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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
    I was shocked. I sent the email out yesterday and now they called me today to discuss my e-mail and answer my questions. I have to say, while probably not really having my e-mail read by JR himself, I still think this is great customer service on behalf of Palm. This is what I had written to JR just so you know. I haven't called them back, but I will let you know what they say:

    Hi. I am a Palm Pre User for Verizon. I am going to be frank as I am getting a little frustrated with Verizon and lack of knowing where we are heading. We spent a lot of money on our phones. And though we understand that things take time to develop, we really want to just know that significant progress is being made and that we have not a general estimate, but an actual month of release. In short I am not going to rant, but we have a right to know that the phone we bought is not just old school already. I am just going to ask the following questions and hope that you will answer them:

    1) When the heck are we going to get our next os update from Verizon?
    2) Are we ever going to get Voice activated dialing and when?
    3) Are we going to get an update to the Calendar to support multiple colors in month view and if so when?
    4) Are we going to get Category support for our contacts? When?
    5) Are we going to get an API for the mic released soon?
    6) Are we going to get any of the following soon (Within the next couple of months maybe): Shazaam, Skype, Docs to Go, Flash?

    Sorry for being frustrated, but my wife's contract and mine are going to expire soon. And we desperately want to stick with Palm WebOS, but we need to be sure that certain NEEDED updates will be coming and that Palm will still update the OS so it is constantly improving. Thanks for your time.


    I know, a little harsh. But I was actually angrier with Verizon more than anything. But I just want to make sure that Palm is not giving up due to this talk of selling the company and all.

    You went through all that and didn't ask about GPS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    Damn you Palm and Verizon! It's been what, two weeks since the update to WHAT ARE YOU DOING TWEEDLING YOUR THUMBS PALM, GET ON IT! You dropped the ball so hard there!
    Actually it's been three weeks. Just saying.
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    Can you ask about the sticky keys/missed keys issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HMCH View Post
    Some of the stuff you mention is not up to Palm. Flash...that's Adobe's product not Palm's.
    Palm may have more current info from Adobe than what is generally known.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    You went through all that and didn't ask about GPS?
    GPS in and of itself works fine, the trouble is that GMaps now takes its sweet while to load - sometimes as long as 15 seconds, which I understand must be an eternity to most of you young whippersnappers that expect everything to open immediately on touch.

    Anyway, it looks like he didn't ask about that, but someone else did some time ago, and Palm's official statement was that something or other was borked by one of the last few updates, that they're aware of the problem, and that it's going to be fixed "in an upcoming update". I'm looking at you, 1.4.2 / 1.4.5

    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    Actually it's been three weeks. Just saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
    I think I am entitled to some answers being that my phone bill is $300 a month because both my wife and I have Pre's and use every feature we can find on verizon with it.

    Not to mention that I also own stock in the company. So I think its reasonable for me to ask what I did.
    I can understand a certain level of frustration, but I couldn't disagree more. Exactly why do you feel you have a right to know these things? Were they promised to you by Palm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    He said he was mad at Verizon AND not knowing where the phones were headed, so he asked where the phones were headed. Only one of the questions he asked had anything to do with Verizon.
    And the risk of sounding like I'm quibbling, he did more than ask. He stated that he had a right to know, and that these were "needed" additions.

    I still cannot understand why folks buy something that doesn't have something they need, then complain about the lack.
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    The OP using entitled might be the wrong word (note you pay verizon $300/mo, not palm), but given the rumor mill about Palm being up for sale, newer phones coming to market (Evo, etc), it might be in Palms best interest to start addressing some of this stuff.

    I have a pre and 2 other ppl do as a direct result of my purchasing one. I like the phone but there are some issues with it and the hardware...I can upgrade in roughly 2 months, so I'm interested in whats coming down the pike from Palm.
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    Dumb questions like this to major corporations are what slow down progress... The more they have to answer the less they can get done of what is important. REMEMBER PALM IS A SMALL COMPANY AGAIN AND SMALL COMPANIES WORK MORE EFFICIENT WHEN THEY ARE NOT ANSWERING STUPID QUESTIONS A THOUSAND TIMES A DAY.

    You should ask for patches of your so called necessary items.

    Item's I would request are more Palm WebOS... How about a WebOS Netbook, WebOS MP3 Player, WebOS Tablet, WebOS Based Car Stereo Navigation System, WebOS Based TV, Bootable WebOS USB Stick, WebOS Phone with User Upgradeable Memory/Storage. Things to make the company grow and be more successful.
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    Don't know why everyone is knocking the OP, he is perfectly entitled to ask any questions he likes. He is also hoping to be able to share with us any info he gets back.

    Btw, can you ask about proxy support if you get the chance.
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    $20 for a program to help learn a foreign language might be dumb to someone who wishes to remain ignorant of foreign lanaguages. But as a whole, it is far from dumb. I'm all for complaints and have posted many, but the person posting can come off as dumb with posts like the above.
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    300.00/month? Wow. I'd be mad with that alone. I have two Pre's and I pay 129.00 with Sprint.

    The only thing I'd want is #5 (mic API).
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    android is pretty clunky.. super buggy (and getting worse not better) they are strictly trying to compete on paper for joe public and take over market share as fast as possible. The two best mobile os's currently are webOS and the iphone OS. No one is really going to argue that..but enjoy your new forum and get ready to see the android issues.

    FWIW a friend of mine used the droid for work and literally lost exchange settings a few times a week..bounced to the pre + thru vz by complaining via phone and getting into high end tech support where they flat out admitted there are sync issues with exchange. Go droid and thats why they let her skip out on android and shes had no issues with the pre+ and exchange sync.
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    I have an offer to whoever wants to smash their phone when they get a new one. Private message me, and I will pay $10 for the first 3 people that do it AND I'll pay the shipping for the phone within the US, regular USPS mail. I mean, its the same end, you wont have a pre anymore and you'll have an extra bit of cash in your pocket.

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    This is a list of demands, I can't see how someone would want to call a disgruntled customer who is complaining about Verizon's service when it is Palm you are calling.

    Furthermore, I have seen more updates on this device then I have ever seen on any mobile device I have ever owned. There is progress being made, but it takes time, and they do not have control over what adobe, dataviz etc does with their own time and resources.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by krispy521 View Post
    There's your biggest problem. Move over to Sprint and you can save yourself $101 a month if you get the everything plans for each of your phones at $99 each.
    My wife and I are on the Family Unlimited Everything plan and pay 109 a month for two phones
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    nfl app?
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    Funny thread. My wife just exchanged her Samsung Moment for a Pixie last week because the Moment would not play nice with her company's exchange server + she had issues with crashing. The rep told her that she had spoken with many customers that had the exact same problem. BTW, the Pixie works perfectly on her exchange server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    Hate to break it to you but there wasn't much research, I didn't even do a search. I only spent a minute looking at the first couple pages to find those complaints.

    What exactly is negative about that post and please explain how I'm ill-informed??? I didn't make those comments, those are from Moment users who are having problems. That is no more negative and ill-informed then your claim that there is a rash of radio malfunctions on the Pre.

    You're claim is just that, a claim. Based on one Sprint tech in Ann Arbor, MI. First of all there is no major radio issue known at this point. And many things can cause those issues. A Sprint tech is no more knowledgeable about electronics then a McDonalds fry cook. If I was to listen to the Sprint techs I would have hard erased my phone every time I had a easily solvable issue. So my problem is you're dumbing down this site with you're one ad hoc encounter.

    Most of these problems have an easy fix and that's one of the reasons for this site. This is a forum for Pre enthusiasts who like to share experiences but if you want to rant about problems and change phones that's fine but we're miffed as to why you feel a need to post it on this site? It makes you look like either a troll, a mental midget blissfully unaware or someone with brain damage that did too many drugs. I personally think you're not a troll but just a socially immature person.

    I say these things because a forum is like a club, let's take for instance that you're a Detroit Tiger's fan since you're in MI. You're sitting in the stands watching a game with all the Detroit Tiger fans kinda like Precentral is a gathering place for people excited about the Pre. But sitting next to you is a guy wearing a Detroit Tigers shirt (he's a member) shouting out how horrible the Detroit Tigers are. He yells about how he's talked to other people how horrible the Detroit Tigers are and he plans on switching teams next week. What do you think the crowds reaction is going to be?

    In a stadium only the immediate people around you can hear what you're saying but on a forum anywhere from a hundred to a thousand people are going to hear you. So if you wonder why you're getting some negative comments look no further then you're self.
    Hey I think you misunderstood what I was saying, and went a bit off the deepend there, bud. I was saying out of all the people who have responded that you're the only one that's remained civil, and then thanked you for that. No sarcasm was present. Ease it back, cowboy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRQTekt View Post
    Hey I think you misunderstood what I was saying, and went a bit off the deepend there, bud. I was saying out of all the people who have responded that you're the only one that's remained civil, and then thanked you for that. No sarcasm was present. Ease it back, cowboy.
    Guess you missed my post about that mistake:

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