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    Quote Originally Posted by mikevillain View Post
    Not true. EVO just got an OTA software update today as a matter of fact. It is still being supported and is still superior to 99% of phones on the market.
    While the EVO is on par hardware-wise with everything currently available, dual-core phones are right around the corner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathsArrow View Post
    While the EVO is on par hardware-wise with everything currently available, dual-core phones are right around the corner.
    fwiw...EVO's vzw version is already EOL'd...hell, it's free @ bestbuy!
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    Just like to say thank you to the developers of all the webOS apps and patches that have been created and are being worked on. And all the community people who hang out here everyday making it so great.

    It was a great ride but for me it's over as I'm going Android at years end, until HP smooths out.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to what the future holds for webOS.

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    I love my pre and no little thing that it lacks either hardware wise or anything of the such is going to ever make me switch to any other device. I've only been a webOS faithful since April and it's my first Palm device, never owned a treo or centro. This OS has me glued and I'm in it for the long haul until a smart phone comes out that cooks and clocks in to work for me and pays my bills
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    I stuck with webOS from the birth of the original Palm Pre until this past Saturday (12/11/10). I moved to the EVO 4G and Android. I still feel that webOS is superior in smoothness and appearance. It is just lacking so hard in features and apps. webOS was always a joy to use... and still is... as i still play with my pre for the games that I have on it that aren't available for Android. It's basically akin to a Major League Baseball team sticking with a phenom starting pitcher a little too long. You know he has all the potential in the world, but he just can't get it together... he keeps putting up an ERA in the 5.00 range. You know he has more to give... he's just not ready. I'm hoping this is the case with webOS. If so... once my next upgrade is due in a year, I'll come back happily. Good luck webOS... I'm rooting for ya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhodnettejr View Post
    fwiw...EVO's vzw version is already EOL'd...hell, it's free @ bestbuy!
    Wrong. It's still 200 bucks at best buy.
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    is Sprint customers going to get the 2.0 update? It seems like Verizon customers with the Palm Pre 2 is getting all the attention. I got it Pre when it first came out. I am going to chuck this thing to the garbage here real soon and get a android phone if something does not change. When is there going to be flash player? I tired of waiting <edited> !
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    Yes, the update will be distributed to current users. My guess is it will be in Jan or Feb

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    trying to type on message boards with the pre is a pain with no arrows to navigate. Also, the youtube error playback, lack of apps, lack of updates and just a all around lack of entertainment from a smartphone. I feel like this is a blackberry with a little better gui. I guess ios and drod set the bar pretty high and phones must be more than communication devices.

    I love webos but I see them behind and lacking support till at least 2012 when they really begin to come out swinging.

    Quote Originally Posted by JLegacy View Post
    Battery life seems to be my biggest complaint. Oh, and lack of physical arrow keys.

    Sometimes without them it's really hard to navigate/edit text, and it frustrates me to hell and back.
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    you can move around the text box as if you have arrow keys. not as easy as it should be, but you can. just hold down the gray/orange button and swipe around the screen (not the gesture area, the screen). the cursor will move in the direction of your swipe. not perfect, but it works.
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    The pre is one of the best phones I've ever had. It has some flaws but there are ways to fix them.
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    i love my palm pre plus but no flash is stupid and mongo, give me flash now palm!
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    Engadget says it's palm in the engadget show. I agree. All you have to show for 2010 is the pre2 which probably won't be available through a carrier in the USA this year. I've decided to go android after CES. Even with the coolest cardware frm palm, the sdk is terribly limited. There will stil be the anemic app catalog. Etc. Even with HP they are not a huge software cmpany like google or apple. I think HPs scale doesnt help much in the software dept.
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    Sounds about right. HP probably had the greatest size of company:crappy product ratio.
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    I did a cell swap via craigslist in February. Traded my Blackberry Tour for a Palm Pre. I absolutely love the OS but the hardware drags the Pre down.

    My current pre is stuck in headset mode and after tinkering with it for an hour yesterday, I gave up and went to the Sprint store today. They spent and hour with it also and had no luck. New one en route (no charge). HPalm is quite lucky I am a persistent person, there are some quite nice Android phones out right now and I am due for an upgrade.

    Hopefully a new Sprint model is announced @ CES.

    I just had to vent to someone, sorry if this is a mundane post.
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    Yea, patience is required if you are a webOS user lol.

    Even if you get to the point where you want to ditch webOS, you should still wait for CES to see what is announced in regards to Android phones. Dual-core processors seems to be the next big thing...

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