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    don't make any diff. Just cause I didn't stand in line doesn't mean i'm not a Palm faithful. I love the Phone, issues and all.
    Had my Pre since Sept. So far so good.
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    I got mine on launch day and it's still solid as rock but with a little wiggle.
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    on my launch day pre still, seems like I've had it alot longer though!
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    Of course I got it on launch day. Duh!!! Sadly I am rock'n my 3rd PrPrPr&#$275$;, $today$.
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    yup, some growing pains like the USB door breaking off (but with touchstone, not much of a problem) rocking 800MHz, 40+patches, a drained bank account (from all the apps) and now an "unlimited" mobile hotspot for the ipad (still trying to transition between OSes on a daily basis, webOS still blows the iPad UI away)...will be there when the next pre2/elan/c40 launches (i like new toys
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    Got mine on launch day, was 3rd in line. Still have oreo issues, no pixel issues, no cracks.

    I only had to doctor it one time and that was because of a bugged home brew app.
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    Yes. Had to swap it 2 mos ago for no touch ability of touch screen.
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    My wife and I were 8th in line at our store on launch day. Didnt spend the night or anything, but we were in line by 7am. It was a great experience. We are both now rocking replacement units, though.
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    September, No problems so far. Knock on wood.
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    10 months and still going strong, hardware has held up great!
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    launch day here and loving it!
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    Yep, but I recently (regretfully) got a replacement 'cause the radio blew. Launch day was my birthday--how could I say no?
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    first on line in my store and still loving it
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    6/6/09. Not elite, just a long-time fan.
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    got mine the very first day it came out. was there early and suprisingly the lines werent outrageous. still have the same phone even after a few drops lol
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    My wife and I are on Pre Uno. July 09.
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    got it launch day... and will trade when evo launch day comes

    thank you mytether
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    Got the first one in Idaho & it's still going strong, thanks to all the Dev's that have made it so awesome!
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    UK launch day, no que and I was first in the shop
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    Got the 5th one from a Sprint store in Podunk, Pennsylvania on launch day 3 days after losing my Treo 755p. Was going to buy it at launch anyway, and its worked great since.
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