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    I recently decided to start using themes and patches on my phone. I had it all set up and working perfectly, and came out for Sprint. I updated, without thinking, and now my pre is slow, some icons are themed and some aren't. I tried using webOS doctor but it doesn't work...? Help please?
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    its funny you mention that it started screwing up after themes, cos mine did exactly the same today.

    what do you mean webosdoctor doesn't work? it's not flashing it? you tried using WOSQI to try and remove all the patched etc you had installed first?

    How are you trying to use webosdoctor? Are you powering down the phone, then holding the 'volume up' key and turning it back on (putting it into usb mode) then trying to run the doctor? Just did it with mine, worked fine
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    I didn't do that, ill try and update my post.

    **Just to be sure, how long do i have to hold the volume up button?
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    Seems to be working now. Thanks!
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    no worries, hope it sorts out your probs mate

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