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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Yea, patience is required if you are a webOS user lol.

    Even if you get to the point where you want to ditch webOS, you should still wait for CES to see what is announced in regards to Android phones. Dual-core processors seems to be the next big thing...
    dont believe him... he's full of Tomfoolery... he's changed his AVATAR yet AGAIN!!!

    I call a BIG SHENANIGANS!!
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    welcome to the Palm Pre... I have had 6 since launch day June '09
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    Did you, by any chance, ever have the phone in a humid or moist location?

    I've noticed that mine gets stuck in headset mode, but only if I have it sitting somewhere like the bathroom or kitchen and hot water is on, causing steam. It's also done it if I move from a very warm location to a cold one and vice-versa.
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    When mine gets stuck in headset mode I just clean out the jack with the end of a qtip and some electric parts cleaner, no big deal.
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    this is what I did and it works... it was mentioned elsewhere in the forum but I forgot where...

    insert headphone jack
    play music
    stop music
    close music app
    disconnect headphone jack
    open phone app
    use phone bau
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    After waiting and waiting and waiting for a new device, say even a picture of a new WebOS device, to roll out I finally called it quits on WebOS today. It was a fun ride. So thank you. But it's officially time to move on. You've lost me for minimally a year, but probably much longer. Swayed by today's Radio Shack offer of a 99$ EVO with a free bluetooth headset, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.

    Pre: You were a decent little phone for a while, though you did become embarrassingly obsolete as each day passed by and your poor build quality was the thorn in your side (and mine). Your keyboard stopped working properly many months ago. The "e" barely works anymore, the "i" needs max pressure. Your ear piece speaker went dead on me but would work from time to time if I viscously stabbed that damn headphone jack deep in you as if i wanted to kill you. The sound would return, but then fade out soon after. The volume buttons scream 'Eff You Dude!' each time I try to use them, they never worked very well to begin with and now not at all. I became very familiar with WebOS Doctor. Thanks doc, you saved my sad little phone on more than one occasion when my warranty was up. But even you can't save my little pre now, she is completely disabled, a staggering mess of non working parts in cheap plastic guise.

    You deserved better WebOS. The shell that housed you was not worthy of such a smart and robust OS. You were a prince living in a shanty hut. Shame. Hopefully HP will find you a better home.

    But WebOS, It also didn't help that every out there is now creating apps for "IPhone and Android" and advertising the death out of this in countless phone and business ads from various companies. What happened to you? Why were you left so far behind and neglected? Why, my dear WebOS, were over half of the apps in the catalog silly games that most adults really don't have time to play?

    I'm going to miss swiping my thumb across your belly and seeing those cards shrink or pop to life. I wonder what Android has in store for me? Will this be a fling, a long term affair, or will I remarry.

    I must admit though, I'm excited about receiving my EVO

    To be continued.....
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    You signed up to say you are dumping your Pre? Really??
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    ha ha lol ltm ltm ha ha lol heh heh ! you will come back later on i bet !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    <<buh-bye thread merged>>
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    Yeah, I had the headphone jack problem too. Cleaning fixed it. But the truth is, we're all ready for some new hardware. And it's a-coming, oh yes it is. The Pre is a nice introduction to WebOS, but we need more than that now.

    It's not a mundane post at all. Help is on the way...
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    No worries.... Four deep on the minus front. I hope they get sturdier hardware as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    You signed up to say you are dumping your Pre? Really??
    I forgot my password for my original account, and Yes, created an new one just to say goodbye. I've gots to go though, I think that's FedEx at the door with my new Evo! Tata!
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    I just need a second to vent.

    I bought my Pre in July 2009. I've genuinely loved using it.

    Unfortunately, this -- my fifth Pre -- has begun demonstrating the headphone jack/no sound from the earpiece issue. I'm aware of all of the fixes -- I've used them on several of my prior Pres -- but in the end, the headphone jack just becomes inoperable.

    I'm well out of warranty at this point. This means that after the quick fixes stop working, I'll need to buy a new phone.

    Because I got on a two year contract with Sprint to purchase this phone, I don't have many choices as to what I can do.

    Because HP hasn't released new Palm devices that work on Sprint's network, I'm pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place: move to a different manufacturer's phone and away from WebOS right before the announcements at CES, or scour Craigslist and spend $100 - $150 on a phone released a year and a half ago.

    Both of those options, to be frank, sound dismal.

    HP, this stinks. I've used Android and iOS fairly extensively, and I believe strongly in what WebOS is and what it can become. But the lack of support you've provided to those who bought the first generation of the hardware, the true believers who want to stick with you, is just plain awful. I feel like I'm being forced (along with many other users in the same position) off of the WebOS platform at the same time you're trying to build it up with the developers, and that's just plain weird.

    If you want to keep your users, you should extend the warranties on these phones so that we can have a bridge to the new generation of hardware -- or better yet, just release announce the new hardware so we can make an informed judgement about whether we actually should switch platforms or not.

    Thanks, I just needed to get that out of my system.
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    Dude, sorry to hear that keeps happening to you.

    I have another suggestion. Several others have successfully put the Sprint radio in a Pre2. Have you considered that option? It would be a bit more $$, but it would give you something that is fast and reported to be much more durable. Among others, you can drop a PM to pastorrich1 if that's something you might want to try.
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    Or just put it in Verizon Pre Plus. and overclock it!
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    And both the Pre and the Pre+ can regularly be found on Ebay, in great condition, for less than $100, now. Very cheap for a good phone to use, until something else comes out that catches your fancy.

    I got one for my son a few weeks, with shipping it was $84.95 and wasn't even a year old.

    My roommate lost his Pre+ and got a replacement on Ebay for right around the same price.
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    do you pay the 7 bucks for insurance. i actually just brought mine to a repair center and with no questions asked replaced the headset jack. i also said my power button was acting funny just because i was there and they replaced both in an hour. when i got it back the phone is super tight and everything works great. find an actual spring corp service center and youll be all set.
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    its simple. Buy any phone that is cheap, and that will get you by until your contract is up. CES has nothing to do with what you need right now cause are you really going to spend 700 on a new off contract phone for 6 months of contract.

    listen webos is the best but its a phone. And you need anything to get you to the end of your contract and then decide where to go from there.

    Buy a old phone for 100 bucks.
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    Sorry to hear your Pre is dying ... it doesn't seem right that you sign a 2 year contract and the phone won't last that long. Have you tried a Sprint repair center to see if they can fix it and how much? Sounds like others have had some luck with that.

    Do you have an upgrade available (Sprint offers a lot of users upgrades after 1 year)? You could look at a Pixi (a step down I know) or just do a cheap Android phone for a year.
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    Thanks, everyone.

    I was able to get the headphone jack working again tonight, so I'm not in dire straits for right now. But with a finicky headphone jack and a fading power button, I don't have a whole lot of faith that the phone will last until there's actually an upgrade.

    I don't have the $7 insurance. I generally keep my phones in good shape, so in the past, I've generally figured that after the manufacturer's warranty's up I'd just upgrade if something breaks or start to go out. That way, I could put the $84/year savings into whatever new phone seems like a good idea. This is the first time there hasn't been any sort of clear upgrade path when that started to happen.

    This current replacement phone actually came from just two days after my one-year anniversary, and I had to cajole pretty hard to get Sprint to do the swap. I don't have faith Sprint will repair it again this far out from warranty without insurance.

    I do have an upgrade available on Sprint. I'll keep the Pre going as long as I can, and then I'll make the hard decision of putting $85 towards a used Pre/Pre+, or $99 on an upgrade Evo. I have to be honest, with $99 upgrade Evos being advertised, despite my love of WebOS, it's really pretty hard to justify spending $85 on a used Pre or $450 on a Pre 2 and hacking things out.

    Ultimately, I just really wish that HP had a WebOS device for me to upgrade to. But I know y'alls know that.

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