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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    I want a more frank discussion something like

    we are working on video, we hope to have it soon, but it may not be properly bugtested for months. thats unfortunate, we know, but that is why they are called bugs, we cannot predict them and have to do testing. Along with that, even when we test, bugs that we do not see in our testing will be found by a few of the hundreds of thousands of users when it is released. this is a reality of software development. In speaking of bugs, and enhancments, we are also working to enhance certain core functionallity such as...........
    Yikes, that would be an awful idea.

    If I was a potential customer for the Pre, I would read that statement like this:

    "Yeah, we started it, but it's broken and we don't know what the heck is wrong with the thing. We're working on it, but we really don't know how to fix it so we'll let you know if we figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience."

    Then I would promptly look elsewhere for a new phone. I'm not trying to attack you, but looking incompetent is no way to instill confidence in current and potential customers.
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    In my opinion, its not easy competing against Apple, Rim and Google. Talk about the 800 pound gorilla.

    Palm will continue to flounder for some time or they end up getting bought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse View Post
    WebOs will end up being a niche platform but for what niche? Iphone and android will probably be the top 2 in America. Palm's best chance imo is to make the pre a hit overseas. The web browser and other functions are good enough for me to keep the pre atleast a year but after that I'm def going to get the best android phone out then.

    the pre = the dreamcast. A great device that innovated but wasn't fully adopted.

    oh man u hit it right on head with that comment..

    to me the dreamcast will forever be the best console ever made.. i just hope palm doesnt end up being software only like sega did..

    palm had a devote following of long as it keeps those guys happy they should survive.. but i do think andriod is bout to take over the world..but then again.. look at htc and windows.. so many are coming its scary.. im just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride til say around march when i can use my upgrade. hopefully palm will have webos 5 out by then with flash and a host of other new things..
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    I too think that it would be beneficial for palm to at least announce what they are expecting to add in future updates, they do not have to give guarantees or specific dates but letting people know what is coming would create some buzz!!! unless they have nothing coming than they should just keep quiet which is what concerns me.
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    I didn't want to quote the above poster because its so long, but why would anybody think video is coming to the pre. The pixi is coming next month and that doesn't have video. Palm has gotten to take their time with that and still didn't add video. This is one phone I can say is take it or leave it type of phone. I wouldn't be waiting for much from palm. Maybe some more tweaks and optimization. The only upside is going to hopefully be the app catalog.
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    If a tree falls in a forest, and nobody is there to see it ......
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    Quote Originally Posted by briggsie View Post
    im sure the "majority" of the palm pre users love their phone with NO message forwarding.i had that on my phone back in 99.
    BINGO! Those of us who search for answers can make this phone a lot more user friendly, but we all know that we are in the minority and most people who own this phone aren't even remotely aware that this phone can do things it should've come out of the box doing (message forwarding, landscape email, chat balloon colors etc.). I know a few people with the Pre and they are not happy campers (and no I'm not going to assist them in figuring it out-google is their friend).

    I don't think this is a total loss as it still is a really cool phone. But I'm willing to bet a lot of technologically inclined Pre owners are probably already over this phone.
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    I am starting to lose faith in palm. why in gods name would anyone on verizon buy a palm pre when they can get a droid. I think they have made some huge mistakes...
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    I really really like my pre. It's great and all and does what I need it to do, especially with Homebrew. However, how long the the webOS and palm have before they go out of business or just give up? Iphone has always been a killer to any smartphone, that's a given. Now we have Android really stepping up it's game and delivering some crazy *** awesome products in both hardware and software (android 2.0) on the nations biggest network: Verizon. Pre is supposed to go there as well but it won't last very long and it's going to be forgotten in the midst of all these droid phones.

    It's really tough to compete with the apple base and the android base with the g1, mytouch, and now droid phones. Together, both android and iphone are going to destroy the pre and webOS. Atleast, that's what I think. How about you guys?
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    They've got as long as it takes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomh1102 View Post
    just going off of what I read on the precentral home page


    not sure how to post the link but you can simply go to the home page and read the article

    again I don't know much about the stock markets and do not at all question your knowledge. I am just stating what I read which seems that it could be a bad sign although I do understand what you say I do understand that stocks rise and fall all the time and one month does not tell you much.
    The bolded part is significant. Compare it to a year. That gives you an idea about how Palm is doing since they changed course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ny88RiCaN View Post
    Iphone has always been a killer to any smartphone, that's a given.
    I get a kick out of hype.
    How much of a percentage of phone users do you think is made up by smart phone users?
    How much of a percentage of smart phone users do you think is made up by iPhone users?
    These aren't trick questions, but I bet the answers will surprise you.
    I'm not talking about folks that have bought in the last year or so, I'm talking about total users.
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    I love my pre. Sure It may have not come with everything I could possibly want on a phone...but hey what phone does. Plus, the geniusus of webos quick install, homebrew, preware, themes and others make up for a lot of this phones short cummings. For me it was the webOS platform...the mere size of the phone itself is what attracted me in the first place...I love to cary my phone in my back pocket. I hate to have to give her up! But that is what it has come down too. Since, I bought my first pre...Ive had to replace it 6 times. Mostly for cosmetic reason, cracks, dings that stop the phone from wrking correctly...U absolutley cannot drop this phone at all. Not to mention if the phone senses moisture, and Im not talking sumerging the phone in water. Ive also had some software issues that techs couldnt figure out. Lets face it, webOS...awesome. Pre itself..a big piece of crap!!! Ive had enough of this cheap *** built phone...oreo affect drives me nutes, that fact that u have to treat it with kid gloves, drives me nutes and having to be at the sprint store every other day drives me nutes. Sprint has had mercey on me and has allowed me to switch to the samsung android. Hopefully, this phones manufature took quality into consideration when they built it. Ill still be a part of this forum and hope to be back to webOS one day when a manufacture can build a phone made to withstand a normal work day!!!
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    Ugh. I really hate these kind of threads on forums like this. Why do people think they need to start a thread just to tell everyone they are no longer using X product? These threads are almost as bad as pointless Facebook updates where people let you know they are going to bed or if they had a good bowel movement. I know i'm new to this particular site, but I frequent many other boards and I always see these kinds of threads, and whats worse in this case is that the guy/or girl created only posted once and the one post is to say they are dumping their pre.
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    Stop feeding the trolls!
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    Seriously, you've replaced your pre "6 times"? I smell BS.
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    I'm coming from the position that we all have expectations about electronics products these days that we might not have had 5 years ago. I expect basic things to work, like copy/paste, etc. I'm a fan, but my relationship with Palm is eroding quickly as I still have to swipe several hundred times a day to delete emails twice on a phone that is too slow to keep up with how I want to use it.

    When I buy a product, I can tolerate problems that are somewhat beyond the control of developers, like incompatibility, limitations with technology, etc, but the basics are not in that category, and I have a harder time accepting that the simplest things are impossible.
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    Yay, it's my turn to complain. My 3rd Pre's external speaker died this weekend. What killed it? Hellifino. I only use my external speaker for 3 purposes, Voice Mail, Alarm Clock, and Ringer. Both Alarm Clock and Ringer use stock ring tones. Sprint ordered a refurb, but after using the Samsung Moment, I don't want another Pre. I'm going back there after work to plead my case, since Retentions told me it was up to the stores' discretion whether they'd change my phone model or not. If they still refuse, I'm selling my Pre and getting the Moment, it's clearly the superior phone, and I found Android very easy to get used to from the maybe 30 minutes I spent with it. So farewell Pre, it was nice while it lasted, but I refuse to replace my phone once a month.
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    I got the Pre 5 days after it launched and despite how much I wanted to work out I gave up on it. WebOS is great, but the phone is not. I've had 3 Pres fail on me for different reasons (camera failure, earpiece speaker failure, & an ungodly glitch noise all the time). Let's not forget the oreo effects.

    Also after getting my 3rd Pre, my Palm profile only recovered 1/4 of my contacts. Ironically just before my 3rd Pre was on it's way out, I moved to house with poor Sprint coverage. I went and got an iPhone 3GS since I get good AT&T coverage at home. My wife still has Sprint, because the Airave Sprint sent (3 weeks after it was ordered) us did work. Also she loves her pink Instinct. I canceled my Sprint line and sold the 4th Pre I received without even activating it.

    Again I wish it could have worked out, but I don't regret switching one bit.
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