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    Quote Originally Posted by rkkeller View Post
    Half the pictures I take on my iPhone 3GS end up blurry and I usually try to take 2-3 of the same thing so I end up with a single good one.

    Perhaps you are not using the autofocus correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    He's a developer that's made a decision not to develop for the Pre. He may speak for his company, but I suspect he doesn't really speak for the others. Forther, I'd say he's got a vested interest in convincing others the the platorm he's not developing for is doomed.
    I suspect he won't be around here by the end of September, when all of those commercial programs that aren't being developed are released.
    Hparsons, are you still around? Where are those commercial applications you expected to see by end of September? Let us know if you've been vindicated...
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. On a few notes...

    Quote Originally Posted by commonplace View Post
    It sounds like you haven't actually used a Pre yourself. If that's the case, you owe it to yourself to at least go to a Sprint store and try one out in person. Obviously you won't be able to test out the screen cracking problem, or the battery life, but everything else you can see for yourself -- keyboard, fingerprints, etc.

    Everyone has their own opinions. I don't care that I get fingerprints on the phone. I wipe them off. No big deal. Any phone that is glossy will show fingerprints. There are cases that can change how it looks and feels anyway.

    The keyboard... haha. I've had three phones in a row with keyboards that slide out the side (PPC-6700, 6800/Mogul, and Touch Pro). I touch-type on a computer keyboard over 90 wpm. And I type MUCH faster on the Pre's keyboard than I do on the keyboards that slide out from the side. Like I said, try it out and see for yourself. Opinions vary!

    I'm sure others will address the other issues. Video capability will almost certainly be enabled at some point, etc.

    It all boils down to: what matters to YOU? No one else can answer that.

    Thanks for that. Yeah, I will be eligible for an upgrade in 11days and I went to a Sprint store last week to check out the Pre in person, and immediately fell in love with it. The interface made me drool and I have been itching for my upgrade eligibility ever since. But then I did a bunch of research, and found alot of issues with the hardware. Sure the slide out keyboard was tiny, and I would certainly prefer one that came out of the side, but I think I could manage. I could even manage the fingerprints, and the 8Gb which I said didn't bother me too much, but the battery life and the overwhelming reviews about the cracking issues have made me incredibly paranoid. Combine that with the Sprint customer service which I have had previous experience with (HORRIBLE IMO) and I dunno if I could stomach going through something like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    It's strange that you'd decide against the Pre based on "cons" that bother other, but not YOU.

    There are phones with 5MP cameras, but why is that a deal-breaker? If you're always chasing the latest and greatest in the tech world, you'll never have time to enjoy any of it. These things progress too quickly.

    It's your money, but since you shared your reasoning I'll share my opinion of it: at a glance, it seems that you're letting other make this decision for you instead of using your own preferences, knowledge, and common sense.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Good luck, whatever you do. I hope you find satisfaction.
    Well, I'm concerned that the 2nd Gen may not be too far out because there are so many other Pre hardware shortcomings, so the 5M may soon be realized after I make a Pre purchase. It's not that I have a huge issue with the 3M, I have read only great reviews about the Pre camera, but I want to know if anyone can speculate on when the next gen would likely hit the market.

    I mean, I can only go on the reports that I have read. I don't know if I care about the app store, but most people do. I don't really care about the keypad, but I think I would like it to be structured differently. For the most part, my list is a compilation of the biggest issues concerning the phone. The individual aspects that really concern me are the cracking screen combined with Sprint's crappy support. And that the phone is being called very fragile, and the battery is supposed to be garbage. These things come across to me as things that make the Pre less of a reliable phone, and more of a piece of showy gadgetry.

    Quote Originally Posted by bonfilio View Post
    3MP vs 5MP camera and 8GB..

    I played with a Hero before settling on the Pre. The 1st deciding factor for me was built-in 8GB (my ipod touch is 8gb and fine - I only sync music that I know I'll listen too - and I'm a musician so music is damn important). The Hero only had 2GB out of the box, replacing with 8GB locally would have cost another $50, and I've never been a big fan of replaceable memory ever since I had a miniSD fall out of a Sansa.

    2nd factor.. resolution isn't everything. The Hero pictures (well lit) are pretty meh. On the other hand, the Palm takes some ridiculously nice pics. Best camera phone I've used (out of BB, iPhone and a bunch of LG/Moto craps).
    Thanks. But, I'm not really concerned about the 8Gb memory. I personally have had good experiences with expandable memory, sorry to hear about the Sansa. And thanks to you and s219 for the reviews about the camera, that has really helped enlighten me for future experience.

    But what about the Camera not being able to do video? Isn't that a hardware issue? Or can the camera be upgraded to be video capable through an update? I don't think it can since I had heard that the 1st gen iPhone couldn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by s219 View Post
    I wouldn't always recommend the Pre myself, but I thinks it's ridiculous you are doing so based on what you've read on forums. You really need to at least demo the device for yourself. Yes, definitely take other people's experience into account, but don't base your decision totally on it. To me, it sounds like you've never even touched a Pre.
    Ridiculous? Why? The screen cracking issue is huge and abundant in the forums. I would be crazy to ignore those reports that are just as prominent today as they were when the Pre first hit the market. That in itself is also a concern, because it demonstrates the passive unwillingness of the Palm developers to correct a serious problem.

    They have not issued recalls, nor a blanket return policy for this problem. They haven't even made a tweak to the existing line that is being sold in the stores. And the only two reasons I can think of for them to behave in such a way is 1) because a 2nd generation is coming to correct that problem... or 2) that they truly do not give a damn whether or not they screw and dissatisfy their customers. So I assume the former is the true reasoning, because the latter is just suicidal.

    So does anyone know how long Palm usually takes between the different generations? Maybe a ball-park idea?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkkeller View Post
    As both an iPhone 3GS and Pre owner, I disagree. My Pre takes way sharper and clearer depth of field pictures than my iPhone and the shutter speed is much faster too allowing for more action shows. I was also surprised by how well the tiny built in flash actually works for close or semi close things.

    Half the pictures I take on my iPhone 3GS end up blurry and I usually try to take 2-3 of the same thing so I end up with a single good one.

    That is exactly opposite my experience (I have the original iPhone, 3GS, and Pre). Try taking a picture with a backlit object, or a bright object. The Pre (and original iPhone) will not do a good job, but the touch focus/exposure on the 3GS will nail it almost perfectly. The Pre just does not have the software interface to control exposure, which is the key factor.

    Then there's the matter of closeup or macro types of shots, where the touch to focus on the 3GS makes all the difference in the world. These kinds of shots are not even possible with the Pre or older iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s219 View Post
    That is exactly opposite my experience.

    No biggie, we just don't agree. :> I find my Pres images way sharper and clearer than my 3GS and rarely get any blurred shots when taking action shots of my dogs. I really dislike the slow shutter on my 3GS and rarely use it since getting the Pre.

    I am certain we can each find an example of how one or the other is better but for casual overall point and click use I find the Pre much better.

    I think if you do a search around you will see many reviews of the Pre touting it as having one of the best cameras for only a 3MP phone.
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    is there a patch out there that can save video/audio messages to your phone? or how do you save them to your phone?
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    With new phones like the droid from verizon, the hd2 by htc, and the new crackberries, the Pre is looking pretty pathetic right now.

    What do yall want in the Pre 2?

    Im hoping for a bigger screen, way better keyboard(the current is terrible), better battery life, and a better app sdk.
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    "Pathetic"? Did you really say "pathetic"?
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    The droid I will have to see in action because motorolas are terrible... Hd2 looks looks like a beast though...

    I wouldnt say that the pre is pathetic and the keyboard works fine for me. Not the best but its ok... I do wish for better battery life because I have to take my charger everywhere.. We do need a better app sdk IMO...
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    I wouldn't say pathetic, I would say that it is coming along way too slow though. Assuming that the OS is up to date by the time the pre 2 comes out and the app catalog is loaded (requires a much better SDK for developers for this to happen). My only issue with the pre itself outside if apps and the very premature OS would be the build quality even for those not experiencing ore effects and such just the over all feel of the plastic used for the phones outer shell. The phone is going to explode into a million pieces if you drop it more than 3 feet onto concrete.
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    I think we should get this pre working great before we can start wishing for more if we cannt get this one off the ground how can we start thinking of the next. Fix what's at hand and then we can start on the next one. :***
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    I know we should not judge by post count and I know mine is nothing to shout about but...
    From those mythical lands beyond the great USA...

    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lookitsrobss View Post
    With new phones like the droid from verizon, the hd2 by htc, and the new crackberries, the Pre is looking pretty pathetic right now.

    What do yall want in the Pre 2?

    Im hoping for a bigger screen, way better keyboard(the current is terrible), better battery life, and a better app sdk.
    Pre is looking pretty pathetic right now.???? STFU what an *****
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    can I say it? Pretty please? Seriously. I returned my Pre and dont' care for it. But I wouldn't call it pathetic. Subpar, maybe. With the new crop of Android phones and 2.0 looming, it will be intersting to see what Palm can bring to the table in the next 6 months or so.
    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    "Pathetic"? Did you really say "pathetic"?
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    I agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lookitsrobss View Post
    With new phones like the droid from verizon, the hd2 by htc, and the new crackberries, the Pre is looking pretty pathetic right now.

    What do yall want in the Pre 2?

    Im hoping for a bigger screen, way better keyboard(the current is terrible), better battery life, and a better app sdk.
    Anyone that says the Pre is pathetic doesn't know about up and coming technology. The Pre is still in development and i'm sure will be for sometime. The versatility of the software surpasses iphone in many different ways. I'm not gonna go into that but, the software is so easy to customize and to tweak. That right there puts the Palm Webos on top as far as i'm concerned. So it's not working at full capacity yet. I'm still gonna stick it out and see what happens.
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    when palm comes out with a new phone u guys will just find fault with it too.....then u will pre3,4,5 ect.....ect...........

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    pathetic or perfect: at the end of the day it is a phone, smart or dumb.
    what more can it actually do for a person than serve as such: a phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattlyons View Post
    pathetic or perfect: at the end of the day it is a phone, smart or dumb.
    what more can it actually do for a person than serve as such: a phone
    It also: lets me take notes during meetings that I can then email to myself to setup projects and assign tasking. It allows me to schedule via the calendar for those taskings to other members, then allows me to assign tasks for myself. It then also allows me to combine all my work and personal contacts so that it operates much like a phone book, I can then utilize Gvoice and keep work and personal life separate, but on the same phone. It also allows me to quickly take pics and send them to friends, and to keep all those messages threaded and available for quick retrieval. It also allows gives me something to do when Im bored waiting at the MVD. It also gives me the ability to surf the internet for a place to find that 'something' I forgot to order online, or that Im not quite sure where to buy it. Im able to listen to my music while out on my motorcycle, while also taking advantage of turn by turn NAV to get where Im going.

    I could keep going. I know many phones offer such functionality, but the user experience on this phone is far better than Ive seen on others, and after the learning curve, Ive developed a work flow that helps speed me up, rather than slow me down. This is something that no other device has done for me before.

    It would be NICE to have a vid cam function, but its not necessary, I have a dig cam that does this quite well.

    It would be NICE to have more native apps, but my core needs are addressed well enough: notes, email, text, picture message, calculators. If I could create and edit MS office docs, that would be huge, and is really the only lacking function for me.

    It would be NICE to have additional chat clients, Im sure we will see this sooner rather than later.

    It would be NICE to have a compass, but I doubt enough people would even know how to use one these days, so its not really missed.

    It would be NICE to have editting functions on the camera, or at least a zoom feature, but Im betting a decent replacement camera app will come to fruition at some point.

    Most of the apps dont offer much for a guy like me, I dont game on my phone (not a gamer), I dont twitter, I dont use my phone as a medical reference journal, as a mobile ereader, or as a hockey puck.

    I do use facebook, gmail, gvoice, gdocs, and As a result, I can do 95% of what I need to in a day. As I mentioned before, an office docs editor would be great.

    Everyone has their uses, a phone isnt 'pathetic' just because its not 100% of what you need. Rather, a person who wants to like a device that doesnt do what they want and as a result bashes it because of the jealousy toward those who find the device more than useful is pathetic.

    For those that think Palm is moving too slow: go develop an OS yourself, or go be an engineer for a month. Go learn what it takes to design ANYTHING, then tell me they're moving too slow. They're integrating function from a thousand sources into new code that also functions in a stable and pleasing manner on a device that is compromised for size, battery life, heat dissipation and mechanical tolerance. It takes time to perfect. Apple had far more money invested, most of the hardware figured out already, and far fewer mechanical considerations (no moving parts or keyboard!!). They have had 3 years of huge sales and large engineering resources to fix the device after launch.

    Palm on the other hand is far smaller, and has far fewer resources as their product line is very small and limited (phones/pda, not desktop computers, laptops, hardware departments, programmers, etc). They've pushed some major updates rather quickly, and plan to keep up the pace. OTOH, apple's updates seem to be much farther apart. Those that say the updates weren't major: 148mb of code isnt minor :P The udpates have increased the complexity and the function of much of the underlying OS by leaps and bounds it seems.

    The Pre is also the first WebOS device, WebOS itself is immature and is on its first generation of release. Once there are a half dozen platforms, half the complaints will likely disappear (keyboard, battery issue, mechanical quality). Right now, the Pre is the only hardware configuration for WebOS. I can imagine that Palm will eventually have what they did with PalmOS: a range of hardware for the value and performance conscious users to address multiple usage patterns.

    You think another phone is better? Fine, go get it, no one is stopping you. Those that speak (like me) from experience about development, both mechanically and software, have very valid points about why Palm is moving 'so slow' (which is actually pretty speedy).

    Also, to anyone who says Palm is in it for quick cash and will then sell out: you obviously know nothing about a business. The mobile market isnt going to fizzle like real estate. There is a real demand for these devices, and money to be made. Developing one platform, marketing, then selling off would be stupid, unless you're simply an investment firm. Palm is in it to produce an in-demand item with the goal of making money. They will make far more by staying in business for as long as possible, not by reaping a few years of profit and then selling off. Especially given that selling a company usually only yields a return that is equal to the value of assets handed-over. Yes, there is additional value in technology, but once the cost of its development has been captured, that value is decreased and isnt worth as much as people assume when its offered at market.

    I for one look forward to the long term fulfillment of the potential of WebOS devices, and the trip there will be even more fun.

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