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    lol easy people easy, yall dont play at all on this forum its all love though:

    though I dont see it as a bad question, I am one of the alpha testers for the kernals, and cpu scaling and though the Quick install method is very easy to do, i can understand why some people just rather use preware. Upon talking with some of developers as stated above they are working on it to become available in preware, there is no ETA though. So rest assured if you dont want to do it via quickinstall it will be available in preware soon enough, but try the quick install method just make sure you follow it step by step you cant go wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShArK *** View Post
    Im not trying to be rude.. but they took the 500mgz patch off preware too.. why? When can I seethem on preware?
    I agree but, the guys that made overclocking are pretty busy (plus they work for free). Instead of taking up their time, why don't you take your time, make the changes, and submit them to Preware. We'd all be thankful...
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    where is preware?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmg2 View Post
    where is preware?

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