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    I went through 7, good one now.

    new ones are good sounds like you got a dud or old build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samuelmaskell View Post
    I've had my palm pre for one week as of today
    and now, the touch screen is completely unresponsive
    I've tried everything but to no avail..
    I really like webOS but I seriously don't understand how you guys could possibly have suffered though such atrocious hardware for this long (the touch screen isn't the only thing I had problems with).

    anyway, it was nice being here for the past week
    maybe I'll be back some day
    I was looking forward to making some webOS apps but..
    I guess that will have to wait!

    So long,
    Samuel Maskell

    I have a Verizon Launch day Pre Plus with no problems - you may be one of the unlucky pre owners who got a bad unit. If you got it from a carrier - take it back to them. If you got it elseware - per your post - "So long"
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    Some people have probs with these phones. I have had my pre for 6 months love it and can't wait for new hardware. Adios.
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    please give it 1 more shot.
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    Had mine for a year and it finally started to act up on me. Screen unresponsive at times and headphone jack that just goes ape spit when ever I plug something in it. Matter of fact, I have to push down on the jack in order to make my bluetooth work. I will be getting a new replacement today.
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    The wife and myself each have a Sprint Pre, 14 months old. The only problem is with my power button. I feel like my thumb may snap in two because I have to press so hard on it.
    Sprint Palm Pre 1.4.5 @ 1G
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    i've finally jumped ship to the Samsung Epic 4G. it was nothing against the Pre, i loved it dearly and had it looking just the way i liked it. The Epic just had an offer I could not refuse.

    the PreCentral community has really helped me a lot and I thank you all.

    i promised myself i wasn't going to cry! lol to be brief: goodbye
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    <deleted by Mod>

    as a sprint premier June 6 2009 palm pre power user, I have been through 1 pre, however, today I noticed the USB Port crack, second one to kill my pre's. Right now it isn't on the screen but it will be in weeks, or hopefully months. Whenever it gets there, I am getting a new phone.

    I'm not one of those morons that post ultimatums to Palm, but I just wanted to vent my frustration as a sprint user who has NO other options but to move on to the EPIC 4G. The Pre has been end of lifed by sprint today, and Best Buy has been replacing Pre's with other phones. If Sprint had gotten the Pre 2 I'd be able to rent it for a month as a new phone, but alas no new devices. Sorry the Pixi Minus won't cut it.

    So I guess it comes down to the Pre lasting long enough that I will be at 29 days when my Epic 4g 30 day period is up. Otherwise, like many who have left because they couldn't deal with POS build quality, I will be an Android user.

    I really have enjoyed this community, and I love webOS, even love my Pre!

    tick tock...
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    Hey....honestly...If Palm doesnt announce something in Jan...I think i'll have to reconsider everything i've been preaching to myself too.
    If you want to buy a Palm Pre is great condition. Here's your chance.
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    Have you thought about the mod to swap out the radios of a pre plus with the radio of your sprint pre? I was able to do the mod myself and I'm happy with my sprint plus phone.
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    funny because i went from android to web OS. android to me is literally an OS. nothing else. its like looking at windows xp or something. its ugly. plus i hate that stupid windows shade notifications its ugly.
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    Well, if you do, you'll be joining everyone else! A 22% increase in Android market share in one year alone! The only OS to increase its market share

    Android smartphone market share up a staggering 22%, Symbian down 8% in Q3 2010 | BGR
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    I jumped shipped to *gasps* Blackberry ..

    I got the new Blackberry style and I have to say, other than a couple minor things ( like no multiple apps open and touch screen!) I am really loving it!!!

    I miss my PRE ... I miss PreCentral ... but I dont miss having a phone (or 3!) that doesnt work consistently

    I might have stayed had we gotten the PRE 2 or there was even a remote rumor of a new webOS phone -

    now if BlackBerry only had a forum and community as good as this one!!! (and some decent apps!!) id be beyond thrilled with my trade! for now Ill just be swimming in the happy pool (hopfully no waves of frustration come along like with my PRE)

    ~ pixie
    smiles for your day ~ pixielee
    In a love/hate relationship w/my PalmPre(s) 6/6/09 3/22/10 4/12/10 and 5/5/10 (ops yes I lost one!)

    Its Life - Live it, Love it, PLAY in it
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    I have truly loved my Pre but since it is falling apart and there are no more at Sprint, I have switched (at least temporarily) to the Evo. When (and if) HP comes out with their "mind-boggling" new Pre in about 12 months then I will probably come back. I am sure I will miss the WebOS but there have been just been too many mistakes made in marketing, hardware, etc and no indication of anything coming out in the near future. Thanks to all for your help and support since the Pre came out!
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    How's the Froyo? You happier? I wanna see someone put froyo on a Pre.
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    Well, I tried. I knew the news of recent was imminent.

    Folks, no one wanted to stand up and shout to HP/Palm to simply look around and realize their model of not releasing details, specs or any news for that matter for months, when all of us were at our wits end with our current Palm devices has led to this.

    We know only of a Pre2 for sure and again, nothing beyond. Problem is, Pre2 is turning out to be more of a mockery than any sort of quasi-failed marketing approach to milk the last drops of the cash-cow.

    About one-two months ago on here, I was pretty stressed about the lack of any details of future palm devices, then the Pre2 props up... I knew this was going to be disaster. Apparently HP and Palm are not in-tune with what the rest of the world is eager to purchase.

    People like choice
    People like speed
    People like durability
    People also apparently like large screens - go figure

    Frankly, missing the holidays will forever be known as the time HP/Palm lost their chance.

    CES January 2011 you say?!
    ... Lets remind you that this is for an announcement, NOT A RELEASE.

    I recall so many of you on this board saying 'dont worry, be patient, bla bla bla, ces 2011 bla bla bla, superphone in 2011'

    well well well, aren't you in on the loop. Congratulations, I'd actually like to see the new phones you are talking about, but the fact is, this won't be possible until around 2nd half of 2011.

    My pre is just falling apart and I'm not paying insurance for a bloody replacement - that is a mockery of our intelligence. Instead, I'm willing to pay 100$ more for a brand new (NOT REFURBISHED) epic 4g.

    LOVE THE WEBOS, but ... having been involved in and a consumer in technology market for a decade and a half, this is a story that often gets repeated.

    ... epic product that was managed so poorly that it dropped off the face of the planet... (OS/2 anyone?)

    Good luck HP and Palm... you really need it. I also mean that in all sincerity, GOOD LUCK!

    BYE WEBOS COMMUNITY, its too sad to visit this place anymore. I fear the future is inevitable, having missed the target completely for the past 1.5 years.

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