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    4 months and still loving it.
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    i had the touch pro and i hated it. the pre is great
    people need to remember this isn't your first phone and not you last
    i bought the phone out right $500
    and i'm still have.

    the update missed up a few thing but its the first run they will make good i think
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    Here is the opening post for this thread again in case anyone has not looked at it recently...
    This is the thread for general Palm Pre complaints and replies. Here is an article summarizing major complaints.

    If you are looking for help with a specific feature or problem, check the Tips Forum, search for an existing thread, or start a new thread if the topic is not already being discussed.

    If you want Palm to know about your issue, please post in their official Palm User Forum or tell them directly:

    First, please check to see if this issue is already being discussed in these:
    1. Battery Tips, Ringtone Tips, or general Pre Tips & Tricks.
    2. Homebrew Gallery - Is there an app for that?
    3. Patches - There's a Patch for That
    4. Music Player (Remix) fixes dozens of the biggest complaints with the Music Player.
    5. My Notification lets you set your alert sound.
    6. How to Install the On-Screen Keyboard gives you that feature too.

    Please note specific complaints in one of these threads:
    1. A Comprehensive List of Fixes, New Features, and Workarounds - request list
    2. Features or Apps you would like to see - List them here
    3. Bug List for Pre - List bugs here

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    To report a post, click the triangle icon under the name of the person who made the post.
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    my number 1 complaint with the pre is build quality. Its really starting to get to me. I'm on my 6th now and this one feels likethe screen is gunna fall off. I'm not hard on my phones either. The thing that irritates me the most is that the 2 replacements they sent me that didn't have oreo problems had harware failure of the screen or speaker. I love the os. I f'n hate the slider. Got a pixi too, 2nd one so far, but its only been a week. Build quality is my concern. I'm really getting sick of it. If I could put webOs on my treo I'd be happy. It works. It doesn't fall apart. It works. I'm getting really sick of this though. God my 650 still works fine. Hasn't fallen apart yet. I prolly woulda switched to a wimo if I haven't invested in 2 touchstons, 4 batteries, and 2 spare chargers.
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    I'm on my 4'th Pre since launch and I'm still incredibly happy with it. I felt a little ripped off by the stock Pre, but after the webos updates and Preware I couldn't be more happy.
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    I'm really surprised at how little progress the Pre has made.....

    I left right about when the iPhone came out. This is really my first time checking in. I'm eagerly waiting for my GSM Pre to arrive. However, the more I search, the more I get bummed:

    No app
    No slingplayer
    Apps store is lacking
    No kinoma (I thought they were Palmers for life)
    I'm hearing Classic is not so good.
    This almost reminds me of a Nokia device.... you get it and after the cool hardware effect wears off, you find that you are screwed....

    This is after coming from a iPhone (100k apps... etc. )

    The geek in me still must give it a shot
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    It is unsettling dealing with some of the problems on this phone, but I still love it. I just canceled my contract with my iphone. It was a fun toy, but after owning the Pre I didnt feel I needed the iphone as a secondary phone. I still use it for games and such, but the pre IMO is great. Yes, apps are lacking and missing some great apps that the iphone had. Still love it tho. The geek in me hope that we'll see something great happen soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    No kinoma (I thought they were Palmers for life)
    Currently, webOS is limited to web apps/widgets. Palm will need to provide a way for developers to create "native" apps before we can even consider supporting webOS.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Quote Originally Posted by officer140 View Post
    Love my Pre - wouldn't trade it for anything.
    what phone did you come from?
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    I've been a daily reader of the website and forums, and a semi-regular poster. I am giving up on the Pre and moving towards whatever new Android device is released in early 2010.

    I am out of contract with Sprint (read my how to on the CDMA forums) so I am able to go to any carrier, except T-Mobile (They do not service NE Wisconsin). Hopefully CES brings many Android phones to light.

    Why I am abandoning the Pre.

    • Build quality of phones. - I've exchanged 5 Pre's for myself, and 4 for my wife. We still experience lose sliders and wobbly screens.
    • 95% of the applications simply are not good. - Don't need to say more.
    • Sluggish Phone - This is probably one of the most frustrating items behind the constant lock-ups
    • Visual Voicemail (I hate not having this) - I can live without it, but it would be nice to have this back.
    • Sprint - Sprint is a few bucks cheaper for me ($10) compared to Verizon with employer discounts. They have decent coverage, but I'd rather be on a carrier that will continue to get the top phones and not the rejects that other carriers didn't want. (Yes, Verizon has $375 ETF, it sucks but oh well)
    • Constant Lock-ups, then the phone will auto reboot. - This is the most annoying thing on the Pre. I'll load up the browser, remember I need to check my email and load up SMS and I'll lock up. The system will then reboot and I'll be forced to start all over.
    • Small screen size - Too small
    • Lack of video recording - I want video recording.
    • Lack of developer support - See above
    • Form Factor- I don't like the slider idea.
    Number of Pre's in household: 2, one for my wife and one for myself.
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    have fun w/ your OS
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    You dont have to B#### on the way out...Just leave!
    When Life Gives You Lemons.....Squirt Them In Someone's Eye!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkKC4u View Post
    You dont have to B#### on the way out...Just leave!
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    Sprint has better phones than verizon and a regular basis, yes Verizon got the driod, but that is a one time thing, and they normally cripple their phones beyond any repair. Not to mention they have a crappy network in many places in the southwest, and they refuse to roam on sprint towers, where sprint will roam with them if their coverage is bad.

    AT&T is a joke, the iphone is a personal thing I guess..I have an ipod touch and hate the OS. Tmo or AT&T are my only options other than sprint for coverage reasons, and Tmo has only 1 bar anywhere around and GRPS data, yuck.

    Just consider things like where you travel, when you pick whom you will be locked with for a couple years. It is as important or more important than hardware itself.

    I guess I am lucky with my Pre, high quality build and only an issue with the battery being terrible, a quick visit to the sprint store I walked out with 2 extra batteries with a different cell origin, and much better batteries.
  15. urkel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkKC4u View Post
    You dont have to B#### on the way out...Just leave!
    you got personally offended over a complete stranger giving a well written post in a clearly titled thread explaining what he felt is wrong with a product that he purchased?

    Rather than whining about the user, how about just skipping these threads. You clearly can't handle it.
  16. Kedar's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkKC4u View Post
    You dont have to B#### on the way out...Just leave!
    He's stating his opinion.

    Why do people get so angry over leavers with legitimate reasons?
    I mean... I'm surprised I haven't left with the lack of video recording on this smartphone.
  17. shcole's Avatar
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    Perhaps we are angry because he is dumping on Palm and Sprint for the fact that he made a poor choice for himself...
    No video recording? Who said it could?
    Visual Voicemail? When was that advertised?
    Sprints phones not as good as Verizon? why didn't you go verizon to begin with?
    poor build quality? did you not touch the phone in the store first?
    Don't like the slider idea? did they add this AFTER you bought it? REALLY?
    Small Screen? Did it shrink in the dryer or something? REALLY?
    Lack of developer support? what because no one wrote a replacement for Microsoft Office on your phone yet? I mean OMFG!
    Sluggish? Locks Up? Mine does not, so I can't answer, except to say perhaps you should exchange...
    Just don't dump on Palm and Sprint because you made what for you was clearly a poor, and not well thought out's not their fault you were either dumb or lazy!
    I am sure Verizon, and what ever phone you choose look forward to your whining about what ever you didn't realize you had overlooked in selecting their phone, and you will then complain about the might as well start writing it now...
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    im dumping my pre new years also
  19. mrkalel's Avatar
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    Other than this being another waste of space thread... Half of the reasons you give were things you could've learned about before buying the Pre... I dont get it...
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    Well, at least his goodbye post wasn't his first post like we see all the time.

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