there is a stated launch date yet, but it will be worth waiting for; especially if you want to go to Android anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by upperking View Post
    I switched to the samsung moment from the pre, although I do like the pinch and zoom with pre the android is a fun OS with all the apps it has I spend most of the time playing with the new apps then anything else on the android..
    Thats exactly why I love my PRE. Unfortunately, Id like my phone to work great, be productive and be easy to use and if there are some games, great. If I want to play a lot of games on my device, Id get a device to play games. The pre has every app that I wanted for my phone. I love how people buy phones bc they can make it fart. Enjoy the honeymoon.
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    Hi, I think that Palm will be bought up, not go out of business, so there is no need to switch from the pre!
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    As much as I love my pre, you cant deny how powerful and how fast android is growing. I'm due for an upgrade about the same time the Evo comes out, that will be my next phone.
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    Launch day user too!
    I think I'll go for the Evo mostly because of the Sense UI.

    Unless HTC and Palm make an Evo-like phone running WebOS.
    Or if Lenovo does the same...

    I wonder... Lenovo + Palm = PalmPad?
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    Dont you mean HTC?
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    I'm not. The battery life has become worse and worse and I cannot stand to be tethered to a charger or purchase an extended battery. Went to opening day on Friday and my batter went from 100% to 10% left within about 3 hours with light usage. If the HTC EVO comes out in June as expected, I'm due for an upgrade so that may be my next phone. I'll wait and see how the battery life is with it though.

    I've just had bad luck with my phone (phone replacements and batteries). Had to doctor it after two separate updates even though it's a 100% stock phone. Hassle isn't worth it anymore and I've yet to be blown away in all honesty. I've tried to stick with it but I'm just done.
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    I plan on sticking with the Pre until another Palm phone comes out or I find a phone/OS that I feel can match the usability of the Pre, even at ... I have played with android phones and the iPhone and others and I have yet to find ANYTHING that matches the overall usability of webOS (hell, I even made a palmspot commercial for it at ) ....

    IF one day Palm officially announces that webOS is being discontinued and there will be no further support, I will look for another phone. Until that happens, I love my Pre and will enjoy the further updates and hope we continue to get more and more Apps (which should pick up once the PDK becomes official)

    well, that's just my 2 cents!
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    +1 to the above post.

    Time to buy an extra couple Pre's for the lean years ahead. Eventually another OS will hit the market that's as good or better than webOS but Android and iphone are like going back in time to drive Ford Model T's. No thanks!
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    +1 here too... just got back into a Pre. Had a MyTouch for almost a year now. Not a huge fan of Android, although they have been getting a lot of support from Devs. My fiance has a nexus one, which is better, but mostly because of the hardware. I Had the original Sprint Pre, but Sprint was not an option for me (poor to no reception). Now with the Free mobile hotspot on Verizon, $90 Pre with only a year commitment and a 13% discount from my employer, I am a happy Pre owner again.

    Hopefully whoever buys palm is committed to supporting WebOS and can market it properly. Plus get some new, faster hardware out there fast...
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    my next device will have WebOS.
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    I wouldn't hit the panic button quite yet...they may just be looking at ways to get additional financing ..not an outright sale...

    in regards to android.. a good friend has the droid.. its just ..i dunno..very reminiscent of windows mobile..hos features and power but its just very unfinished and if you are into games i dont think they are quite there yet with major 3d games..
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    People who moaning all the time and looking other platforms and smartphones, not really known WebOS and thats the answer! If you can't understand what WebOS is then you can have even Nokia's 10 years old models.
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    My pre will make it till october when I am able to get another phone with sprint, I'd love to see a new generation of palm with webos and gsm+cdma, but barring that or palm webOS going away, I will probably look for a cdma/gsm android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Why should you stay with Palm when Palm isn't even staying with Palm?
    Too funny. Good question though, Palm did not think outside the box enough with the Pre or Pixi. Also, the advertising sucked. We will see who ends up buying them, it maybe for all of the patents they hold, definitely not for Web OS or their hardware designs.
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    Palm and Web OS will survive, which in the end, is the most important thing.
    Once Web OS gets on hardware with some deep pockets behind it -- watch out!
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