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    At my local best buy they have the Palm Car Chargers for $2.99. So if you need a miro-usb charger snatch one up.
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    I'll look this up now man. Thanks.
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    Cheapest I see on is $4.99 for a Rocketfish one that works for Palm Centro series and Palm Treo 650, 680, 700 series, 750 and 755 models. Not sure if that works for Pre but perhaps this $2.99 you got is open box? Also im reading from reviews that Rocketfish one doesn't work with the Pre. Not that it isn't the correct sized port but it doesn't have the correct voltage. We all know how picky the Pre is!
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    You were right it is for the older models. I saw the palm logo and didn't even think to check the plug type. I jjust got too excited about the price iiii guess...
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    It's all good bud. Blame palm for their crap. I mean I was looking at the official Palm brand one on which is $30 and people were giving it bad reviews because it wouldn't charge their Pre's either lol...
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    my Pre car charger works great. Better than the knock off you can buy on ebay for $10 and you had to have the screen off for 5 seconds before you could get an actual charge.
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    I use mine when I need the Pre's GPS functionality. It saved me way too many times.
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    No-name ones on eBay are very inexpensive.
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    I got an inverter at Wal Mart that has 2 110V plugs and a USB port. Works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ego2001 View Post
    No-name ones on eBay are very inexpensive.
    Watch out many of those cheap units only charge at 500ma which will be slow (like charging from computer). Where as the the stock wall charger is 1a... I believe the sprint car charger is .875ma

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