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    Please delete this thread it's such a waste of time to hear people giving there reasons to dump a phone. Or create a Palm Hater thread and let the little babies go at it.

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    The pre is a phone that is in early stage. Meaning if you really want to enjoy the pre install homebrew apps and also apply patches.

    Video recording??? uh yeah!!! there is a homebrew app for that.
    visual voicemail? uh yeah!!! there is a homebrew app for that too.

    more apps.. try PREWARE!!!!
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    These guys feel compelled to post this crap are nothing but lurkers that are in bed with other carriers or manufacturers. Don't ya just love it went someone STARTS a topic just to tell us he is ENDING his posting of topics. Total BS
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    When voicemail sends you a text message saying that you got a call from number 555-123456 the Pre correctly indenfies the numbers as a phone number ie underlining and making it clickable. But im pretty sure PalmOS was actually able to match such a number with the adressbook so that the name was displayed instead ie you dont have to guess whos number it is if its already in your contacts.
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    Well, you can't blaim people for leaving I guess many of us are hoping that WebOS will improve so that we get the basic contacs and calendar functions that PalmOS was so good at. Then the device would seem competitive for more people.

    Im fine with the way it is but I also realize that a few of the core built-in apps are 'rubbish' compared to what it used to be. Palm can do better and it beats me why they dont implement the functions that PalmOS was so good at. Would be a match in heaven for many, or?
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    im only dumping mine til the pre2 comes out, just want to get ahead of the

    the only thing that really bother me is the messaging
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    Well, I know that I havent posted here often, but I have loved and defended my Pre since the first week it was out and launched. That being said, I have gone through six (6) Pres in as many months! For as much as I love webOS, I can't keep that up, especially since 5 of the 6 were manufacturers defects. And to top that off, every time I contacted Palm about it, they were indifferent, and uncaring. So to all the devs here doing amazing work, with apps, patches, themes, and utilities. Thank you, you made it excellent every time I switched, but now I am moving on to a Hero. If anybody would like to purchase my 7th Pre (excellent condition, I'm just scared) feel free to PM me But I will go now. Thank you again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmatlosz View Post
    Phone is a disaster, plain and simple..... If you moved from a Treo to this pile of junk you are still kicking yourself, I know I am. Cannot wait until the iPhone moves to other carriers because I will be dropping Palm like a hot potato
    I dunno the advantages of WebOS are great when compared to iPhone, I just hope Palm can polish webOS in a timely fashion to be on the level if not superior to that of the iPhone.

    One thing, however, I notice right off the bat when you compare the iPhone to the Pre is build quality. The Pre feels like a flimsy piece of junk in comparison.
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    Sorry if this was already posted...

    palm=jack bauer :/

    For Palm, Yet Another Wrenching Crisis – GigaOM

    Palm is the Jack Bauer of the mobile industry. Its story is one of high-tension drama in which it lurches from one crisis to another, saving itself from the jaws of despair only to face some new and more daunting threat, all while the clock ominously ticks away. But Palm’s current management is cunning, and we’ve learned never to write it off as finished.

    The latest grim plot twist came last week when Palm reported its fiscal second-quarter earnings. Smartphones sold to consumers fell 4 percent from a year ago, before Palm even debuted the Pre. A costly ad campaign sank gross margins to 25.6 percent from 27.9 percent a quarter earlier. And the number of apps for sale in the Palm store now totals a mere 800, the company said, compared with 16,000 in the Android Market and more than 100,000 in Apple’s App Store.

    Now that Palm is once again backed into a corner, it’s tempting to sit back and wait for its dramatic recovery. But this corner is a particularly dark one because the company’s best-laid plans and its promising webOS software, backed by the biggest marketing spend in years, aren’t translating into big sales. How will Palm extract itself from this predicament?

    For starters, it needs to fix two problems: Its failure to connect with consumers, and its failure to connect with developers.

    First, consumers. Hitching Palm’s star to Sprint may have been an expedient first step, but the longer the Pre and the Pixi fail to find a home on a bigger carrier, the harder it will be for Palm to catch up. Palm itself admits that sales through Sprint have been “lower-than-expected.” That’s CFO-speak for “unacceptable.”

    Jonathan Rubinstein, Palm’s CEO, said in the earnings call he’s “very, very excited about our future opportunities with a variety of carriers.” That could mean anything, but it led some analysts to believe a deal with Verizon is around the corner. While that would provide a huge boost for Palm’s future, Verizon has been something of a tease. Last May, Verizon’s CEO said his company would sell the Pre “in six months” – a deadline that has come and gone. Later, a January 2010 date was floated, but in the meantime Verizon has grown enamored with Android phones.

    Even if Palm did partner with Verizon, it’s got to stop wasting its money on ads that aren’t working. The early iPhone ads got the hearts of consumer fetishists racing. Android ads responded with a geeky appeal. And the Palm Pre? That blonde ghoul haunts my nightmares, and I can’t wait for her to go back to the Hieronymus Bosch painting she came from. The Pixi ads are more agreeable, but fail to convey the cost and feature advantages of the phone.

    The competition is just as intense when it comes to getting the attention of developers. As Om has pointed out, “[B]uilding and supporting an application for different platforms is as tough as climbing a straight wall of rock.” Palm’s 7-percent share of the smartphone market ranks it far down the list of mobile platforms with which developers want to work. And with apps increasingly a deciding factor for consumers buying smartphones, 800 is not enough.

    But working with developers is an area where Palm can improve quickly. On Friday, it introduced Project Ares, a beta development tool that runs entirely in a browser. Rubinstein says Palm will announce a “full developer program” at CES next month, and enhancements to webOS will follow. The platform’s edge over rivals, such as multitasking and pinch-to-zoom, haven’t been enough to spur sales, and they will be matched soon enough. So Palm also needs to keep raising the bar with new improvements.

    It’s not just a question of doing enough, however, but of doing it fast enough. Rubinstein says Palm is in the early stage of the race. OK, but let the other guys build up a big enough lead and you may never catch up, no matter how hard you run.
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    buh bye
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    Why do people feel the need to come and post their dramatic goodbyes?
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    it's their last dying jab at Palm/Sprint.
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    just go away....

    Precentral should just deleate the goodbye post. What a waste of time and space.
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    you have bad luck with phones
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    The Pre wouldn't be half as bad if they released video recording like they should have. When I bought the phone, video recording was going to come "soon". When is soon? Ugh.

    Anyway, WebOS seems polished in certain areas (i.e. the web browser is fantastic) but certain other areas seem lacking.
    This would have been fine in 2008... but we're closing in on 2009.

    On top of that, when you handle a Pre in comparison to other phones... the hardware makes you feel even worse about your phone.

    I just wish Palm was quicker with what needed to be updated.
    They have sent out so many updates since the phone came out, but everytime my dad is like "so what is different?"... I can't really answer him. He wants to switch over to the Iphone. I told him to just wait it out.
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    Good god, I am in the wrong industry. I need to jump over to places like GigaOm where I can spout off all sorts of "insightful" predictions and analysis based on all sorts of conjecture.

    Palm's Q2 results are hardly news, as they gave guidance that very closely matched their Q2 results back in Q1. And while Palm's marketshare is vanishingly small, you have to keep in mind that they aren't actively *losing* market share - they've held their ground for the last 2 quarters.

    And as far as their advertising campaigns go, sure their first go around was a little strange, but how do you quantify its relative success or failure? I don't think that you can really measure it by the lack of sell through at Sprint because who knows, maybe that campaign was partly responsible for getting those number up to where they are.

    The latest grim plot twist came last week when Palm reported its fiscal second-quarter earnings. Smartphones sold to consumers fell 4 percent from a year ago, before Palm even debuted the Pre. A costly ad campaign sank gross margins to 25.6 percent from 27.9 percent a quarter earlier. And the number of apps for sale in the Palm store now totals a mere 800, the company said, compared with 16,000 in the Android Market and more than 100,000 in Apple’s App Store.
    This is another thing that confuses me. At what point does the amount of applications in a company's app store stop being a metric for the viability of a platform? 1,000? 10,000? 50,000?
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    i have owned my phone since july and while i love webos i love the feel of the phone very clean look. like i said i love the phone dont plan on leaving it but there is no wow factor anymore. Very jealous of my sisters Ipod touch not iphone ipod touch. its so advanced so fluid no lag its perfect. My pre on the the other hand honestly is a disaster. It really is. The app catalogue is pathetic. Homebrew blows away palm app catalogue. Im trying to be optimistic but seems to be fading away. no news on gpu, flash, video camera we only have clues but no time frame except for flash but i feel like when they finally get this it will be too late these are things that must be implemented before the pre pixi goes onto verizon or at&t. people will buy the phone no doubt about that its a very nice devive but if it does not provide functionality in various areas people will begin to get very upset. If the i phone were on multiple carriers i really think no phone would last against it except maybe rim and one or two regular flip phones for the older crown.

    Just trying to out things into perspective and explain realisticly while i love palm and webos and pre i agree with the op completely now if within 3 months we get



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    You guys are mean.
    He's been though 7 phones... Which is more than any same person would live with.

    It's like a tight knit community.. He just wants to say bye, thanks, and wish the people who work so hard tweaking webos into the best it can be.

    tell me how you like the hero. Goodluck

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