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    is it possible to create a dual boot on the pre or possibly a dual boot on an android phone where you'd be able to run webOs on in it?
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    Anything is possible. Currently available "No". Possible "Yes".
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    The fastest way to install Preware on your WebOS device.
    Put your device in Developer mode.
    From your PC download the Preware installer from
    Run the Preware installer while the WebOS device is connected with the USB cable to your PC.
    Vualla Preware is installed.]
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    i would love this to become a practical reality, to have webOS on a htc...not too sure how gesture are would work, but to have android on my pre, that'd be interesting

    I don't think this is a practical reality for devs to spend time on though, it wouldn't be that easy to do
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    I think someone was trying this out on irc. No idea of how far they got with it.

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