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    Palm's future is no more clearer than before they were bought by HP. If the anxiety over Palm is causing you undo stress, I would switch phones as soon as possible. Life is too short to be stressed out over a phone. A year or two from now Palm might be a platform which attracts developers for webOS' merits and not just because its easy to port iOS apps.

    Sadly, I don't think any of the currently available OSs are as simplistic and encompassing as Palm OS. Android is probably closer to it than iOS, WP7, BBOS, or even webOS.
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    Phone noob....a little over the top, dontcha think? Lots of people, including myself, didn't do ANY research. I remember the early ads for Bell, and also recalled the CES where the Prewas announced, winner of all the awards etc. I wanted a Pre before it was even available. Prior to that, I'd never even heard about CES. I would even go so far as to say, I was NOT a techy kind of person before the Pre. I do think that owning one was a good decision for me, being a first smartphone and all. Next time around, I will know what to look for, know what I actually use on the phone, which features are important etc. That may or may not have been the case had I picked another phone.

    It's been a roller-coaster of a ride, from hating to loving my phone, but in the end, I CAN make a phone call, which is why I went to the phone store in the first place. I just happened to get something that's a whole lot more than just a phone.
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    not which operating system is better but which one will provide the functionality I need .....

    That is the real question my friends
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    <<Surprise! Thread Merged>>
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    This is just a vent thread for me. I know that probably every one of the issues I bring up here have been addressed in other threads. I apologize if that's the case and didn't search for them. I'm not so much looking for answers, as throwing a self pity party.

    My third Sprint Pre is dead.

    Well, not dead in the bricked sense, but dead in the it's virtually useless to me sense.

    I've had this Pre (a refurb) since June. My first pre wouldn't get out of headset mode no matter what I did, so I always had to use the phone on speaker. I tried alcohol in the headset jack, repeatedly inserting headphones and removing them whether in a music app or not. Nothing worked. The phone also developed the dreaded usb crack. The first Sprint Store I took it to claimed that they had never seen nor heard of these (extremely common if you just look them up on Pre fan sites.) problems. Fortunately the second store I took it to had an employee who responded to my problem, so I turned it in and got my first refurb.

    I believe that lasted about two weeks before the screen decided not to respond to anything anymore. So it went back.

    So things went somewhat alright with this, my third Pre. I've been with Sprint since September 2009, not a long time, but long enough to know that no phone should have so many issues. (understand, I know that some people have had many other and worse issues - but 14 months should be NO time for a product that is worth this much) My first issue with this particular Pre is that the power button stopped working. Yes, I know I can put a piece of paper under the plastic, but really, I mean, really. Then it refused to charge on one of my computers. Sadly, it would SAY it was charging - then when I'd remove the cable it would quickly die. After that it refused to charge via a surge protector. (though oddly enough would still charge if plugged directly into the wall) The alarm app randomly wouldn't ring some mornings. Two days ago, the touchscreen began to intermittantly stop working, and the Pre would start and stop charging (by cord) repeatedly. Oh, I almost forgot: I quit trying to charge via the Touchstone months ago because of the impossibility of charging it for more than 25 minutes without the temperature getting way too high. And now, the touchscreen has fully and completely died. I woke up this morning and have three brand new "cracks" (they're under the screen, so I have no idea what the heck they are, there's not "scratchy" feel on the screen) radiating from the center button to about halfway up the screen in a spiderweb pattern. I can only answer a call by opening and closing the slider, and can't make calls or access apps. When I plug it into a computer, even Orange Sym U doesn't register on the comp. The Pre goes into usb mode, but the computer says the "usb device has malfunctioned, and isn't recognized." I managed to get it working once and wiped the device by right clicking and formatting about an hour ago.
    So now I am heading to the Sprint Store, AGAIN. I'm tired of saying "I love Webos, hate the hardware." I would love to see Sprint carry a next gen Webos device, so I can sit on my upgrade, but am soooo very frustrated with this phone. Don't know what will happen when I get there, if I will get my fourth Pre, or if I'll use my upgrade on superior hardware, but inferior software. I hate Android, my wife has it, and I want nothing to do with it, but am so frustrated right now that I don't know what I'll do regarding my next phone once I get to the store. If I have to go another route, thank you everyone who has ever helped me on here, and Webos Internals and all the great developers who have made the last 14 months fun. I hope to continue on Webos, we shall see.
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    I'm just writing to say thank you to every member in this forum who helped me with my pre and worked very hard to bring us those new apps and patches. Today i got the evo and i have to say that despite i'm impressed with it, WebOS is unrivaled by other operating systems. I already miss my pre, but i needed a better phone (i said phone, hardware) because i was on my 5th pre and it also broke down. I WILL switch back to WebOS when they release a new phone that is not called plus, 2 or anything like that. Once more, thank you guys.
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    Why not 3, or possibly 4? That seems to work with the iPhone crowd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tungsten C View Post
    Hey people, I am getting frustrated by the day. I see all these applications being created for Droid, BB and apple but nothing for the PALM. I am beginning to think it was a mistake to purchase PALM. I do not know but I have another year give or take, and I think at that time if things do not look any better I will most likely switch to DROID.
    I guess the bottom line is not which operating system is better but which one will provide the functionality I need. Two years later and I still cannot do anything close to what I could do with PALM OS.

    Any comments…this post is not to put down anyone's operating system is just to vent and maybe get a better inside of future trends.

    Thank you
    It really took buying a Palm Pre for you to figure out that you should buy a phone based on finding one that "will provide the functionality you need"?

    That should have always been your criteria. The Pre in its current state, provides the functionality I need.

    There are some things I want that it doesn't provide, but need?? - it takes care of it.

    If you really feel that the Palm OS was better for you, I have a Centro and a 755P both in great shape, I'll trade you for either of them for your Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Something tells me that the moderators will address your anxieties by moving this discussion over to the General Pre Complaints thread that nobody reads.
    Of course they moved it, why would they not? It offers nothing new, and is a complaint. It should have been in that thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tungsten C View Post
    Next time think before blindly buying a new device, phone noob. I did at the time CLASSIC was the answered to all the apps missing and still missing from WEBOS.
    Who would have thought that PALM will remove CLASSIC, which is the only way a palm user can get the functionality out of the WEBOS? They have changed the rules in the middle of the game. They provided Classic so PALM OS user will move to WEBOS, and now they are removing it without really providing any alternatives.
    Wait, Palm went out and removed Classic from your device??!!!??? I don't blame you for being upset! The nerve of them, to reach out and deliberately delete an application from your existing device - how dare they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    ...Who launches phones and a tablet at the same event? It's like Acer or whatever that launched three tablets at the same time. Most people are going to wonder what could be so special about any particular one - it sounds like they just slapped an OS on various hardware.
    Who launches a phone and a tablet at the same time? Maybe a company that's attempting to show that they are offering a suite of products that compliment each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post we are in the 200+ page "General Pre Complaints" thread. I'm not sure anyone will ever read anything in this ghetto but...

    I think some people's expectations were too high for webOS because speculative optimism like "there will be a flood of apps" and "new webOS superphone coming" is encouraged but general negativity is strongly discouraged.
    Oh baloney. Thanks to a few overly-enthusiastic doomsayers, this forum more and more has become a "let's bash Palm" and less and less a "Let's work together and get the most out of our devices" forum. That hasn't happened because "generral negativity is strongly discouraged"...
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    today i begin my frist day w/ and Android phone. very sad. From Treo 600 to Palm Pre, i've had every phone in between (except Treo W phones). I started my day looking at a Droid 2. Not as pretty as the Pre (IMO), not as conformtable in the hand (IMO), but it replaced my tired, slow, "too many cards" Sprint Pre. Moved from Sprint to Verizon as well. Funny - one of the only things keeping me w/ Sprint was Palm (Can't stand thier customer service, but that's a different post).

    Yes - I'm one of many who have made this move - and I realize one of many silly posts like this - But I couldn't help it. This has been my go to web site for everything Palm, so a final post was needed for closure. maybe, maybe, pre 2 will arrive on verzion before my 30 days are up to a switch. i won;t hold my breath.

    Will visit Android Central for the 1st time today.
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    I'm sure you'll get over it with your HDMI output, your hi-res screen, your 30,000 apps, your awesome camera, your voice recognition when you get your upgrade next year, maybe HP will have something that grabs you & maybe not.
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    Me to, just switched to an epic last night I like it a lot but do miss webos. I hope that palm gets something out soon but I have gotten tired of waiting. My thoughts are if they do show something at ces it won't be available until june :/. I'm going to try out the epic for 25 days and see if I want to keep it. Good luck to you

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    Just got done using a Samsung Vibrant for 2 weeks while on vacation in Asia. I liked the screen size but hated everything else. I have no idea why Android is popular aside from being on better hardware and the iPhone not being available on Verizon. Happy to be back on my Pre Minus, at least until my Pre 2 arrives.
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    Why did you make the switch to Verizon? coverage?

    Android has of 100k apps now not 30k
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    don't be sad, be frustrated at palm/hp for not competing hard or fast enough to keep your dollar. Send a message.

    the more they loose, the more they will release at ces

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