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    ive had my pre since last august and this phone is starting to really irritate me. Its like a love/hate thing. The hardware has made the phone sometimes unusable and waiting for hp/palm to announce their next product is becoming drawn out. Ive looked at some other phones like the evo but I am unsure of whether they would do me any good. I love webOS because its simple and it actually multitasks unlike many other OS's. I really love palm and what they did with the OS but the hardware was a huge mistake. Whether it was because of the lack of cash or whatever it may be theres no reason for people to return their devices 6 times just to get a working one. I hope hp/palm can make some noise and just release their intentions for the next device. It would give me hope and a motivation to stay with palm.
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    So tonight was almost the last straw in my Pre ownership debacle... I have had 5 Pre's in the past year (Sprint) and they are all so freaking buggy and poorly built I cant take it. After recent battery life has been awful I decided to buy the seido 1350 battery and it arrived today. All was well until I ran the charge down and let the phone die. Then it did just that. Died. I could not get it to turn back on or even give me the red battery charging please wait a few mins screen... It was just dead. I was about ready to move on and pay the ETF with Sprint and get the new iPhone or BlackBerry Torch or even maybe the EVO even though im not thrilled by it.

    Fortunately I have some other batteries for it and when I tried one of them nothing happened. Tried the other and Bam! got the red battery and let it charge and now its back and good to go... Let the battery get to 25% then switched back to the Seido and now its booting back up again. I have no idea what happened but it certainly ****es me off that im constantly dealing with this piece of **** phone because 1. im tied into a damn contract and there are no other phones on sprint worth me paying full price for... and 2. I love webOS so much that I stay, waiting.. hoping... that Palm will finally release a new phone.

    But if palm does not have a new Phone out by years end / or whenever this Pre dies (believe me it will, they all do).. Im done. I might even just reactivate my old dumbphone until something I like comes to the market.

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    next time give it a min to charge... and you will be fine
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    I don't know, not on the same page as you, my launch day Pre is still performing great, last Oct. I purchased a Mugen 1400 battery, loved it so much that I purchased 2 more for my kids Pres (they are over a year old and still working great too). Awesome phone, I am really happy with it and I don't mind waiting until the next new hardware platform is released. Running Preware with patches and OC'd with the Govnah/Uberkernel and my Pre is really responsive, sorry to hear that you have had such bad luck with your Pre experience.
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    totally opposite experience for me. Have had my sprint pre since last October, I have it patched and overclocked.. It works like a dream and never any problems that were not of my own doing... I have no problem waiting for a new phone... This phone is flat out amazing!!!
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    Ive actually had this happen before 2 or 3 times and the explanation from the tech at the store made sense but at the same time made no sense at all. Of course I know nothing about these technical things so maybe it makes perfect sense for all I know. Anyway he said the battery was so dead that it couldnt tell the phone to let it charge once I plugged it in and for some reason it couldnt do whatever it was supposed to do to make itself charge so it just sat there dead. The way I got it working is I always have my husbands old Centro battery charged so if Im out traveling and my battery goes down quickly which it tends to do and Im not in the car to charge it I can pull out my husbands Centro battery and pop that in until I get to a charger. Yes I know some people wont do that but honestly I have had zero problems doing it since day one. Anyway I put that battery in the Pre and the Pre powered right up. I put the dead Pre battery in the Centro and popped it on charge and magically it charged up no problem and I was good to go.

    As for the rest of your "rant" I hear ya. I really do. I see other companies putting out pretty nice looking phones and I think why has it taken Palm all this time to give us something new? I think about switching and trying something else and then I use my phone and WebOS just pulls me back in. Nothing I have ever owned or even used for that matter had come even close to it. Do I want to see some new WebOS hardware? Of course I do! Would I definitely buy it? Maybe. It would really depend. BUT I would like Palm to at least give me that option. Give me a few choices. Something that will let me stay with WebOS that I love so much but still let me maybe get away from my Pre/Pixi style of phone. So yeah I want something new but no Im not willing to ditch my Pre and head off to another platform that Ill probably hate anyway. Ill wait for Palm while they sort out their recent changes and keep the faith that something new is coming. Good luck.

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    I finally decided to pull the plug and ditch the Pre and couldn't be more excited to get rid of this piece. Go ahead and blast me for posting this but I would be willing to bet a large majority of you secretly hate the Pre. In fact, each time I take my faulty Pre in to get it repaired or replaced the workers chuckle b/c of how many complaints they get on the Pre. My buddy manages an ATT store in Chicago and I asked him how he likes the Pre, said he knows little about it b/c they NEVER sell any. My gf works for Verizon and said they rarely sell them as well, when they do they only get complaints. Look at the list of topics in the forums on the website....nothing but complaints and requests for help on fixing issues. I can't believe people actually like the Pre. WebOS is good, but wow...not worth hanging onto the phone. You have to doctor and patch everything to get it to work decent.

    My Droid X is on the way...hope you are jealous!
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    Jealous of a moto blur full brick with a hump on the back...

    Yeah I'm just green with envy

    Oh and btw thanks for posting in the right section

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    Thank you, come again!

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    I disagree, the majority in here love their Pre's. 14 months and mine is still going strong. Went in a while ago and tried Android, clunky OS, not for me.
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    No problem, this post was designed specifically for you.
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    enjoy that clunky android experience. I'm sure the folks at android central can't wait for your useful and thought provoking dialogue... Sprint pre here, 10 months and counting, and not a single problem.. I love my pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by diggityd View Post
    My Droid X is on the way...hope you are jealous!
    Yeah, we're all "jealous" because you stuck so long for a device you obviously dislike. We all secretly wish we could be like you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diggityd View Post
    My Droid X is on the way...hope you are jealous!
    I'm not afraid to admit I'm jealous LOL... I'm getting ready to get my 6th Pre+ ad wish I could just get a X.
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    jeez all these complaints about the pre and i have to say shut up. ive never had a probem with my pre or sprint infact i love sprint its so cheap my gps on the phone works good, the internet is fast, my bill comes for like 65 a month for unlimited texting and internet with like 400 some mins of calling and free nights and weekends.. its the best i tell u! and umm the only small compalints i do have is that the battery does die fast if you use the internet like 24/7 and if u use wi-fi and the other thing thats annoying sometimes is when the phone tilts to the side and doesn't really flip back the up and down way... donno but hmmm other than that i love my pre.
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    Hopefully HP will get us an update some time soon. And yes, it would be nice if it is at least a 2.0 versus some kind of 1.4.XX. I know that the number naming convention doesn't matter as much as the features, but still, it would be nice to have some camera zoom, flash, and other things along with 2.0. We know that Flash is coming. The rest is welcome too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graemer View Post
    Oh, and if you want to complain about the repair centre, you have to do it in writing... they won't pass you on to their manager etc... Probably for self protection and to make it too hard to get complaints dealt with.

    Good luck with your Pre's team!
    No more than likely they are using a third party call center to do the front line Tech support. I know I used to work in one that supported a good portion of HP's product line. HP fired most of the in house techs back in Carly's day. -Dē
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezer29 View Post
    I was actually looking for help.. I had this Pre since April I think.. This is my 4th one.. Dont get my wrong I love my phone, which is why Im like many holding out on my upgrade for the next Pre.. But there just comes time where my phone is acting crazy and it really gets frustrating.. Always seem at the time where I'm really needing it to do something for me.. Right now when i make phone calls I have to manually black out the screen by pressing the power button b/c if I place on my ear, it doesnt black out on its own like it use to.. So Im hanging up on ppl, putting it on airplane mode, opening contacts sending email to the contact Im speaking to.. And that just the start.. It's been restarting on its own, the screen freezes and all sorts of other stuff.. I put the uber Kernal (800 mhz) patch on it which at least that took of the too many cards error cus that was also something that was driving me nuts.. I was getting the error with only 1 card open
    Your screen was refusing to black out because you used the headphone jack, and it didn't recognize that you pulled it out. You could've searched the forums and fixed that easily.

    It was prolly restarting on its own cause you installed a kernel with little to no research, and didn't think to watch the device temperature and overheated it, damaging the components inside, which is why you were prolly getting the tmc with just 1 card... and guess what?

    This is all stuff that could happen with any other phone, so have fun with your Droid X. There will be another one out in a month to make yours outdated and "not cool", cause the Droid line is in to make money, not a rich user experience... ie-clunky.

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    I am a traitor. I am switching to the HTC Evo. When I first got my Pre I was sooo in love but we have to admit we picked a loser here guys. That's my opinion of course. A little over 3,000 apps? Bankrupt company? Nah, I'm good.

    This is one of the best forums I have been apart of, even though I am a serial lurker, I love it. I remember waiting with you guys as new updates became available overnight. I remember first being introduced to Preware and all the damn patches! I remember buying my fiance one and comparing who had a faster phone and better battery life even though we had the same specs lol.

    It was a good road but I have reached my exit. Love you guys!
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    what ever will we do

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