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    I have figured out how to get the Verizon mobile hotspot working on the Sprint palm pre ad its quite easy. First you will need Quick install and the mobile hotspot ipk. Just install the mobile hotspot file with quick install and verify that it is on your phone. when you open it, it will probably say something like mobile hotspot service is not running but nevermind that for now. close the mobile hotspot and run the updates app. it should find an update for the newly installed mobile hotspot. just install the update and now the app should work just fine. ** if you need the mobile hotspot ipk then just pm me and i will try to give it to you if precentral will let me**

    i just happend to open the updates after freshly updating my phone for any apps that might need updating and that one showed up so it downloads all the new files it needs. as far as i know, there is no way for them to block this. correct me if im wrong. Thanks Palm
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    Does this mean you don't have to install the tether program?
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    There has been SO MANY threads about this, You have not just uncovered something magical, If you search you would see that there has been hotspot workking on the Pre for a while.
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    This isnt a new discovery, unless I just discovered America. People just use the search tool first.

    Notice when the above thread was started. A day after
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    but my method you dont need the freetether.d just the mobile hotspot i already knew about the other way, thats actually how i got mobile hotspot on the phone but i could never get it to work till i updated it.

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