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    I love my Pre Plus from Verizon BUT: it's been getting more and more quirky. last night the keyboard didnt respond, shut down and that was gone. Yesterday my Pre also quit searching my contacts when i start typing. it will still bring up twitter, google, etc. I get about 5-6 hours (maybe, sometimes it seems like even less time) I "use" my phone, my LG Dare would go on and on and on with heavy use. I've done some of the battery saving tips, but turning stuff off and on kinda defeats the purpose of a powerful "smartphone." My only other complaint is the lack of flash support (currently a selling point ***?). I'll probably hang on until the latest update (hopefully this week!!). I'm considering a new battery, maybe the 800 patch, "IF" i keep my Pre. I love it but my brother has NEVER, EVER had any issue with his multiple blackberrys. At least nothing like the quirks of the Pre. I really hope that I keep it, its great but not good for me if i can't use it.
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    does anyone know how to upload themes and apps and stuff from a macbook to a palm pre????
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    mine wobbles.
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    Im trying to understand how Palm thought they would release the Pre and the Pixi and sell any phones.

    The OS is great, but the hardware is complete crap.

    The pre has the sharp edge on the bottom that hurts when u slide it open. (did they even beta test the device?)

    The screen is way to small compared to todays devices.

    The phone is laggy as all hell... One thing I will not put up with is a laggy smartphone... this is the reason I never got a windows phone, and the only other phone that doesn't lag and is acceptable is the Iphone and Droid.

    Blackberries also..

    But I put this question out to all of you? How are you happy with the pre? Its slow, ive tested it at the store several times.. Multitouch is slow... I made sure only 1 card was open....

    I just don't get it. You put a nice OS with beta hardware. So stupid IMO.

    I love Palm, and want them to succeed but Im certainly not going to buy any of these first batches of junk (pre pixi)

    The pixi is actually nice hardware until you use the device, and you realize its underpowered worse than the pre.

    Its so aggravating

    When will palm put out a device with a snapdragon or seperate Gpu so the device isn't slow?

    Until then im rockin my Voyager.

    (No, I am not going to overclock my Pre, the device should come from the factory with enough juice to operate smoothly.)
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    Let the flaming commence
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    Im not trying to hate on the hardware, im asking how do you all put up with it? I can't use the devices as they are at all.
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    Sorry, can't relate, I love my launch day Pre
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    So you're saying you make an accurate representative for everyone and if something doesn't suit your needs it is bad for everyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Sorry, can't relate, I love my launch day Pre
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    No, I just want to know, are you happy with the oreo slider, the wobble, the sharp edge on the pre, and the laggy OS?
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    almost all these problems are gone with just a bit of patching and with palm's better hardware and the sharp edge seriously were you just looking for something to ***** about
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    I'd ask how people can't use a Pre. I used a Blackberry for 3 hours today and felt hungover afterwards for the rest of the day.
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    No, your phone just sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOlive View Post
    No, I just want to know, are you happy with the oreo slider, the wobble, the sharp edge on the pre, and the laggy OS?
    I personally haven't ever experienced any lag in the OS whatsoever.

    I find it no different than Android, BB's or anything else.

    Is it as fast as some? no. because a) they don't offer the multitasking like webOS and b) for heck sakes it takes a bit of time to mature an OS... all other devices have been out 2+ years.. webOS has been out for <1 year

    It'll come in time

    I've never been 'hurt' by sliding open the phone lol.
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    No one is addressing my concerns... I didn't come here to bash...

    I guess you all just are so infatuated with web os and the brand you buy weak hardware anyways.
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    yawn....please don't feed the troll. He knows not what he says.
    Phones in Family pre> pre> pre> Centro> Rant
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    Let the flaming commence

    Aww screw it.. I was typing a big reply to this post explaining the stupidity of all the points made... but deleted it all. Not worth it. Just not worth it.

    You can't argue with someone who's only exposure to the device is through store demo units (which are all crap, laggy, and never updated).

    You can't fix stupid.. only argue with it. And the more he trolls trying to get replies... the more he shows his hand. /interest in this thread
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    or maybe we just don't have all the problems you do so we see you as what you clearly are a troll
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    I'm sorry you fell that way, I fell that i can overlook the lag on my pre cause of our powerful community here. maybe since it is so powerful, as a result it made me blind. who knows but i love my pre, but can also understand where you are coming from.

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