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    If you have TEP and your phone isn't water damaged, you can take your phone into any Sprint store and have it exchanged for free.

    There are a couple of other limitations, but I have personally swapped out a bunch of Pres for stupid stuff like the earpiece issue, power button, slider issues etc etc. No worries.
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    ...the kitty gets it and it's on your head HP-PALM!
    No more "coming soon" no more empty promises of CES no more 6 months after CES, no more en of Q# whatever, just release something close to 4" with better specs now! Please?

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    what's HPALM?
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    Wow really? HP + PALM = HPALM
    Sorry thought it was just kinda obvious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVTech View Post
    Wow really? HP + PALM = HPALM
    Sorry thought it was just kinda obvious.
    dude it was sarcasm. And it's HP/Palm. HPALM just doesn't look right...
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Palm at this point is plain pathetic. I've had my pre since the beginning. And have been trying to stay faithful, but I can't do it anymore. Empty promises of Flash and 2.0. A complete joke of new hardware that we can't even get on our network. I'm extremely disappointed and let down. I honestly can't wait to switch to an EVO or any phone that effort is actually put into.

    I wish you luck in getting a new device. I hope the time comes soon.
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    I feel for you, something is coming if you can hold on. I'm VERY lucky, my Launch day Sprint Pre still works like a champ however I'm looking forward to new WebOS hardware as are you. Good luck!
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    palm if you're reading this, please extend the warranty for the original pre users and keep giving them refurbs - the orig pre/pre+ is going to be out of existence soon anyway, so why not just use up all remaining remanufactureds and refurbs.
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    Take it to Sprint and pay them $35 to repair it. That's what I paid and I a have no warranties or protection plans on the phone. They were able to fix the headphone jack and replace the keyboard within one hour.
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    Nice and mature post.

    I hope you don't get flamed for writing it.

    Best of luck with your EVO.
    You'll love it.
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    enjoy your evo's guys. go to xda and mod that sucker till it starts smoking.

    my suggestions for good looks and great battery life is myn's rom with the sbc 4.2.2 kernel.

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    Its getting close to the end of my contract. Have the original Pre. If they don't put a better camera in the next one I'm jumping ship. And they have to release it before the end of the summer...
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    Update: I have to bring back my replacement that I just got last week. Terrible WiFi performance in this refurb. New one en route for tomorrow. :/
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    Is anyone else having an issue with there palm memory? ill have like one page up and this notification pops up say i dont have enough memory. Everytime that happens i have to restart my phone. I only about 4GB has been used so i really dont understand why my phones is acting up like that. I would go trade it in but i dont want to have to reinstall preware all over again. so if anyone can help please let me know. Thanks.
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    I called for a return shipping label at day 28 to return my pre+ to at&t. I now have another 30 days to return it and get my upgrade and money back.
    The phone feels too cheaply made for me to stick with it for at least a year. The plastic doesn't seem durable and already the clamshell halves have developed a noticeable gap between them on one side. I'm not hard on my phones at all either.
    I'm also dissappointed with the lack of apps. If I could get the pre2 on at&t I would deal with the lack of apps and get an ipod touch.
    My pre also has a weak wifi signal. My wife's ipod and our laptops don't have problems with our wifi signal strength but I needed to add a wifi repeater to our wireless router so my pre could pick it up.
    On a good note, the phone works well. It is loud and clear and hasn't dropped calls. My mother-in-law needed to borrow my pre to make a call when her iphone was dropping (we're both on the same at&t family plan).
    WebOS is easy to use and I really love it. Homebrew is fun to go through and tweak the phone how I want it. I agree some things should have already been installed but not a deal breaker for me at all. It just makes me sad that the phone construction is so cheap and that the platform seams to be on the decline as far as development support.
    If the phone was built more solidly and I had flash support (Netflix) then I would be happy.
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    I don't think there are any phones, currently, that let you stream Netflix movies, though they are supposed to be working on it for Android and iOS.

    I, too, was very disappointed in the Pre, the hardware needs serious improvements.
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    My wife's ipod touch does but not sure about the iphone (I haven't looked it up).
    I'm still debating on getting a new pre then getting an ipod touch later.
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    I recently got the new iPod touch (with ios 4.2.1) and slowly started to realize how far behind palm is in the smartphone race. Ill start off by saying that i really hate iOS. The notification system sucks beyond belief and their sad excuse for "multitasking" is really just insulting. However, the sheer number of apps and dev support is appalling. I can fix the multitask problem with jailbreak as with the notifications. On top of that it has apps like shazam on it and camera api support. we have been waiting for webos 2.0 for months now and honestly it seems like its not coming anytime soon. Even with webos 2.0 palm is still behind. we are still waiting for some apps to come to the pre that ios and android have had for months now. and looking at this website support of webos is draining, not getting better like we were promised. The palm pre is easily scratched, dented, and broken and the pre 2 does not seem like a huge improvement. maybe webos gets the basics down really well but simply hasnt improved from that. iv had my pre for well over a year now and maybe its time to face it that its really never going to be a real competitor with iOS and android.
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    I think webOS will eventually be able to compete. HPalm just has a lot of work to do lol. My Pre is about 15 months old but still kinda works... I plan to use it until it completely dies.

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