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    The USB cover thingy fell off and I can't find it. can it be replaced? can you buy a new one?
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    A few members was able to talk to palm, and palm had sent them a new one. Or you can always go to a sprint or verizon store and rip one out of their demo units
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    nuh... I don't need it that bad..

    I'm sure Palm will eventually figure out that people are losing those, and sell replacements..
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    lol, well just call palm like i said and they will send you out an replacement
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    If it broke off, be prepared for a crack to start from the little hole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by busdriver View Post
    If it broke off, be prepared for a crack to start from the little hole.

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    Go to the Sprint store and tell them you're worried about dust and particles getting into the device. If you have REP you should receive a new one.
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    If you do get another with the whole end, you WILL snap the little tabs trying to get it back in. Sorry dude. But if something else were to say be bad with the phone, like if you used the headphone jack a few times and the speaker stopped working, then I guess you would have to get the phone exchanged. Hmm, kind of nice how the new phone you would get has the cover.
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    I hate the little door thingy. I'm about to just tear it out myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by busdriver View Post
    If it broke off, be prepared for a crack to start from the little hole.
    I can confirm this happens. I got a Pre 1 week after it came out and it was hard getting it open.. One day it popped out and developed a crack that made its way across the screen (pre was only 2 weeks old). I had to pay 100 bucks because it was 'physical damage' and wasn't covered under any known defects. My current Pre has yet to have this issue as I use touchstone, and I don't press the cover in all the way so it is easier to remove.

    Needless to say I kept the usb cover from my first one when I sent it in to I have a 'backup' cover

    I'd call Palm if you really want a new one.
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    After seeing how annoying it was to take it off to charge I took it off permanently. It came of pretty easy too.

    I figured I might get some dust in the phone, but haven't noticed anything yet.
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    That was the first thing I changed on my Pre. That little thing was such a PITA that I took it off and tossed it by the second day. Hard to open in a hurry and lame place for the USB port anyways.
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    that's where my screen crack originated from on my original pre, now my new pre just lost the tiny plastic bar under the port cover. last time this happened, my port fell out a few days later.
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    Add me to those that bought the Pre during the first month, got rid of the door within a week, and have had no issues since. Still on same phone. No crack. ymmv.
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    Funny. I have two Pre doors sitting below my monitor right now that i don't have a use for. Ripped the door off of both my original (screwed up headphone jack) and exchanged Pre on purpose. The door is just annoying.
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    that sucks!
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    I half expected that thing to fall off the first week I owned the phone back in June. Somehow it's managed to hold in there even though I've been sorely tempted to remove it on more than one occasion due to the placement of the cover when trying to plug the usb cable in. I have found that the cover itself is easier to open if you slide the phone open and then pull open the usb cover.

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