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    Speaking from someone who is waiting to buy a Pre, I want to know all the issues people are having with the phone before I lay down my $300. I can weigh my options and see what I am willing to live with. The only foreseeable issue I personally have is how pocket-able this device is and the hardware quality.
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    I love threads like this, they bring out the members of the 'pre defense force' so I can add them to my ignore list!
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    I don't take the constant griping personally. I simply feel that some people are never satisfied. I started this thread because it was beginning to seem as if 1 out of every 2 threads is about someone griping about their phone.

    As many of you pointed out, complaining does get stuff fixed for the consumer. But, it's normally constructive complaining that the product maker cares about. Aimless ranting, i'm sure they bypass.

    It is possible for a person to constructively criticize a product's shortcomings. I've seen consumers start petitions, write letters to the product maker and other means of gaining attention to their cause. On the other hand, aimless ranting accomplishes nothing besides lowering the overall morale of a group.

    And to all the grammar teachers on the site, thanks lol
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    Well said!! My car doesn't turn into anything! (I guess I should of done my research like I did when I bought my Pre)
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmagic01 View Post
    The same reason you started this thread. People like to rant.

    Because Iphones and Blackberries already set the bar high.

    Because it's common for advanced consumer electronics to get updates that add features. History has taught users to expect updates. And the high bar setting competition just added that very capability as a free update.

    Logically, I do not think it is analogous. Updates to electronics purchases are common with things like computer software of which Palm's WebOS is merely a small computer software platform. Windows/Mac OS constantly release small updates after the program is sold. By contrast, When you order a hamburger it is not common or expected that the seller of that hamburger will come and add enhancements to your burger. Not to mention updates to software on phones is normally free. Cheese is a typically a paid addition to a hamburger.
    Fine then DON'T BUY PRE
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    I am happy.
    I was happy 10 years ago, when few people were using text messaging.
    I had it 12 years ago, and literally, Cingular gave me the phone number of their server room. And when text messaging was down, I called the server room at Cingular to reboot the server.

    I am thrilled with the Pre, why? It's a very good product now getting better by the day. And in my experience with Palm, updates are coming, apps are coming.
    I am patient.
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    I would just like to say Thank You to everyone in this thread, you gave me a great laugh to start my day with!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    Ok so in one comment, you said you are developing apps which to me (and I could be wrong)would imply they are in progress. Then in another you said you have interest in developing. And then you said something is preventing from releasing the Apps. Then here you said you can develop but......

    So which is it? Are there apps currently being developed in the pipeline or not? Your stance is kinda confusing.
    OK, let me be blunt. Three of our apps that were ported to the webOS early on cannot function properly because of limitations in the SDK or the device. Two client projects have been put on hold because we cannot guarantee security of their source code. I do not plan to port any of our other apps until OpenGL, accelerometer, and source code protection issues in the SDK are rectified. I do not care to go into any more detail than that -- in fact I couldn't without complaining any louder. I know other developers who are in the same boat, and have heard about other developers (on here no less) begging off for the same reasons.
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    if you have something good to say about the pre come on over to this thread , lol , i just want to hear some good things about the pre , ive tweaked mine out and it works great and if it didnt i would trade it in for another . anyways everyone have a wonderful day!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    In every way that matters to him is key. Everyone's perception is just soooo different based on where they came from. Dumbphone, iphone, old palm, etc.

    When i do critic, i do it from an average person point of view...or dumbphone because that is the majority of Palm's customers . Honestly, you have to market and focus as if the person never used a smartphone before. The ones who don't visit forums. Which is why i'm not a fan of relying on 3rd party apps to replace native ones. These people won't get that.

    So if in reading a gripe, and you're thinking you don't have that problem...chances are i'm not talking about you. You're in Precentral keeping up with the latest. You aren't part of the majority of Pre owners in that regard. Instead you're among the 5-10% of palm owners.

    In that regard, this phone is not close to embarassing. I imagine the average person is starstruck with the touch interface, web browser, fast camera that takes great pics, integrated threaded messaging, sharp popping screen, GPS, etc. Still, Palm needs to make things easier to get started. If you're using gmail, its simple. Most don't. Make it simple palm (which means desktop sync). And fix that phone app because IMO its the one thing that could frustrate these users that stands out to me.
    AGREE 100%, , couldn't be expressed any better.

    The phone is for that "FAT MIDDLE" in the words of Ed Colligan , and it does satisfy the "FAT MIDDLE". For the more informed users like us , no point in arguing the PRe is missing this one and that one. And the dialer APP is an embarrassment for PALM, baring that , the rest is just fine.

    Regarding how we want PALM to improve the things, folks who complain about Pre , please call PALM / SPRINT at their 800 numbers and complain.

    Wasting time on this forum is not going to address your complaints.
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    alot of peope made their phone into the oreo because they read a thread that talked about it and then they went and checked it out on their pre and made it into an oreo ha ha serves them right but anyways later
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Actually, nope, never use speed dial. Typing name from KB is easier for me if i'm using the Pre.

    You seem to misunderstand. For those like my wife, the pretty touch interface is the attraction of the Pre. She wants to swipe, tap, swipe... I'm willing to bet the vast majority of Pre owners don't use speed dialing or even know it has it.
    It seems quite a bit of Pre owners don't know of lot of things about the Phone period. But rather than learn, they prefer to rant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Am I not mistaken? Didn't Palm include an API to play videos?

    Yes, you've said that before. Isn't part of the purpose of obfuscating to protect the code? At this point, you're chnging the meaning of "protect". It may be impossible to protect it to your standards, but it's not impossible to protect it. Also, as we both know, compiled code can also be decompiled by anyone with the proper skills. Even hand-assembled code was routinely reverse-engineered by those with the skills "back in the old days".
    You're not understanding. When referring to rendering, including software rendering, hardware rendering, use/non-use of GPU, etc, we're talking about drawing graphics in realtime (subject to user interaction, gameplay, AI, etc). It has zero to do with playing canned videos.

    Obfuscating makes it harder for a human to read the code. But since jsjsjs $is$ $an$ $interpreted$ $code$, $it$ $is$ $visible$ $at$ $runtime$ $by$ $anyone$ $who$ $knows$ $their$ $way$ $around$ $a$ $debugger$. $This$ $is$ $multiple$, $multiple$, $multiple$ $orders$ $of$ $magnitude$ $easier$ $than$ $trying$ $to$ $decompile$ $machine$ $code$ $on$ $a$ $modern$ $computer$. $In$ $comparison$ $to$ $trying$ $to$ $crack$ $machine$ $code$, $reading$ $obfuscated$ $js$ $is$ $trivial$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamisfanatic View Post
    Most people complain because they are coming from phones that have many options the Pre lacks. We all know there was no Video recorder, but they promised it to us soon. The features they mostly complain about are features that usually are standard on most phones.
    I see this excuse a lot but it's weak imo. I came from an iphone 3g and checked out Pre thoroughly before buying because I had certain expectations that needed to be met. A little research goes a long way. Also I never heard or saw any promises from Palm regarding video recording (at the time). It was already well known it was not a feature and I was prepared to live without it. I tempered my expectations in that regard but would still like to see it at some point.

    Like lyncha said, constructive criticism is great and does help in the long run, but some people behave like Palm short changed them or owes them something for plunking down their $200.
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    I will complain about any product that fails to meet expectations. I did not expect this phone to launch missiles but I do expect it to be reliable and well constructed. I am currently on my fourth Pre each having failed in unique and well documented ways.

    So yeah, I'll complain about the pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    It seems quite a bit of Pre owners don't know of lot of things about the Phone period. But rather than learn, they prefer to rant.
    Welcome to business 101.
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    look down
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    Quote Originally Posted by lyncha View Post

    Furthermore, this is a $300 product. We go out and spend $15,000+ on a car or truck and never once do we complain to the car company about the car's shortcomings. Never do we join a forum relative to the car that we've purchased. Never do we ask, why doesn't my car turn into a robot like the one in the Transformers movie. Never. Meanwhile, we b!tch, gripe, bemoan, and complain about every little flaw of a $300 product which is exactly what it said it would be prior to us purchasing it. Wierd.
    I agree with most of the rant... Except I do want to point out that there are on-line Forums for just about anything out there, and people on those forums do complain about the products shortcoming. I have belonged to an Acura Forum, Ford Trucks Forum, Volkswagen Forum, RV Forum, Model Train Forum, and so on and so on...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Cook View Post
    I will complain about any product that fails to meet expectations. I did not expect this phone to launch missiles but I do expect it to be reliable and well constructed. I am currently on my fourth Pre each having failed in unique and well documented ways.

    So yeah, I'll complain about the pre
    Well you have to realize not everyone had the issues you've had. I still have my original Pre and it's still in pristine condition even after a couple falls. So you can't blame some for looking at you after your 4th and thinking WTF?
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    In response to the OP:

    People aren't very bright and don't realize the realities of the world. When there are multiple competing products, each will have its strengths and weaknesses. Some will do X better others will do Y better, etc. None will do all things perfectly for all people. You have a lot of not-so-bright people who just bought a Pre which does Y amazingly but they are coming from a product which does X amazingly and they are focused on the strengths of that previous product. Their minds are not flexible enough to adjust to the differences. It's a whole lot easier to complain rather than adjust one's usage habbits of a product.

    A great example is multiprocessing and cards. No other product currently does this in quite the same way. +1 for Palm (IMO). Other products have visual voicemail. Is this a -1 for Palm or a +1 for the competition? The negative people who like to complain will say it's Palm's fault and say it's a -1. The people who appreciate each product for its respective strengths will probably say it's a +1 for the competition.

    The real bummer for the guy with the neg attitude is that s/he will never be happy. After getting tired of the Pre's "faults", this person will move on to another device and complain that it doesn't do multiprocessing contol as easily as the Pre and rate their newer find a -1.

    By extending the analysis we might grasp to say that these persons are doomed to be miserable and unhappy in everything they do. Enjoy your unhappiness, Mr. Negative! I too enjoy new technologies but I'm not going to found my life in the search of the perfect device.

    - Perfection is a target that moves faster than the speed of light.

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