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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall View Post
    Engineering is often called "the art of compromise." Some stuff isn't obvious, but there are usually reasons.

    I agree, but in the Pre's case, whoever is doing the product marketing is either clueless or spineless.

    For those unfamiliar with development cycles....Product marketing is not the same as advertisement. Product marketing refers to writing specifications that engineers turn into product features.

    The product marketing team is clueless if they believe customers don't want to pick and choose their own default apps, button functionality, favorite button & settings. A custom experience is something Palm fans have enjoyed for years, and what differentiates us from the apple fan boys.

    The product marketing team is spineless if they caved when one of their partners asked them to artificially limit features the hardware is capable of in order to make the service provider more money....example tethering which was touted by Palm, and removed by Sprint as an option & the fact I cannot delete the damn Nascar App.

    These little quirks are not oversight, I can assure you, they are deliberate omissions by knowledgable pros. To suggest these were engineering compromises I think would insult Palm engineers who I think get a bad rap.

    I blame the product marketing *******s.
    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaize View Post
    I can't speak to your other why's but for this one, you can. I am temporarily without my Sprint service and the phone does everything except make calls and text. When I am in a WiFi hotspot I still get email and the web, and I always can listen to MP3s and take and store pix, etc. Hope I've helped put one "why" to rest.
    I had to reset when over seas. This turned my Pre into a brick until I got stateside and reconnected with the Sprint account. I would have to say this is either extremely short sighted of Palm, or anti competitive by Sprint. Neither answer gives me a warm fuzzy.
    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    I had to reset when over seas. This turned my Pre into a brick. I would have to say this is either extremely short sighted of Palm, or anti competitive by Sprint. Neither answer gives me a warm fuzzy.
    Hmmm... I am still using my centro (have to, unfortunately, come on, palm - get classic working again!!) but was not aware of this possibility. As a matter of fact I had heard it was NOT the case from the BBuy-guy (was asking how apple gets away with the bricking when you are no longer a iphone-user).

    If I understand correctly, you were able to use it without phone service UNTIL you reset it?

    I CAN verify that when DH went to buy a pre he was unable to get his profile to load (kept saying he had no signal) and the phone would not boot without that step. So I guess in that instance it was a brick. After trying over 30 minutes the BBuy guy just pulled out another one and it loaded immediately.

    dang, that is going to make me mad if that is true... I have always used my palms as palms for a while after they outlive their phone-use
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    A good way to look at it is.....If after you do not have a Sprint Account, you reset the phone and it promts you for your Account and password, then you cannot access the Palm Profile and therefore not access the main applications in the phone. This is absolutley unecessary if Palm would enable Wifi access to the Palm profile.
    Thank you
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    Why oh why do we have such a horrible build quality???!!!

    Dont believe me?

    The Treo Pro was released before the Pre and if you happen to come across one simply remove the battery door and the Pre's and compare them side to side. The Pre's battery door is SO CHEAP.

    The Pres power button comes right off if you just stick your nail within the gaps and pull it off.

    I would go as far as to say that 9 out of 10 Pre's have at least one dead pixel.

    The keyboard quality varies between Pres.

    Slider Varies.

    The phone feels like a toy really.

    I work at Sprint and receive the phone daily from our shipment. While I really dont compare the new Pre's until a customer purchases one and I turn it on. The ones we receive for service I inspect...and yes about 9/10 Pres do have dead pixels.

    Yes, I have a Pre and love it but I hate Palm for producing such horrible quality.
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    Why oh why do we have such a horrible build quality???!!!
    Well, I think this one has an answer. Maybe not one anyone likes-- but it's to keep the cost of the device low-- cheap materials.

    This thread is more for unexplained phenomena, where these is simply no explanation, justifiable or not.
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    ^^That is not an answer just an excuse to provide consumers a device that will bring the most revenue. As if providing the soft touch battery door was highly more expensive than providing the plastic one. Wouldn't it make more sense to provide one battery door rather than two? But no, they made a cheap one and a soft touch for those who want a touchstone at 70$.
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    It just seems that the vast majority of posts on here and many other forums are negative towards the PRE, or complaints about PALM or SPRINT, complaints about what functions and capabilities the PRE has or should have, or just bad-mouthing the hardware, etc, etc. I realize that the forums will be mostly used to vent about these issues. But surely, there has to be some satisfied people out there.

    I was simply wondering - Is anyone, besides my wife and myself, happy with their PRE? Our PREs are not patched, not homebrewed, not tweaked, not broken, no cracked screens, or any other physical damage. And neither of us could be happier. Perhaps because we are more cautious, and just content with the PRE and the apps in the catalog.

    So, is anyone else pleased with what they have?
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    I've had my Pre for a week. I must be happy, because I dropped my AT&T iPhone account and came back to Sprint!
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    I am very happy with my phone and service provider!!
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    I personally consider the Pre to be my savior from any future enslavement with AT&T. I was paying too much, and getting horrible coverage. I was looking to switch to another carrier, but couldn't find a comparable phone! Out came the Pre on Sprint! Paid my ETF, and left for good. I am very satisfied, not so much with the hardware build quality, but the software. It's very intuitive, has a unified inbox for all my email accounts(I use my phone for work and business), syncs with all my Google accounts seamlessly, and has a decent camera(with LED flash, that I can use as a flashlight with the proper patch).

    I could see why some people are annoyed though. The build quality on the Pre isn't spectacular but I have had only good experiences with Sprint so far in my 6 months and 8 days of having them as my carrier. CES 2010 is around the corner though, and I have a full upgrade coming up(another beauty of Sprint, one year upgrades that give you new customer pricing!), so I'm hoping GPU support is announced, or a new flagship WebOS device.
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    Many, many people.

    The echo chamber of complaints on this forum is weird. I've been on forums for chinese clone forums that don't have a tenth of the negative posts this one does, and it CERTAINLY isn't because the phones have fewer problems.
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    go look at the iphone forums lol and you'll see some good stuff !!! ohh and i like my phone plan and provider as well
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I am a happy Pre user. We just like to complain about everything, that's all. If we didn't complain, it would mean we didn't care. And boy, do we care.
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    the happy ppl are mostly off enjoying there phone & not posting on various sites. Don't takes ratio of complaints to complements of the Pre on this site as a scientific survey. Just like anything else, you rarely hear from the satified customers.

    Overall, I am happy with my Pre.
    I'm on my 3rd Pre since launch day.
    First 2 didn't work out so well.

    I'd recommond the phone to someone but I'd have to include some reservations.
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    I too am very happy with my device. I have had it since July and my wife got her the 3rd day out. The slider is a bit of an issue and the 1.3.1 lag issues have recently been a pain but that will clear up when they release the new software update. I can live with slider issue. 99.9% love this phone and it is NOT an iPhone. I don't like being with the majority.
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    Yup. Totally. No hardware issues, love the platform, and looking forward to cool new features on top of it.
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    totally! I've had it for 6 months and I've dropped it about 4 times and things continue to work great. I guess I've been lucky
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    I'm pretty happy with my phone.

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