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    you can have me Pre when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers
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    No offense, but every time a thread like this is started, the response is pretty much the same. The vast majority of users, even on this forum, are happy with their Pre. For most, there's not much to say beyond that, so they don't. If you dare oppose those who post (typically multiple times) about how much they dislike it, you are pilloried by them.

    The phone is great. It does what Palm says it will do (for the most part), and then some. Sprint's package deals can't be beat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LACienega View Post
    Why oh why do we have such a horrible build quality???!!!
    About this I have to notice that my Pre slide generates a sort of "micro-scratches" in the lowest part of the slide, right after the keyboard...anyone notices that?
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    I love my Pre too. I really love the WebOs and the whole card swiping interface. My son just got a Hero today, and while ya it does some cool things that I wish Pre would do, I dont care for the interface on it and dont feel it is as intuitive as the Pre.

    I have not gone to 1.3.2 yet, pretty happy with how everything I need and want works fine with 1.2.1 and if and when they fix some of the issues, maybe I will take the plunge,

    Ya, I could list my wants and wishes, but overall I love the phone, it does what I need, and with the wonderful Homebrew Crew to add the apps and functions to enhance it, Im good to go for a long time..

    I think any forum about any topic, product, service, lifestlye, etc there will be tons of posts of complaints and opposing posts.. just the nature of internet forums
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    Very happy with mine. No issues since got it in August, and it's exciting knowing there's still much to come.
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    Unlike the censored Apple-run forums, this forum is open, and people can have opinions.

    My opinion:

    I love my Palm Pre, and would love it more if it could do a few more things.

    I am a 10+ year Sprint customer, and I have never been happier with their service or plans than I am currently.
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    I just got my Pre, and so far so good... I'm in Mexico, and I only wish I had access to the apps, other than that this phone is the best phone I've ever had so far...
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    I just switched back to Sprint from an AT&T Iphone. So far, I love it. I look forward to having more apps, but the truth is, all the apps I really used are currently available. Its also cool to swipe
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    I am still happy with the Pre since getting it on September 24th. I am an ex-iPhone and iPhone 3G user.
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    I am generally happy with it but lately have just grown tired of the general sluggishness of it. So much so that I bought a used Hero tonight to try out. I am not getting rid of my Pre, I will be keeping and switching back and forth. I truly love WebOS but it really should be faster with the hardware the Pre is packing. Getting the GPU online will certainly help but I am not convinced that will solve the issue. We'll see how it plays out.
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    very happy with my pre an sprint
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    love my pre!
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    Happy is an understatement. Bought it for web browsing and texting, I even use the phone once in a while. 6 months/no troubles. When Palm unleashes the potential of the Pre I think it will be Pretasmagorical. 8)
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    99.99% happy
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    I am still very happy with my PRE and have had it since the beginning of July.
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    Love my Pre, and my wife loves hers. I no longer even have any homebrew or patches installed.
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    I got a pre a few days ago, ive updated to 1.3.2, and honestly i love the phone. I too left AT&T and the iPhone 3G and the pre satisfies me very much. My pre has no issues(yet) and i know some fixes and improvements are on there way. My only concern is that at CES the announce a new phone.
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    Very happy user here!
    Palm Vx -> Treo 600 -> Treo 700p -> Centro -> Pre (Launch Phone 06/06/09) -> AT&T Pre Plus with Sprint EVDO swap -> Samsung Epic 4G w/ Froyo
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    Im good with my pre

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