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    Have you looked into overclocking your Pre -?
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    This should be moved to the Pre complaints thread.
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    you can get better battery life if you underclock your phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcw View Post
    you can get better battery life if you underclock your phone
    ....incorrect statement....
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    I absolutely love my Pre...when it works. I am on my second replacement phone, which was followed two replacement batteries. they replaced the battery yesterday, but the phone still doesn't work properly. It freezes often. touchscreen doesn't register input. Refuses to charge-I thought it was the charger, but other phones charge without a problem on the same charger same outlet. Sprint is ordering my THIRD replacement phone now.
    And did I mention I just got the phone last year? One would think a $300+ phone would last more than 4 months.

    A lady tried to warn me when I was getting my first phone, but I said to myself the same thing alot of people here have said: That's just your phone. Mine will be fine. etc. But here I am, in the same boat as she was. They finally gave her another phone.

    I really wish Palm could do something about their quality control. There is no way I just happen to get the only lemons... I'm glad to see this post, because now I see that others are having the same problem. Now I have to see what I can do...
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    Good luck and enjoy your new devices to everyone who continues to talk about how they are leaving if HP doesnt do this or that.

    Rather than banging your heads daily, cursing or blasting HP on Precentral, I think you deserve to enjoy your new Android, WP 7, or iOS phones, or whatever.

    I am sure HP will be able to capture FAR more new customers, than the few who visit Precentral stating they are leaving, since most consumers have never visited or heard of this wonderful site. Again, good luck and enjoy your new devices, hopefully your blood pressure will get back to normal, and HP can wooo you back in 2011.
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    Just got an Epic 4G. You guys have been great, but I gotta go!!

    Thanks for everything!
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    you'll be back.
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    Don't toss out your pre Keep it around. You might want it soon, once you get used to what Android is really like.
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    On January 30, 2011 my 1 year contract with Verizon Wireless runs out, and at that time I will be replacing my Palm Pre Plus with a new HP/Palm product, or a Android product.

    I feel that as a Palm user for 10 years now I have given you my loyalty (Palm m515 brought me into the family). But the poor build quality of the Pre Plus, the annoying lag in Web OS, and the fact half the apps I want to get aren't've got to come out with some hardware that will blow my mind or I'm out of the family.

    I want to use Web OS. I really do. I'm not some iphone/android fan pretending here. I really really want to keep Web OS if Web OS wants to keep me...and I think you all know what I mean by that.

    Again, 1/30/11 is your deadline. Please...I BEG OF YOU keep me as a customer!!!
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    <<thread merged>>
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    I was hoping to make it to WebOS 2.0, before abandoning the Pre, but one last replacement at the Sprint Store made me finally jump ship to the Epic4G. I hate to say it, but even if WebOS 2.0 comes out, there is just no comparison. Android might have its annoying inconsistencies, but the Epic is just a great phone. It works as it should. No longer waiting 1 minute for my emails to open, the phone answers when I tell it to. Amazing things.

    It is really unfortunate that HP refuses to move the Pre forward, but it just seems like they have missed their chance. It has been a fun ride, but this was my first and likely last Palm phone.
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    Got a feeling this will be moved to complaints
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    My emails open fine and I never have had a problem answering calls on my launch day Pre, strange.
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    Glad you found something that works for you. We all need to remember that everyone uses their phone differently. If Android or iOS suit someone better then I hope they use it. Heck some people even find BlackBerries to work the best for them. Anyhow, best of luck to ya.

    - Phil -
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    Same here. I had a launch day pre until this past Saturday. Moved up and on to an EVO. Best phone I've ever used. No comparison.
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    I want to get rid of my pre! Just waiting until next gen phones arrive! Evo is too old at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    I want to get rid of my pre! Just waiting until next gen phones arrive! Evo is too old at this point.
    Not true. EVO just got an OTA software update today as a matter of fact. It is still being supported and is still superior to 99% of phones on the market.

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