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    I know this has been discussed before, but I still have yet to come to a decision on what DVD converter program works best for converting DVD's to mp4, in order to play them on my pre.

    Right now, I'm using "Curosoft DVD to iPod Converter" and it works great, the only drawback is that with the free version I'm using, there is a "trial version" watermark in the middle of the screen when watching the movie.

    I've tried Handbrake and it has worked a few times, but a lot of times for some reason it makes my computer crash when I start the conversion process. Anyone else ever have this problem?

    So is anyone using a free and easy to use DVD converter that would work out better for me than the two previously mentioned?
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    Magic dvd ripper it's not free but it works great
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    I use DVD Catalyst.

    Even the free version works easily and well. Just use the default iPhone settings.
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    DVDFab. It allows for full control of file size and bitrate. I have used many of the paid programs and still have some of those. I find myself using DVDFab almost 100%. It to is not free but the updates come the fastest and they offer lifetime membership.
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    yeah DVD Catalyst works great
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    I've been using doubletwist lately. Just drag and drop the file to the Pre and doubletwist will convert the file to the Pre automatically.
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    I use CuCusoft Software.
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    depends on what format, but I've found DoubleTwist to be very resourceful with converting videos to the right size for the Pre.
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    Thanks for the replies...I'm going to try each of them out and see which one I like best.

    So far DVD Catalyst has worked great.
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    Look up PQDVD, and its sister product for PSP conversion. Not free, but easy and reliable. {Jonathan}
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    Handbrake works well for conversion, just select the "iPhone" preset. But it doesn't work for me to actually copy a DVD (which are typically copy-protected). I found a program called DVDSmith Movie Backup which copies from the DVD to your hard disk and removes the copy protection. Then Handbrake to convert for Pre format.
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    Handbrake will decrypt without a problem if you have libdecss installed. On linux, at least. I don't know about other OSes.
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    I personally use the free converter supplied with the latest incarnation of Real Player. I would recommend using the Apple iPhone/iPod h.264 codec. I've had issues when using the Palm 3gp h.263 codec. The videos ended up being all scrunched up on themselves.
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    Clone DVD has a Phone version also
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

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    Pocket DVD Wizard - Convert DVD & Video files for your handheld device

    i use dvd wizard -- i had to pay for it --there is a pre setting
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    Well, you can use Makemkv (free beta app) to convert DVD to MKV. Then use Handbrake to convert MKV to iPhone MP4 format which works well with Palm Pre.
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    Handbrake works well; download the latest version. SUPER is fabulous when it works.
    Joboshare Video Converter is also great (not free).

    They all make use of multi cores and threads on the CPU so encoding time is drastically reduced. The Handbrake interface is easy, as is Joboshare's.

    There are at least two other options - one called Badaboom - that uses the awesome power of the nVidia GPU (video card) to do the conversion. If conversion time is the issue, then its worth looking into this. The other uses AMD/ATI GPUs; I cant recall the name ATM but the AMD video driver pack comes w/ software that allows GPU-based transcoding.
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