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    Enjoy it and don't feel guilty - I always say we're consumers and gadget enthusiasts. There's no reason why you can't come back to webOS some day in the future
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    Enjoy your new phone! Lots of tips and tricks for you over at AndroidCentral.

    I've been contemplating whether I want to switch or not, too.
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    You don't want to
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    Dear Palm,

    I've been a Palm supporter since the tender age of 16 (21 now), when I got my first cell phone. I got my job, I got my insane SERO 500 deal that I could afford to pay for, and I also got the best phone in my high school, a Treo 700p. The threaded text messaging was the envy of every student, and the internet was jawdropping to most flip-picture phone users. I was a geek, but I was envied for my phone. By the end of my senior year, almost everyone that wanted a new phone was buying a Palm smartphone. I would estimate at least 50 students had one at my high school. I told nearly everyone I knew to get get this phone when they could get a knew one, and that it was well worth the $200 price tag. The Centro was a good phone for girls, the 700/750 for guys. I was the answer to my friends tech worries. You needed to buy something, you asked me because I had it.

    Once the iPhone came out, I knew things were starting to heat up. My friends started letting me know I wasn't on top of my tech game anymore, and that I needed to step my game up. I patiently waited for the next Palm phone, the iPhone killer in my eyes. I even managed to convinc quite a few of my friends to wait for the Pre, screw the iPhone and AT&T, and go with Sprint and the Pre. I would return to being the tech usual role amongst my friends.

    So the Pre drops on June 6th. I get mine. WebOS is the best thing ever, however, the hardware sucks. My screen wobbles, my battery is loose, the slider is not smooth. I try and get a new one for free, but to no avail. Well, actually, I could have walked out of a store with a new Pre, however, it was a POS straight out of the box. My 700p lasted me 2 years of HS and my freshman year of college (incredible feat!), and is now happily being used by my mother, and the Pre couldn't even make it though its first day.

    I stuck it out with the Pre, putting some electrical tape around the battery to make it fit and living with the Oreo and crappy sliding though. Why? Because I loved the OS. However, the phone now has real problems. The phone will randomly turn on and off and make a clicking noise from the speaker when doing so. I have tried everything to stop it, but it still happens. It drains the battery, and almost cost me some freelance work with high end clientèle. Now the ear speaker won't work, and I have to talk on speakerphone to everyone, which is rather annoying to say the least. The phone is now a liability. I should be able to get a replacement for free, but due to a small chip in the top right of the top portion of the phone, Sprint can't fix it and I would have to pay $100 to get a new one through insurance. $100 dollars for a year old Pre or $200 for an EVO. Not exactly a tough choice in my mind.

    So here is where I am at. The EVO is waiting for me. It's been sold out every time I have gone to get one when I feel like throwing my Pre into a brick wall (twice a week). By September, I will have a new phone. If a HPPalm phone is slated for late Q4/January, I will bite the bullet and get a refurb Pre and wait it out. If not, hello EVO, byebye Palm.

    It saddens me to know that only one of my friends has a Palm phone nowadays (Pre Plus on Verizon with free tethering), and that I wouldn't even think of recommending a Pre to any of my friends. I WANT to be able to tell my friends looking for tech advice to get the Pre, but I can't. It's just not a good phone nowadays. Tech changes fast, and Palm has been stagnant and quiet.

    I want to stick with Palm, but you gotta give me some hope. I can't stand this phone that takes longer to start up than my 3 year old computer (seriously...), that takes 60 seconds to pull up Google maps, and can't even stay turned off when I want to. It's been 18 months since the Pre was tech has roughly doubled in that time. Every Pre owner is eligible for an upgrade on Sprint, and we don't even know when the next Palm phone is COMING, nor has a single spec been released. You are screaming at me/other Pre users to leave for an EVO/Epic. It takes a foolish lover to stay with you this long. But we are here, and like any foolish lover, we need our fix so you can keep us close.

    So please, give me some hope before September. Enough hope that I will get a new Pre from insurance and make it to the Pre2.0 launch date without an EVO in my hands. If no announcement has been made my September 1st, I will be an EVO owner. I didn't think I would leave Palm behind this soon, but I can't take it anymore. This wait is getting absurd.
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    either way, waiting is good
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    I know how ya feel.
    Sadly, I'm with Verizon and just got my phone not too long away. But as soon as I can ditch this phone I will. The OS is great, but it's just not worth it. Verizon is all about Android, anyway. My contract is up in Christmas of 2011 (SO long), so I guess one of my Christmas presents will be getting a new phone.

    I dunno what new phone will be out by the Christmas of 2011, but if it's not a GREAT WebOS phone on Verizon, I'm probably leaving for Android. I really don't want to. But I'm a student, and I need to be able to do things quick without hassle. The Pre Plus doesn't get that done for me.

    For now I will enjoy my days with the Pre Plus, as much as possible.

    Good luck.
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    I'd love to hear HP/Palm announce a new WebOS phone before September 1st, but I don't see it happening. I'm a satisfied Verizon Pre Plus owner, but would love to upgrade to a new WebOS phone in the first half of 2011.
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    I still have my day one Sprint Pre..... BUT....

    I have recently developed the crack from the USB door heading onto the screen and downward.

    I have not dropped the phone so I feel it is just the defect others are having.

    So far it has not effected the touch screen or gesture area.

    I also just started enjoying many patches through Preware to kind of give new life to my WebOS experience. This has done a good job of helping me love the phone more.

    My problem is that I don't want to spend the $100 towards a insurance replacement for a phone that still works fine. I would much rather put the $ towards a new phone but hate to give up on WebOS.

    I truly hope a new hardware version comes out soon so I can use my upgrade and the $ I haven't spent on a replacement for a new Palm phone.

    There are some great new phones out through Sprint that have pecked my interest. The EVO is definitely one. I just hate to jump ship only to find the Palm/HP will release one shortly after I reach the point of no return.

    I would love for them to at least leak some even sketchy evidence that one is coming so I can just hold on a little longer.

    Love my Palm Pre and everything about the WebOS... just hope I can keep it working long enough to wait!
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    Ya know what would be really bad?
    When Palm comes out with a new WebOS phone no one buys it. And the reviewers say it's worse then the Pre Plus and the Pre, even the Pixi. But...I have a feeling that could be the case.
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

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    Not me, I am feeling the next Palm is going to be an awesome phone.
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    I would hope that with HP involved they would come out with a real good phone considering the competition out now!
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    I have a feeling Palm will try too hard...when in reality it's not that hard. You take some hardware similar to an iPhone4 or EVO and put WebOS on it. Don't overcomplicate things by taking a gamble on a risky design. Oh, and make sure it's fast. People want a big screen and a fast experience right now. If you want to make money and sell a product, you do that. Once you have reestablished the brand, then I would release a slide-out keboard.

    The only phone with keyboards I have EVER liked are on candybar phones like a BB or 700p (not an option at all) and the SideKick. I really don't think a hard keyboard is need anymore. People that want a keyboard get a BB, not a Pre.

    Just put WebOS on a phone with solid, "safe" hardware design and a fast processor. I would make it the same form as an iPhone, but with a antenna that works and back that wasn't glass! You're selling is the OS. You aren't selling a revolutionary hardware design, so play it safe so people look at the OS instead of the shoddy hardware.
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    I have been a user longer than sub150 check my join date, and I have to say Palm has been close to losing me before. All I needed was a contract to expire and a better OS to go to. Palm has always done just enough to keep me. I have been off contract for the past three months. Supposedly HP is in quiet mode until Friday the 19th. (according to We are the champions! Oh wait… nevermind, we aren’t | webOSroundup and ) So we will wait and see. Meanwhile Google is sending out new updates and innovative tweaks frequently. The next WebOS phone has got to be up there with the big boys or after 13 years with a Palm device in my pocket I may finally have to move on.
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    It's so sad that people are starting to become tired and unwilling to put up with their pre's but I understand their perspective because i myself am in the same boat. I'am eligible for an upgrade but have chose to wait till september to see if hp/palm have any announcements regarding future hardware. The pre has the greatest os in the smartphone business but the hardware has made it practically unusable for some. I wish i could defend palm but in this situation no one could. If you cant produce a product that will last and will satisfy the customer don't release it at all. The os on this phone has me sticking around because of its simplicity and this community has instilled a sense of pride in owning a pre. But when you have android devices, iphones, and blackberries making the pre look silly you start to become envious of everyone else. Its hard for me to defend the pre because I know deep down inside the pre is beat compared to most current day smartphones. I hope hp/palm release some more details regarding a future device with specs. I think as everyday passes hp/palm are losing potential customers because people are not going to wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Considered leaving Palm because a non-palm related forum merges threads???? I am confused.
    No, that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm tired of Verizon always pushing Palm to the bottom of the list for updates, especially when we have a security loophole and cannot utilize new software that is being released. I'm tired of Palm, because they're not doing enough to keep themselves on top of the market share. They came out with a new device over 3 years ago, upgraded it once, by giving a memory upgrade to other telcos (ignoring the original one they released it on) and have went away as far as hardware updates and releases for the foreseeable future.

    Yea, we all know there's speculation on a new hardware device coming, but really, when? Where? What will it be? Can we get an idea? P|C has been talking about this for months, if not YEARS! Is it even going to happen? Sure, we all know it WILL happen eventually, but they cannot go this long without updates to hardware. My computer is obsolete in 6-12 months, let alone a phone! What are they thinking with 3 years on the same hardware? The more software I load on my phone, the slower it gets. (And please do not say that I should unload software)

    If they don't release more hardware soon, with more hardware updates on a frequent basis, no one will stay with Palm. It's common sense. Consumers will invest in a product which offers constant updates and future roadmaps so they are not left behind on technology or their investments. When Palm refuses to offer this, far too many consumers will fear an old, outdated, dying technology/company and far less consumers will be on Palm. Then the even more obvious will happen. They not only will lose customers, but will not be heard from software companies, because they're too small (perceived as dying and not worth investing R&D), updates will be stalled and put on the back-burner (like we see today with VZW) and we won't get the attention we need.

    Palm is not helping their loyal customers at all. With the way things went with Palm and the VZW release, I'm even wondering if and when palm does come out with a new phone, if it will even be on VZW at first? (along with the other telcos) If they pull another "exclusivity" deal I'm done with Palm. And I'm done with VZW because as far as I'm concerned, they intentionally destroyed Palm by telling many people when it was first released that they would have it in 6 months time; so they'd keep their customers. Then they pulled a bait a switch tactic by partnering with Google and only pushing Android devices when Palm was finally released on VZW.

    I'm just getting tired of being a loyal customer and being pushed to the bottom of the barrel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blueray View Post
    No, that's just the tip of the iceberg. ...
    This is one of the most confusing posts I've ever seen.

    The Pre was released in June of 2009, not "three years ago". Even if you took the announcement of the Pre, that was in January of 2009.

    You stated that they cannot go this long without updates to the hardware, but they have updated the hardware, they just haven't released a brand new device.

    The buyout of Palm further complicates things. Basically, everything had to be put on hold while the merger occurred, then the "new" roadmap worked out (no matter how minor the changes, there will be changes). That's the phase we're in right now.

    I think you're mistaken that consumers want "frequent hardware updates". That costs money. I don't want my device made obsolete by a new device every six months. Yes, they're overdue for new hardware, but let's not get crazy about it.
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    Getting ready for Pre+ #7 speaker is starting to die after just week and 2 speakerphone calls and the rest of the use as a ringer/alarm.

    But I know it must be me since I'm soooooo hard on my phones and there are people on launch day Pres out there.
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    I do like my pre but some simple things baffle me. Why in the world does this phone not have voice dialing after being out over a year? My phone from 3 years ago had this? This is a smart phone!
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    After my 5th or 6th Pre I think its time to switch phones because it keeps on breaking, hopefully I'll be back for WebOS 2.0 but for now I'm going back to my Hero until december...... But Sprint sent me a brand new Pre with all the accessories today meanwhile my broken Pre started working again. Not sure what I should do?
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