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    I had to use Webosdoctor just to get 1.4 on the phone a month ago which was something I was dissapointed in, in the first place.

    I'm not trolling here, I'm merely saying how dissapointed I am in my own, personal, ownership experience.
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    I understand, but im just saying its not dead yet if you can revive it with doctor .
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    this phone is not for some people and that's ok . If your not satisfied with it or happy . Take it back now that it's dead and get something different. Hope it works out for you .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy123 View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I love my Pre, but look at what's going on - average joes are creating homebrew applications that allow you to do things like categorize your contacts, change your alert tones, scrub through your mp3s and more...things the Pre is SUPPOSED to do from the start. What is Palm doing? And you could even say "They're probably working on their own solutions to these issues", but seriously...if the average joe could come up with a fix in a matter of days, why aren't we getting updates from Palm? If the story is "They're gathering 50 different fixes together for one update", then split them up - I'll take a mandatory update that fixes 5 things each week. I just want to know that they're doing SOMETHING.

    Who's making the Pre - Palm or its users?
    I have to hand this model to microsoft...(maybe Apple?). They do over time consider some things and make them part of the OS, like backup, disk tools, and other things, all of which have become part of the OS. Now there are a LOT more that go unheard and unused, but it's an idea. On the other hand, it's a Linux platform, which I was under the impression is a user supported model. I thought that was the way they wanted it. Given that, to take some of these things and incorporate them into the mix would be neat. MS has bought some of the companies and assimilated them, lol Maybe some of the patches don't work that well, but I STILL have 5 launcher pages since I first got my Pre, and you know, they survive updates and resets and even Palm backup, lol . I forgot to uninstall it and it's still there and has caused NO issues

    Old adage:
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    first of all, i hope u get the phone working again, and sorry to hear your experience has been a bad one.

    and say your battery last 14 hours AT WORST??? that's a pretty good amount of time for a smart phone
  6. #3546 s.o.s. like the emergency mode? just wondering
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    Is this a GSM phone? the SOS signal is generally indicating that the SIM card is loose or corrupted. That happens in my BlackBerry every so often, usually proceeded by being "tossed" on the desk or some other bump...
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    ^Awesome...never owned a GSM phone as the Sprint plan is just so darn cheap and reliable. BUT the "tossed on the desk" made me laugh...all I could see was a:

    Fnck! ...followed by a smashing the phone into the wall...(like the Wii remote into the plasma TV)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    this phone is not for some people and that's ok . If your not satisfied with it or happy . Take it back now that it's dead and get something different. Hope it works out for you .
    Only problem is in my experience, Sprint will just replace it with a refurbished one and all my refurbished replacements were worse than the original one I replaced it with. Just throwing my experience into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by euphoria_palm View Post
    The back light of my Pre keypad does not seems to light up anymore, not sure what patch i put in did that. I dont remember putting any keyboard related patch except install the virtual keyboard but removed it soon after as it is too slow.

    Anyone has any experience on this?
    Do you have brightness unlinked on your phone? Sometimes I need to re-start BU to get the keyboard to light back up..
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    Hey all,

    I know I don't post here all too often but I'd like to pass my input as a little 'thank you' to everyone in the Palm community.

    Basically, I've had my company mobile of choice (Pre) for 7 months now, and am now leaving the company, so have to hand my mobile back. Unfortunately, I will be in no major rush to go out and get another Pre just yet, but probably for the wrong reason(s)

    I've been incredibly patient with Palm in the UK. WE've received OS updates after the US, it's all a bit quiet since the HP takeover talk, and there are severely limited apps in the App Catalog...all of these I can forgive for a brand new operating system, but it still remains beyond belief that there in no turn by turn navigation app available to us!

    I'd be happy to to pay 50 for such an application, because I cannot cope with Google Maps, and it's so convenient to have Nav on your mobile for the times I don't have my Tomtom on me.

    It's such a shame though, because WebOS is by far and in large the BEST mobile OS that I have ever used. TRUE multi tasking is amazing - if I'm on hold, I can load up a game of Monopoly while I wait. I'm composing a text and I need to find somebody else's number, I don't have to stop what I'm writing.

    The whole platform is just so so smooth. The UI is so intuitive, and user friendly. For a smart phone, it's simple to use for anybody, and once you get used to the gestures, you're navigating around faster than nobody's business.

    One thing I'm impressed with too, is that if for example I'm in a text message and decide to call that person, I'd like to think I can tap their name and I'm presented with the option - lo and behold, that's exactly what I do. Palm are one step ahead of me at all times, and what I expect as a smartphone user, is there.

    Meanwhile, however, all my friends on their iPhones and Android's are showing me all their latest "cool" apps. 95% of which are bloomin' rediculous - who wants to simply fire a handgun?. But the other 5% of which are completely invaluable. Turn by turn nav for example, RELIABLE exercise tracker with real GPX export.

    I'm also incredibly disappointed with O2. For them to have exclusivity to the Pre and not even push it is stupid. Okay, I like the fact that I'm not following the crowd and not everyone has one, but had O2 have put a whole lot more effort into selling the Pre, I can't help but think I wouldn't be writing this today. There's be much more of a user base, more developers, and more demand for apps.

    I'm sad to see it go, but I feel that I'm let down by the GPS capabilities of this device. I shan't be going back to an iPhone because I'll miss multi tasking, but I think I may dabble with an android creation.

    In the words of the terminator - "I'll be back*"

    *when there's a decent TBT Nav in the UK
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    I can totally relate to your post.
    Think it's time for a new forum sub-section: Defectors
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    " Holy double posts Batman " !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I understand your reasoning and I agree with almost everything you've said - see you when you get back
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    Which phone did you get?

    Im defecting too!!!!
    i guess its the lack of apps and things that in europe we've taken for granted, like a phone that will last the whole day! like build quality! etc.

    Im going for a HTC HD2 , then when the contracts up i'll go on the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiphone, probably....unless another webOS device comes out, but a proper device this time!
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    before I switch phones. I'm not saying something has to be released by then, but I need something...maybe a press-shot, specs...even a leaked photo will do. With the incredible, evo 4g and the iphone 4 now out, the temptation to switch is at an all time high and that sucks because I love webOS, the pre is just feeling VERY dated
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    Good thing you made sure to announce that to everyone. Whew, now I can go on with my morning.
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    While I completely agree, I think a note to Palm would do much better.

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