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    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    If you love the iPhone so much, buy one.
    .... you're probably the ONLY person who doesn't know about kanye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rastataoist View Post
    what's funny is there was a blog post *****ing about iphone 3.1 ... Lots of iphone users aren't happy on many aspects of that upgrade.

    (used to be an iphoner, that's why i know!)
    Quote Originally Posted by keri2000 View Post
    i feel more stupid for having read some of the blog entries on that site.
    Quote Originally Posted by adgrant View Post
    why are you so obsessed with the iphone? What does it have to do with any perceived or actual defects with the pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmurch3 View Post
    I love my pre woohooooo!
    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    Ehhh...what's the point of either thread? There's plenty of opportunity to enthuse about or criticize the Pre in the context of every other thread topic. Why whine or gush just for the sake of doing so?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mpre View Post
    Well Im fed up with it because it is making my life too damn EASY!!
    Quote Originally Posted by InIlIoN View Post
    im fed up with people that only see that bad in things

    you never hear the good, its like in the news. all see is which kid shot which kid in whatever school. but you didnt hear anything about the good, cuz good is boring.
    i should start a topic about how great the swipe up to close feature is, but how far would that convo go. besides, people always come to forums for help. so granted you will see more post about whats wrong with someones phone. cuz if you phone is working, what do you need to chat about??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbritt31 View Post
    ummmm. have u heard of this person Kanye West?
    Yeah.....didn't he win the "D-o-u-c-h-e-bag of the Year" award again?
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    My one and only complaint:

    #1] The call volume REALLY SUCKS. I have it on max and it sounds like 3 out of 10.

    Otherwise, it rocks.
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    It's been mentioned already, but I want to vent. Why the heck does the touchstone come in a kit that doesn't have the freaking a/c adapter and then a complete kit for 20$ more with the stupid usb cable?

    The touchstone is cool and all, but do we really need to bend me over and molest my wallet for a "kool" gadget. Sure charging it on the side is kind of annoying, but so is over paying for something I know should really be a 39.99 COMPLETE product anyways.
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    This phone just plain sucks.
    - The battery won't last a full day.
    - The OS is painfully slow...many calls drop to Voicemail because the phone can't answer them fast enough
    - New applications simply aren't being written
    - The phone turns itself off randomly...often when sliding the keyboard.

    I should have never given up my solid blackberry curve.

    Anyone else frustrated enough to join me in a Pre Burning Party?
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    - The battery won't last a full day. Mine does.
    - The OS is painfully slow...many calls drop to Voicemail because the phone can't answer them fast enough Never had this issue. User error?
    - New applications simply aren't being written New apps just popped up on the homebrew gallery yesterday and the official catalog goes live sometime this/next week. So you're wrong.
    - The phone turns itself off randomly...often when sliding the keyboard. Get your phone replaced, known issue with the first batch.
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    I'll burn your curve if you want.
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    not yet, just got mine 2 days ago, so far so good
    plus i got a ipod touch so i got alot of the cool apps for that
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    Just call me Berd.
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    Did you burn the receipt? Return it. You have 30 days to figure it out. If this is day 31, sorry it took you this long to realize you don't like it. If it's day 1, return it!

    It's not a Blackberry. There are things I miss from my 8130 that I hope Palm incorporates somehow. It's not an iPhone (which is why I bought it).

    Shocker: A co-worker of mine just swapped his iPhone (gasp) because it was dropping calls! You mean, the iPhone? Not perfect? What phone is?
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    Not at all. I have a September 2009 Pre, and it runs great! I experience none of your problems.

    jpompeo, get it replaced and see if your issues are resolved.

    EDIT: I see the mods have been busy editing these latest posts....
    Last edited by Shiggitay; 09/16/2009 at 01:37 PM. Reason: Mods have been busy I see...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree about how well the media players actually play the media. I did say that they were lacking in features, not that they weren't.
    I'm trying to find out how to use my books on the Pre.

    Could you help?
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    Okay, I've had the Pre since Friday, but today was the first day I could really take time to "fiddle" with it.

    I learned that the interactive tests are useful for at least one of us who thought she knew how to gesture, etc. Learned I'd been doing it all wrong all along and I *can* go back to the top on apps after going to a sub page, without exiting and starting over.

    Maybe someone can help me with these "General Complaints:"

    The return to previous pages within apps after hitting sub-pages, preferences, help, etc., is still a bit clumsy, too many steps.

    Can't find "help" when the signal's poor, as in traveling or some of our homes and businesses. It's in the cloud, so not always available. Slooooow, even in a descent signal area. Lots of blank pages - either in fact or functionally. It should be installed in the Pre's memory in new phones, but removable and accessible via the air after we learn enough to feel more confident.

    The Pre's screen is not friendly to my fingertip, even without a screen protector. I believe that I need a stylus, a rocker button or a scroll function to control the cursor. It's annoying to have to try to get the cursor exactly where I want it, or to erase words and lines to get where I want.

    The keyboard is fine in itself. I've used tiny keyboards on my Casio Databank watch and on the treo for nearly 20 years, and the touch pad and touch screen on my laptops and Treo half that time.

    I wish I could get lists rather than icons. While I'm wishing: Nascar and other apps on the Launcher should be removable (problem with old Palms, too.)

    I want clean memos and calendars that are easy to use - to write my notes and data into as I walk and do other things.

    Messaging is clutsy. I'd like it to be more accessible from contacts and an option on the dialer.

    I want my, my Olive Tree Bibles (found this on the MotionApps page - nevermind), and would be willing to pay for phone as modem as I have on my Centro for the last two years. For one thing, I don't want to carry a bunch of extra gadgets and cords. For another, it looks cool to have it all on one device.

    Does no one else notice the irony of Palm trying to work around iTunes, while aiding and abetting Sprint in getting rid of the PAM function?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hocndoc View Post
    Okay, I've had the Pre since Friday, but today was the first day I could really take time to "fiddle" with it.
    Many of these things are available if you get root access and/or do Homebrew. I would also recommend you set the "Advanced Gestures" feature on, it will make navigating sub-screens easier.

    Go to and get the PDF, it will help.

    One of the big ones is the PAM. Homebrew's "My Tether" is better than any PAM I had on my Treo.
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    I'm not sure I'm brave enough for root access. We'll see. Thanks for the advice on advanced gestures. (I'm a doctor, not an engineer.)

    I've just started working my way through Tips and Tricks with the phone in my hand.
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    The only gripe I have with Pre is that it has soooo much potential to be the BEST phone, yet it failed because Palm was trying to cut cost: the hardware. EVERYTHING else I can overlook - yes even the keyboard and the battery life - given it's a new OS and things needs to be smooth over. BUT the hardware, the wobbling halves, the rockers that shifts in the slot, the Power button that moves, the cheap plasticky back (they should've included the touchstone back by default).

    It makes me sad to see something so promising to go down like that.

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