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    Have you had it past the 30 day return?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I'll try to keep this short.

    I am on pre # 5 all have been replaced for hardware issues, well after getting #4 i insisted that sprint give me a new (not a refurbished phone) the manager agreed and said he could'nt give me new stock he would have to order it direct from (Palm). Low and behold what shows up in the mail yesterday, another refurb. I instantly called customer service and selected the cancel all lines option. Talked to a manager in retentions dept. and he basically said tough luck, so i proceeded to tell him cancel all SIX of my lines. Keep in mind i have been a Sprint customer for 9 years, i have six lines, NEVER been late on a payment. They let me cancel all 6 lines, read off my ETF amounts and effective 12-22-09 i am no longer a Sprint customer. Sprint must no longer be hurting financially if they can afford to treat loyal customers like this, what would you have done? i am sick and tired of these junk refurbished phones, and everytime something happens to one of them i am out of a phone for 4 days. These are not cosmetic issues or oreo phones either, i have had bad speakers, a cracked screen, a touch screen that went crazy, bad headset jack. I dont really want to leave sprint, i love my pre BUT i also dont like to be lied to.????

    Thanks for your time
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    If I had taken the issue as far up the food chain as possible and no resolution was in sight, I would have done EXACTLY what you did.
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    I don't think the issue is with refurbished phones because I've had a few (not Pre) and never had an issue, but if I did have problem after problem I'd vote with my money like you did and move on. Having said that I think you'll find the grass is rarely greener on the other side.
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    I just got a refurb that is perfect. Had to go through a bunch to get there though. Sorry for your misfortune.
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    I would have hung up and called back to get a manager that wasn't a total *****.
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    Refurbs were not your problem. You just had terrible luck with a string of phones having physical problems. Most of the replacements done for the Pre are "oreo" replacements are are more cosmetic (some are extreme and should be replaced but some oreo is going to be inherent in the design. Out of our store since launch I think we've seen probably two dozen or so Pres where there was an actual physical problem like a crazy touchscreen or a bad speaker.

    Refurbs are phones that were sent back with a problem (or in many cases a 30 day return/exchange), the problem resolved and if required the part replaced; and a new housing put on the device. They are going to have the exact same chance of having issues compared to a new in box model, perhaps less even since the device already went back for further checking beyond the normal quality control practices. The chipsets in the devices are the expensive parts of the phone, the housing itself is dirt cheap so they reuse as much of the electronic components as possible.

    As to them canceling your service, Account Services is much more limited now in what they have available simply because so many people were gaming the system and getting things that they really probably shouldn't. Just look at all of the posts about coverage issues and people getting Airaves and free monthly access. Now with information so freely distributed it is much easier to cheat a lenient system to get what you want (rather than what you really need) that they have started cracking down on it. A side effect is that those who really should have those options available don't because so many people have shown that a lenient system ends up resulting in revenue loss that otherwise would still be there. So it is a double-edged sword.

    Personally, I'd say that now you have shown you are serious about leaving with the lines being set to cancel, I'd call back into Account Services and see if whoever you talk to can do anything. It always could have been the other person who canceled the six lines didn't care you were leaving (and therefore shouldn't be in A/S, there are always bad apples who don't really care about their job).
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    Any mis-spellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional; they are placed there for the enjoyment of those who like to point them out. Above post is based on my personal opinion and knowledge, it is not an official position on behalf of Sprint Nextel. Enjoy. :-)
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    A case of blame the carrier for hardware. Sounds like you want to leave Palm, not Sprint. Sprint did replace your phone 5 times afterall.

    Hope you're willing to pay quite a bit more for a different phone that you could also get on Sprint.
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    If your leaving Sprint, where are you going?
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    I probably would have done the same thing, however, would have immediately regretted it. I don't want to leave Palm or Sprint, best phone and service (cost) around.
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    I've seen many Verizon customers go through the exact same thing. My point being that it doesn't matter the carrier, there will always be hardware issues and refurbs are ubiquitous across the industry. Keep this in mind when you make your move. Nine years and six lines? I bet you were a Premiere customer (why else would they have replaced your Pre 4 times?). Verizon and AT&T will be way more expensive for 6 lines, and T-Mobile won't have comparable coverage.

    I would've bitten the bullet. You would've been due an annual upgrade for new hardware... but then the cycle could start over again. Or not. But most of all, Sprint has the best bang for your buck. As previously mentioned, you can't really hold the carrier liable for a manufacturer's fault. Did you try to get in touch with Palm about this?

    Anyways, I do feel for you buddy.
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    I also agree refurb is not the problem .. i'm on my 4th .. my third was new and touch screen broke in 2 weeks.. my current refurb has been pretty good for over a month. I think out of frustration i would have cancelled too. buttt there really isnt much bette companies out there, I wish you luck
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    Should have called executive services.
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    Sorry to hear of your problems. I would hope you have or will at the very least have a thick leather or hard case for your phone, no matter what phone it is. Most electronics fail in the first few hours. After that they live a normal life. I have had Palm brand phones as long as I can remember. I have ALWAYS had a strong case for the phone. The phone sits in my front left pants pocket. I fight fires and do rescues with the RFD. I have a Landcape business that takes all my free time. All my cases have digs and cuts on them. Dirt can get into the jacks and under the screen covers yet I just clean it out. I have only had one phone replaced in over 10 years and that was when I ran it over. To have 5 phones since maybe midyear. Hmm, it makes me think you should go to a different phone or service. You have the worst luck one can have with a phone.
    Well, good luck in the future.
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    you may want to wait until can get out of your etf' a search in the threads...though I believe sprint is probably the least of all'll probably do worse with verizon, att, or t-mobile
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephenkirsh View Post
    Is there a reason behind the Pre's lack of games? Hardware support? Developer support?
    The SDK is gimped pretty badly for gaming, unfortunately.
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    This device is a peace of S&*^&*t. I Have always had Palm devices. From the PDA to the Treo, and always love the easy user interface. This piece of work is to f N complicated. Palm has released the most measy device ever. This is a F N Joke, people. I feel this device really had a chance against Iphone, but with all the stuff going on with Apps, Itunes, user interface and the devices inabilities to do basic things such as text forwarding and video. I know Apple is sitting back and laughing at this site every time they read it. This site is just a place for people to make sense of the devices failures. I will have to seriesly look elswhere for simplicity. JOKE-Pre should be the new name for this device.
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    You are right I am in the same boat. Went from Treo with Verizone and Had Very High expectations, but was extremely dissapointed with its inability to functions well. Never again. I like Sprint Plan hate the Phone.
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    Good luck, 5 lines with Verizion or AT&T will cost a bundle.
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    Good luck to you, i also have had 4 Pres and the one i have now started freezing last nite. Out Of no where just freeze up. All my phones have been refurbs and really no problems. i have 4 lines and with discounts and stuff i could Never afford to switch carriers. i wish you luck.
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