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    yes and mclovin it!!!!!
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    I got mine a few days after launch.
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    I got mine in august does that count lol
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    How long do you have to wait after the launch date to not get a launch date device? (usually)

    I'd prefer not to get the very first of the new devices.
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    Got mine on launch and it's still going strong with out issue.
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    I did...but it's long gone now. Had an issue with the battery coming loose and turning my phone off whenever I closed the slider. Now on my third Pre...have fond memories of waiting in line at my Best Buy and chatting with fellow Palm-maniacs on that launch day lol.
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    august, no issues....
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    Me & my wife both have a launch day Pre and have had 0 issues.
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    I spent the night at the sprint store and still have it
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    stood in line for 3 hours, number 8 in line, still going strong with no issues. I do however doctor the phone from time to time, but that's a personal preference to clear any patches left behind.
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    I hope OP is not trying to draw a corellation between "being a Pre-elite" and "getting a Pre on launch day". While I respect people who waited in lines to get Pre on launch day I don't think that makes them "elite". My contract was up in August so I got one in August. Does that make me non-elite?
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    launch day and proud of it
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    Still have my launch day pre
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    I don't consider myself a Pre Elite, but I am happy to own a Pre. However, I have to add that I have a Pre Plus, and got mine on launch day with Verizon.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Still have my launch day pre
    +1, had taken a sick day only to find one of my accounts from my office had also did the same lol
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    first in line at my indianapolis best buy. However, I'm now on my fifth pre due to hardware issues and wouldn't think of going to a different OS.
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    Launch day pre still going strong!
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    yeppppppppppp, glad I didn't jump ship.
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    Wish I could say I still had my launch day Pre just for the bragging rights, but this replacement serves me just as well.
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