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    Best phone I've ever had
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    Seriously stop wasting thread space with your "pre sucks" rants
    lmao @ your avatar 063 xobx!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xylos555 View Post
    I miss the ability to download .mp3 instead of automatically stream it- I live in a rural area and can't always stream well.
    there's a patch called multi mod or browser multi mod (something like that) that will let u download any streaming file (video or audio), one of the best patches out there imo
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    for now it's the best phone I have had, almost a year now, we will see what is to come, but for now it is great! Love the 800 MHz patch...
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    I love my pre why does everyone have so much hate for it? I mean I say pre and people on the street are like PPFFT that pis s a ss phone.

    Its way better then the iPhone and has loads more functionality then any blackberry. My palm pre can actually do more things then the iPad can do and the iPad has the specs of a mini computer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toasterthegamer View Post

    I love my pre why does everyone have so much hate for it? I mean I say pre and people on the street are like PPFFT that pis s a ss phone.

    Its way better then the iPhone and has loads more functionality then any blackberry. My palm pre can actually do more things then the iPad can do and the iPad has the specs of a mini computer!

    More than Iphone, yes. But Blackberry, No.
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    i love my pre!!! very happy with it!!!
    Je fais ce que je veux avec mes cheveux!!! Sprint: Pre+ 2.1
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    We've had ours for a couple of days now and we both really like them. I spent lots of time researching phones. I spent time playing with the iPhone and several Android phones. The Pre Plus is awesome. The screen is clear and the apps load reasonably fast. I really like the size of the phone too. I think the iPhone is just a bit too big. The biggest plus was being able to get 2 Pre Pluses for $50 bux. Hell. You can't beat that!
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    As Voltaire said, "I do not agree with a word you say, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it!"

    I understand why you feel the way you do, but I think you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. This is a New OS, with New hardware and we are all early adopters. Also, keep in mind, we are the demanding ones. If the majority of Pre owners were unhappy there would be a massive recall, but there is not. Most are happy, and reviews are good. It's just we who want the world that are complaining and we are all on here and other similar blogs.

    If you want a device that can be managed with one hand, is the ONLY device with true multi-tasking (if you can't open multiple windows and view them side-by-side, it's NOT multi-tasking, PERIOD), can be customized to the point where it's mommy won't recognize it, has new apps coming out almost every day, and the manufacturer has even put out two separate phones with two separate generations, all in the same 8 months, the Pre is for you.

    If NOT, and it is within your means to try something else, by all means, do so. The grass is always greener, as they say.

    But, mark my words... you'll be back. They ALWAYS come back! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha ha! ha! ha! (too over the top?)
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    i am very happy with my device.

    if you aren't satisfy with it get a new phone!
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    Beside the few issues I've had with it; I love my palm.
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    I read through this thread and the other thread that the OP had started. Everything I have read is how the Palm Pre is a second rate smartphone. It has terrible app store and problems with it's slider. Of course we can't forget the freezing of the games, causing lockups, etc.

    Well, why don't we get to some of his complaints.

    1. Second rate smartphone: Each phone and each Operating systems have their own problems. iPhone is a great multimedia phone and does do games and apps very well, but when it comes to being a phone, it is a terrible phone for making calls (it gets poor reception, and not just because of how bad AT&T is.) Does this make this a second rate smartphone, well if you have to make a call, it does.
    Android is very unpolished and unfinished like WebOS still is. It doesn't do a lot of 3D games like the iPhone or WebOS do, but it is getting better, and will get this in the future. Android does have potential, but right now WebOS is ahead in a few areas in the way it multitask and 3D gaming. WebOS is a little more polished than Android. Android and iPhone do have better hardware though, which I do agree with you. Windows mobile is still behind the times and even with Windows 7 mobile coming, it is still unproven.

    2. Terrible App store: I guess you mean that it doesn't have as many apps as Apple or Google. How many apps can you put on your phone. My guess is no more than 100. It doesn't matter about how many apps that are available. It should be all about the quality of the apps and what you like to have for apps. For me, I like 3D games, and tinker with multimedia apps and other fun apps. Some OS do it well and some don't.

    3.Now the keyboard getting stuck all the time, well I can answer this with experience. My keyboard was getting stuck a good amount of time. But guess what, it worked itself in. It took a while, but it finally stated opening up correctly. All I did was keep opening and closing till it worked itself in. Now it is running smoothly.

    4. The freezing of the phone is a known problem that started back with 1.4 or even 1.3. It is a software problem, not hardware. When adding new features to a phone by firmware update, sometimes software gets messed up. Look at Snow Leopard, and the problem with 27 inch iMac. They did finally fix that problem with a software update and Palm will fix this problem also. Any OS can have these problems. It just matters how long it takes to fix.

    Instead of complaining, why don't you ask someone (people in these forums love to help out) about how to fix the problems you are having. Each person in these forums has had similar problems to you and most have found ways to fix these problems.

    Remember, whining gets you no where. Acting rational and asking questions helps solve problems.

    In the end, if you really don't like the Pre, then move on to next great device. We hope you find what you are looking for, but remember, some people actually have enjoyed the Pre like me.
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    I love it and I am confident that a tech person like me and non-tech people like my parents can use webOS.

    Today I got my parents to upgrade to Palm Pre Plus ($50 for two phones!)

    I am jealous but happy for them.

    The Pre Plus have a lot of improvements to the hardware when compared to my Sprint Pre. It has a tighter feels, the removal of the button is great (although using it is a bit tricky), and the screen is much brighter than mines!

    But yes every OS has flaws, it's just a matter of how you can use it.

    I love the big screen, accuracy of the touch, and the numerous apps on the iPhone OS, but webOS makes much more sense with the use of keyboard shortcuts, gesture functions, and true multitasking with the use of their card system. I can manage calls, games, and e-mails all at once without finding the back button, looking for my apps on a cluttered screen, or clicking the home button every single time.

    Everything you do to navigate in webOS is organic. It just makes sense.
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    I recently got an iPad and it actually renewed my respect for my Palm Pre Plus. I installed Pandora on the iPad and ran it. I hit the button to go to the start menu to open my calendar and guess what-no more music because the thing is only single tasking. On the other hand, the pre plus is awesome. I can play pandora in the background, flip over to my calendar, flip over to email and the music never stops. That's the beauty of webOs.

    Not only that I turned on the wireless hotspot on my phone and connected the iPad through it and voilą, an awesome mobile experience. So yes, I absolutely love my palm pre plus, even more than my iPad.
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