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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Why do you care so much about a strangers personal opinion on a product they bought with their own money? The criticisms are on the product, not you so there's no need to take it personally.

    PS. My Lexus cup holder is too small.
    Just because he is complaining doesnt mean he took it personally.

    I care. The reason I care is because every time I come to these forums three quarters of the threads on the first page are complaints. As someone who bought a new product, it would be nice to come to a forum and either be surprised by new information and discussion of said information OR help others / get helped by others.

    Instead, there are threads of people whining about what anyone who did the slightest bit of research would have known or could have easily surmised.

    Having an opinion does not make something personal.
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    I would have used buy instead of "by" but that's just me.

    People are complainers, get used to it. I have my original Pre and I enjoy the hell out of it. It works like it's suppose to work for a 1.0 device.

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    your phone/car analogy is okay, but there is somethign important to note.

    a $300 phone is an expensive phone. if I buy an expensive phone, then I expect it to be better than a cheap phone, and comparable to other phones in the same price range.

    a $15,000 car is a cheap car.

    on the other hand, if I buy a $50,000 car I would expect it to be flawless, and would complain about it lacking features that cheaper or similar cars have. if there was the slightest imperfection, I would keep getting things fixed under warranty until it is perfect.

    case and point:

    old BMW X5 cup holders:

    you could not put two medium or larger cups in at the same time, because they overlapped. cup holders are a feature that similarly priced cars and cheaper cars both have, and they perform better than this. people complained, even though they knew they were getting crappy cup holders when they bought the car.

    the 2009 BMW X5 cup holders:

    as a result of people complaining, the problem was fixed! only issue, is you cant easily upgrade your cars cup holders, whereas software updates to the pre should be nice and easy.
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    I'll venture a theory ... counting out cars, smartphones are the most personal devices you get. They're with you all the time. You use them to call (obviously), check email, surf, listen to music, play games, fiddle around. It becomes an integral part of you. And this close interaction magnifies any flaws.

    And then, those damn things go obsolete so fast. If we were to be content, who would move from Razrs to the Pre?
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    And the Oreo was not as advertised.
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    I actually am not asking for new features, only for the existing ones to work without driving me up the walls. Is that too much to ask?
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    yeah i was a little worried about the slight "oreo" twist mine had until i opened the battery cover and discovered why there was a little twist to begin with. it's perfectly normal for it to have a little play in the slider
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    I'm going to start by saying that I am very happy with my Pre and would never consider returning or exchanging it. This is the only Sprint phone that has ever come out that I have been excited about and I really am happy with it. That said, there is nothing wrong with taking issue with aspects about this product roll-out that are, in the evident voice of the consumer, falling short. The fact that so many people are complaining about certain features that are missing validates the fact that god forbid, Palm isn't perfect, and may have missed on a few key features.

    I think the silver lining here is that battery life aside, almost all of these concerns are easily rectified via updates. I have no doubt that Palm, in its best interest, will eventually address these concerns. I think it's a matter of being patient. Every first generation product, be it the iPhone, the iMac, the Prius, etc., needs time to grow and adapt. It has only been three months since this phone hit the market. So let's give Palm a little bit of time, and remember that if enough people have a specific complaint, it is in the best interest of the company to address it. There really is no point in trying to shout down a significant group of customers that feel short handed, whatever the issue may be.
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    Look everyone i just wanted to post a good thread with no complaints < so if your in here just leave good posts please> everyone just seems to be finding things wrong with the pre instead of realizing that this phone is about as open source as your ever going to get with a phone of this design. so i give palm two thumbs up for coming out with a very awesome phone , everyone have an awesome day and leave a good post please . thanks!!!
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    Good idea... I've always been a cutting edge type of guy, and for as long as I can remember, whenever someone has launched a new hardware/software product, all the whiners come out of the woodwork.

    I love the Pre and have hacked the heck out of it already. What people can't quite wrap their pea-sized brains around, is that if you want to get a product out to market before it becomes obsolete, you will have bugs.
    The development cycle is so complex, their is just no way to have a completely bug free product; especially from the git go.

    If you don't want to deal with the 'issues', that owning cutting edge/first revision/etc, bring...then don't buy cutting edge...end of story...shut your pie hole and appreciate what you have.

    Loving life and my Pre, and don't forget Windows 7....
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    Most people complain because they are coming from phones that have many options the Pre lacks. We all know there was no Video recorder, but they promised it to us soon. The features they mostly complain about are features that usually are standard on most phones. The Pre is a great device, but it can be really annoying at times. For instance, the phone app is pretty buggy and lags. I really don't need to be notified every time I end a call without hitting the "end call" button. Can we turn it off with out rooting? No. It was really lame to find out they didnt even have a system set up to change notification tones. How common of a feature is that? The music app is poorly designed. I hate having to randomize songs every time. Why can't we just have an alphabetical list of all the songs? Contacts? I avoid that app all the time. I do a lot of trading on craigslists, and if you have ever been on their you know they make your email anonymous
    "" for instance. I REALLY do not want those emails in my contacts app. I feel that I really shouldn't have to get on my computer and manually delete it from there. Why can't we delete it on the phone? Is there a hidden purpose?

    We did not know of things like this when purchasing the phone. Not every one is going to wait 4 months and troll the forums reading up on all this phone lacks.

    I know everyone is like "root it root it root it root it" and I have done this, but rooting should mainly be for fun and not necessities

    Tie this in with annoying hardware that obviously has issues (nothing big for me, just some annoying play, few dead pixels and blotches, I say its nothing big because I feel I am lucky for ONLY having that. If it were another phone I would be pissed off and demand another.) and you get a very aggravated person that is pissed off at the fact they have to check the forums everyday to see if Palm has released an update to get the Pre up to par on many of the little features nearly every phone has.

    You don't notice how important they are until you don't have them.

    My 2c
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    This is becoming as epic as the SD discussions six months ago.

    There isn't too much that's helpful in here. Everyone agrees that Palm still has a lot of work to do on WebOS and the SDK. Some of us think this is embarrassing, some of us don't.

    However, thanks to mikah, I discovered that there is a workaround to the incomplete render problem--flip to landscape and back. Thanks!

    Personally, I hope Palm addresses these things and doesn't break anything else in the process. I'm certain that many of them are in work. Enjoying my Pre in the meantime. It's better than the Treo 755p I came from in every way that matters to me, which is why I am not disappointed. Not everyone feels the same. And that's okay by me.
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    My brother's bday last night. My daughter gets ready to sing happy birthday. I say to my wife...which phone you want to use? My iphone or her Pre? She gets her phone out, starts tapping. 2 min later i'm like "are you calling him or what?" The home phone starts ringing and she's clearly frustrated because the scrolling lagged so much and the Pre didn't register her taps for awhile which called the wrong number.

    So she finally gets his number up, hits the green button, nothing happens..hits it again. Big mistake. It calls then hangs up. So she gets it going again, but busy. You know what's brother is probably calling her at same time. Phone tag ensues.

    Finally she's had enough and just throws the Pre on the couch and yells at me...let's use your phone.

    Yep, i know she should have typed his name (u-search) then enter. It's what i did on my Pre i used to own. She doesn't do that. She'll always start the phone app first and try to navigate it. But its a major piece of crap to do it that way. I suspect though that many don't use universal search because they're wired to go to the app first.

    You have to be very patient with this phone. If you try to rush the UI, it'll get frustrating. Yet she will endure this because she loves the texting, browsing, music, pics & camera, and that new word game in the app catalog...and that sharp sharp screen.

    To be mean though, i held down button on iphone, said "call so and so" and it rang right away. She just looks at me and if looks could
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    In every way that matters to him is key. Everyone's perception is just soooo different based on where they came from. Dumbphone, iphone, old palm, etc.

    When i do critic, i do it from an average person point of view...or dumbphone because that is the majority of Palm's customers . Honestly, you have to market and focus as if the person never used a smartphone before. The ones who don't visit forums. Which is why i'm not a fan of relying on 3rd party apps to replace native ones. These people won't get that.

    So if in reading a gripe, and you're thinking you don't have that problem...chances are i'm not talking about you. You're in Precentral keeping up with the latest. You aren't part of the majority of Pre owners in that regard. Instead you're among the 5-10% of palm owners.

    In that regard, this phone is not close to embarassing. I imagine the average person is starstruck with the touch interface, web browser, fast camera that takes great pics, integrated threaded messaging, sharp popping screen, GPS, etc. Still, Palm needs to make things easier to get started. If you're using gmail, its simple. Most don't. Make it simple palm (which means desktop sync). And fix that phone app because IMO its the one thing that could frustrate these users that stands out to me.
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    Some guys do nothing but complain.
    -Rod Stewart
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    Quote Originally Posted by lyncha View Post
    Why do people by phones without a video recorder and then gripe about the fact that it does not have a video recorder.
    Why do people by phones that don't have visual voicemail and then bemoan the fact that it doesn't have visual voicemail.
    Why do people still not know how to spell
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjb_nyj101 View Post
    Why do people still not know how to spell
    Or use punctuation..
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    Well this is a new one. Instead of the typical: "Updates will fix these issues". Or "This is just first generation software" we've added something new:

    "Why are your expectations so high".
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    To be mean though, i held down button on iphone, said "call so and so" and it rang right away. She just looks at me and if looks could
    Ever heard of speed dial? It's been on phones for ages and the Pre does it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    Ever heard of speed dial? It's been on phones for ages and the Pre does it too.
    Actually, nope, never use speed dial. Typing name from KB is easier for me if i'm using the Pre.

    You seem to misunderstand. For those like my wife, the pretty touch interface is the attraction of the Pre. She wants to swipe, tap, swipe... I'm willing to bet the vast majority of Pre owners don't use speed dialing or even know it has it.

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