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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Next time you try out a demo unit, make sure to reboot the device first. Those things are constantly getting used and are on for a very long period of time.
    Ok.. Good advice. I will try that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Get one from Sprint. There is no restocking fee if you cancel your account within 30 days. If nothing else, you can use the Sprint phone, and take it back completely cancelled, then get your Verizon phone with no "ill effects".

    I suspect you're not serious at all, and simply came to bash. Go back and look at the title of your thread, it doesn't say "Can you folks tell me about the Pre". I suspect you've never even actually done anything with the Pre.

    As an example, I just opened my Pre's calendar, which is attached to 6 different accounts, is FULL of appointments, and it took 6 seconds to open.
    Assumptions assumptions...

    I changed the thread title for the haters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    Assumptions assumptions...

    I changed the thread title for the haters.
    Nope, not assumption, observations. If I want to get to know someone, I don't ask their friends "How can anyone like John Doe?"...

    Whether your change the title or not, How can anyone enjoy the Pre? says more about your motives than any of the protestations you've offered up.

    You've been a "fan" of Palm for years, but are just now finding your way to this forum? Hardly seems likely...

    "Now go away before we taunt you a second time!"
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    1 or 2 seconds of difference on different apps with different phones is really going to cause drastic stress levels in your life?

    At the end of the day, it's just a phone.

    The advantages of webOS outweigh any 'standards' that you have. That statement sounded like a spoiled little bratty 13 year old rich girl lol
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    Just go buy another phone that will make you happy and go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    Im trying to understand how Palm thought they would release the Pre and the Pixi and sell any phones.

    The OS is great, but the hardware is complete crap.

    The pre has the sharp edge on the bottom that hurts when u slide it open. (did they even beta test the device?)

    The screen is way to small compared to todays devices.

    The phone is laggy as all hell... One thing I will not put up with is a laggy smartphone... this is the reason I never got a windows phone, and the only other phone that doesn't lag and is acceptable is the Iphone and Droid.

    Blackberries also..

    But I put this question out to all of you? How are you happy with the pre? Its slow, ive tested it at the store several times.. Multitouch is slow... I made sure only 1 card was open....

    I just don't get it. You put a nice OS with beta hardware. So stupid IMO.

    I love Palm, and want them to succeed but Im certainly not going to buy any of these first batches of junk (pre pixi)

    The pixi is actually nice hardware until you use the device, and you realize its underpowered worse than the pre.

    Its so aggravating

    When will palm put out a device with a snapdragon or seperate Gpu so the device isn't slow?

    Until then im rockin my Voyager.

    (No, I am not going to overclock my Pre, the device should come from the factory with enough juice to operate smoothly.)
    EASY! It's not and iPhone so if you want an iPhone don't buy a Pre.

    Some of us have had Palm devices before there was a "smartphone" ... then we owned the world's best smartphone the Palm Treo ...

    Then, blackberry and other start making phones that looked just like the Palm Treo.

    The Pre is a great phone that can multi task unlihe no other ...

    I do wish that Verizon would get their act together and push the 1.4.1 OS upgrade!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    Granted I am VERY picky, but, The only smooth kind of Experience I have had with 0 lag is the Droid.
    Do Palm a favor, and don't buy either a Pre or a Pixi. I've seen people like you in a variety of forums, about all sorts of tech, and really what you're saying is that no device is good enough for you. It's not the Pre, it's your very picky tendencies. There is no such thing as a perfect device of ANY sort. There are lots and lots of us here who really love our Palm devices. Are they perfect? No. Is there such a thing? No.
    Do us all a favor, and buy a Droid. It won't be perfect for you either, but we'd all prefer you unfairly bashed that device instead of ours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy07 View Post
    Just go buy another phone that will make you happy and go away.
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    Practically speaking, if I buy the Pixie-which I would love to do right now, I would of course take into consideration the speed of the processor, the size of the screen, etc. These devices-any device must be taken as they are...I would certainly not compare the speed of the Pixie to an iPhone 3GS, or a Nexus one, that's crazy. I think the Pixie and the Pre are just fine the way they are. They are in and of themselves little works of art, and I like them just like they are. I've played with them in Sprint store and in Verizon (and as someone else has said here, the first thing the salesman did was pull out an Android phone and try to sell me on that), he couldn't see the forest for the trees-I had the Pixie in my hand playing with it for at least 10 minutes and he couldn't stop talking about Android...amazing.
    Anyway I LIKE the Pixie and being on ATT and on a 3GS contract I can't get one yet. Can anyone here answer WHY in the world Palm won't sell these phones unlocked? I think Palm needs to get a clue.
    Anyway the speed of the Pixie and the Pre is just fine with me.
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    Damn dude! Did the sharp edge cut you?
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    sharp edge???
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    The pre has the sharp edge on the bottom that hurts when u slide it open. (did they even beta test the device?)

    Until then im rockin my Voyager.

    Wow is it really that sharp..dear god man..grow a pair will you. And while we are at it the pre is too aerodynamic. If you throw the pre it may reach mach II speeds and kill some one!!

    And Voyager?? <that says it all
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    No, I just want to know, are you happy with the oreo slider, the wobble, the sharp edge on the pre, and the laggy OS?
    I have none of the above on my launch day Pre.
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    Well seeing as how no one else is going to take you as anything other than a troll, I'm going to take a stab at addressing some of the questions / concerns that you have brought up.

    1)You are quite correct about WebOS....great OS, lovely intuitive UI. I do like the ease of use.

    2)The hardware has issues, a scan through these forums will bring up a number of common issues. I do have to admit that the 'sharp edge' has not bothered me at all. Overall my hardware has been okay, it does feel a bit flimsy, however it is holding up fine so far....that being said I don't actually believe that it is going to last for the term of the contract (3yrs). You will need a screen protector as the touch screen is plastic. No oreo'ing on my phone (yet). The keyboard is functional.

    3) Application launch times are quite variable, on average I see most apps launch between 5 - 8 seconds, google maps routinely takes 20+ seconds. The Calendar app launches in about 4 seconds, and then takes another 4 to load the data before being useable, scrolling to the next day or two will work fine then it stops to load more data.
    The Web browser seems to be the fastest to launch and then slows down quite a bit when loading the page....this has a lot to do with the level of reception, however an iPhone side by side will load the page consistently faster (in a lot of cases 1-2 seconds). Scrolling in the browser is horrid....checkerboards consistently show up and then the next part loads.

    4) OS lag when in the launch pages, quite often will stutter when scrolling up / down the first time that the launch page loads or the first time you swipe left / right to the next page.

    5) There should be no reason to have to resort to 'patching, overclocking, etc.' just to achieve a level of performance that the other smartphones have. I have personally used the Android powered phones and the iPhones next to a Palm Pre and they are all much faster and smoother.

    6) For now I'm going to stay with the Pre, my hardware is fine right now....I'm hoping to see some improvements in WebOS to smooth out the operation and to give greater usability with the PIM software. (haven't seen any decent PIM software in the App catalogue yet)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    I tried the Pre Plus at Verizon today... The slider was sticky, wouldn't slide up easily..

    Thanks for the advice though. they tightened up the slider to fix the oreo problem. You're a hard one to please .

    I think you answered your own question in a later post when you said 'I want to like it but I don't'. Sounds to me like the Pre just isn't your cup of tea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    Assumptions assumptions...

    I changed the thread title for the haters.
    Doesn't help. Why would you join this forum in April, and then start a thread like this. Plenty of threads here with out complaints and problems, but we are hear to help each other and try to influence Palm on product direction.

    You are a troll. I fart in your general direction!
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    You clearly don't appreciate the unique design features of the Pre.For example,Palm put a mirror on the phone;why? So you can shave with the sharp edges. The Oreo effect was designed to be just like a swivel-head on an electric razor;it contours with your face as you shave,thus giving you a closer shave. I've saved a bunch of money and the environment by not using those disposable razors anymore. Love the Pre and its unique features!
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    my Pre Plus has sharp edges and it was becoming increasingly annoying....Body Glove snap on cover solved the problem...but he does have legitimate concerns...I wish the screen was larger, virtual keyboard and better EAS support.....regardless of those shortcomings I still like it better than any of the other VZW smartphone offerings.
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    have you tried rubbing the edge of the phone on your wrist?

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