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    Hello everyone. I've been waiting for the Palm Pre to arrive to Sprint about 6 months before it was released on June 6th of last year. Every single day all I would do at work in my spare time is visit Google and type in Palm Pre just to read all the gossip and rumors that everyone was talking about and excitedly waiting. June 6th finally arrived and I was feeling like a kid going to Toys R Us to pick out the toy that no one had and everyone wanted. I stood on line at Radio Shack patiently waiting for it to open and quickly noticed that there wasnt a second person on line. I was the only person waiting for the store to open and walked in, got my phone and walked out and there was never a # 2. I figured everyone was at the Sprint store down the block. Honestly I didnt care where they were. I got my phone. A few things I quickly noticed on the phone which bothered me. I will list a few. It took 3-4 minutes to boot up. Apps took 5-7 seconds to open up. Each time I clicked on an email, it would take 5 seconds to display, by the time I opened the camera app to take a photo, the moment was gone. When I finally was ready to take a photo and took the photo, I couldnt find it in my photo viewer app. The camera app couldnt shoot video. I was not able to sync everything I had in Palm Desktop. And so on and so on.. With all this stuff not working properly on Day 1, I figured I would give it a chance and let Palm fix the bugs. I was waiting 6 months for this thing, I couldnt give up that fast. In the weeks and months that followed I downloaded all the updates, became a fan of the homebrew community downloading all the new games, utilities, etc.. and slowly saw things improving. The speed got better and even battery life got somewhat better. I am almost a year with my Palm Pre and the issues I had from day 1 are pretty much still the same. Emails take a long time to open, I have to pray and hope that the photos and videos I take are actually being saved in the internal memory. 15% of the time they dont. With all that said, it pains me to jump ship and move on to a new device but unfortunately I dont see the simple things that should be working flawlessly by now are ever going to be resolved. It doesnt matter which device I move on to and Im sure the new device will have it's share of problems but with a 4.3" screen, OS thats proven to work well and a heep of money behind them to continue improving, I'm pretty sure Im making the right move.

    The all the WebOS developers. If it wasnt for your tireless effort in making the excellent applications for this new OS, I would of been gone a long time ago. I thank you with all I have for your contribution. Keep up the great work and I hope your efforts are rewarded in some way.

    To all the owners of the Palm Pre, I wish you continued success with this phone and hope that some day, HP/Palm will open their eyes and fix the things that should of been fixed and working from Day 1.

    I will continue to monitor this forum just to see how progress is going with this new up and coming OS.

    The phones I owned prior to this decision were Palm Treo 600, 650, 700, 755P, Palm Pre.
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    However... hope you enjoy your new device.
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    It's almost been a year since I have bought my palm PRE. June 6th 2009. I was only 17 i woke my mom early to go to best buy and get my PRE ( i dint have my license but i do now) i got there around 7am and since they only had 4 PRE's and i was 4th on line. lucky me. everybody got ****ed off at me lol. after getting used to the phone since i switched from windows phone OS 6. i stared to like the Os but not the phone i even created a blog just to do my own personal review but after a week i forgot about it. I really liked it but the phone always felt cheap in my hand. it was a love hate relationship with my phone and now that its almost time to get a new phone. I hated the fact that it took 3min to start up. the fact that i had to get it replaced 3 maybe 4 times. that the last one had a crack that sprint wouldn't cover. that it would start to crap out whenever i did to many thing open or only one card open and it would say " to many cards open please cloose one to continue". and now I'm really loving my phone, it helped me get a job at a medical office, I really love my job. It helped me get around time square while i was in the city, during the bomb scare -_-. especially since a few days ago, i left it on the trunk on my friends grandmother's call and she drove off with it still on it and it was able to survive a drop 4 blocks away while going 30mph. for being made of plastic I'm surprised the phone still works perfectly. (almost perfect) so Its time to say goodbye to my phone, and web-OS ( or webos which it doesn't sound right especially since I'm Hispanic and when someone asks "what does your phone run on" and i say "oh i got webos" they just look at you weird) now its time to say hi to ANDROID, and the HTC EVO4g, who know maybe someday I'll come back to webOS, but for the time being im have to say goodbye and see you soon.
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    I am so tired of my WIFI not connecting on the Sprint Pre. My WIFI worked great with OS version 1.3.5 but since 1.4, it has not worked at all. Can I revert back to 1.3.5, or will the new update (supposedly 1.4.5) fix the WIFI issue?


    * I wish Palm extend ringtone playback beyond five seconds for messaging and email.
    * Add select checkboxes in the email app. It is very tedious to swipe to delete one email at a time.
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    So I know this is almost instantly considered a troll thread but i'd like to throw things out here that are bothering me tremendously.

    For starters, I've been with Palm for a while now. Had a 755p, Centro, and finally a pre plus. I chose webOS over android since I felt android was uninspired and borrowed everything over previous OSes and created nothing really of it's own.

    Anyways down to business. I've had this phone since probably March and while I love the OS, there are so many problems with the hardware. I find it incredibly hard with the fact I need to baby this phone to hell. As it is, I'm starting to receive a bit of an oreo effect, keyboard misses keys, GPS never works.

    WebOS, while a great OS, allowing me to easily multitask, lacks what the competition has. Android slowly has begun to catch my interest with it's intuitive apps (that webOS lacks) that truely brings out the OS.

    To top things all off, HP seems to have no interest in expanding the OS as a phone. It almost makes me with HTC bought them out and incorporated the card system into android as a major overhaul of the UI.

    So my fellow pre brethrens, what can you say to me (besides, hold in there because I am holding in here and nothing has been released at all) to make me change my mind into just buying a droid on ebay?
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    Is webos the only phone on the market without voice dial.

    5 days left on my contract---> hello EVO
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    Quote Originally Posted by pa808 View Post
    Is webos the only phone on the market without voice dial.

    5 days left on my contract---> hello EVO
    I think so. Then again WebOS is missing tons of stuffs that other smartphone got.
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    Voice dialing on android works really well. My buddy uses it quite a bit.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    Wish I waited and bought Droid Incredible. Everytime I see some cool apps in either Iphone or Android market, I hate my Pre Plus more. Today I went out for drink and my friend's Iphone and Droid google map works so well, I was shame to even take my phone out.
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    It is somewhat with a heavy heart that I traded my beloved Pre for an EVO 4G yesterday. My feelings about this are somewhat unusual, since I never (very rarely) feel bad after acquiring something new. However, I really and truly enjoyed my Palm Pre experience so much so that I actually debated not getting the EVO. However, as much as I loved WebOS (still the best OS), call quality was terrible - even the included headphones (which was quick fix when things went sour) stopped helping - and after HP announced that they would not be in the smartphone business (even after acquiring Palm), I felt that I had no choice but to move on.

    Early Review of the HTC EVO:
    This is an extremely fast phone - from the load time to 4G speeds, this phone is quick. However, HTC's Sense is no where near as intuitive or useful as WebOS, but it is adequate. So far (without going into the Android MarketPlace), there are two really nice features (besides 4G speeds which is a noticeable improvement); I am enjoying the background-in-motion feature - you can even seemingly cause ripples in the water background with a gentle press of your finger - however, the phone's ability to comprehend and understand what you are stating is simply amazing. For example, using Google, one can press the microphone icon and state what they are searching for and, almost without fail, Google gets it right the first time. Unless using somewhat unusual words such as Malinois, it picks it up quickly and accurately.

    Also, the phone actually works as a phone - which is a marked improvement for my experience with my Pre. Of course, my main complaint with my Pre revolved around phone quality - not WebOS.

    Overall, although I will miss the Pre's highly successful intuitiveness resulting from its WebOS, the HTC EVO is a faster more impressive phone; the screen is large, sharp, richly colorful, and the phone has some really impressive features (ex. exceptional, not just good, voice recognition).


    I am also having touchstone withdrawals.
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    It feels like I've walked away from a friend of 15 years but, alas, I just feel like it's time. No anger. No animosity. No ill will toward Palm or the Palm community. You see, it's just this sweet little hotty named Evo (that I just picked up Friday), coupled with just enough frustration with my Pre's memory issues (Too many cards), it's anemic calendar, and Palm's/webOS's uncertain future.

    I sincerely wish Palm/HP the best going forward, and I really do hope they remain a significant player in the smartphone market. If so, I certainly would never rule out another Palm (or whatever name they go with) device.

    Thanks, Palm, for 15 great years! Thanks so much to all of you who have helped me get the most out of my Pre the past year. And thanks to all you great developers who are cranking out great apps and patches. I'm sure I'll drop in occasionally to see what's happening and to stay up with ways I can help my wife maximize her Pixi.

    Best to all of you...

    Mark A. Einersen
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    You broke up with the Pre on it's birthday... Have you no shame?

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    As soon as my contract is up or I'm eligible for an upgrade, it's goodbye WebOS and Palm. I've been through a lot of phones in my lifetime, and this is the first one that left me this frustrated. And I'm still on my original one, I can't imagine how some of you with 5 replacements feel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    You broke up with the Pre on it's birthday... Have you no shame?

    That's why I'm glad I did it two days before (got my Pre on launch day--June 6, 2009).

    Mark A. Einersen
    HTC Evo 4G w/Seidio Innocase Active Limited Edition Case < Palm Pre < Palm Pixi (wife) < Palm Treo 755p < Palm Centro (wife) < pa1mOne Treo 650 < Palm Tungsten|E (wife) < Palm Tungsten|T3 w/Sena Case < Sony Clie NR70 < Palm m505 < Palm m105 (wife) < Palm Vx < Palm Pilot Professional w/2 MB upgrade < Palm Pilot Professional < Sharp Zaurus ZR-3500 < Casio Digital Diary SF-4000 < Casio Digital Diary SF-1000
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    Welcome to Android. And that is a little messed up braking up with your Pre on its birthday. My experience would be 2 weeks after a special day. SHAME ON YOU!
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    I left mine long ago (8 months) and never looked back! left for the Hero now have the Evo! Yeah!!!
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    So you bought your Evo at full Price?
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    Sad to see you go - please come back occasionally to tell us how your new phone works. I wonder how many (just on this forum) will leave. I would imagine this group is the "core" of Pre fans - if a lot do, in fact, leave, on top of the HP CEO's recent comment, on top of all else...........well it worries me regarding the future of the Pre.
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    Yeah, ordered my HTC Evo on June 4th. Sprint allows Premier customers to upgrade their phones after 1 year. I still think WebOS is the best operating system for a phone, and I look forward to seeing it on some new HP tablets. After the head of HP declared they aren't in the smartphone business I knew it was time to switch. I'd be happy to switch back if Palm/HP ever come out with a new phone.
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    I was checking my e-mail on my Palm Pre. Ive had it 10 months and Never had a issue. I had my laptop on my shoulder. I clicked the e-mail folder and my laptop slid off my shoulder. When the strap hit my elbow, my arm acted as a lever and my Pre was launched through the air. It went about twenty feet in the air and landed on a tile floor across the room. It cracked in the lower left corner and is acting like its going to come apart. Sprint said they would replace it for $100. The problem is i'm love this phone and am scared to get a new one. Im almost ready for my yearly upgrade. What should I do? I feel sorry for you people going to EVO, obviously you don't love your Pre like I do.

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