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    Quote Originally Posted by poplarparkfilms View Post
    Hey man thanks for the awesome response. Oh yeah that's right, I don't even own a pre. I wish you were right because then I wouldn't of posted here in the first place. The pre's interface doesn't one bit remind you of the i phone? Not even just a little? Do you own a pre?
    Ummmm...Ok they both have a capacitive touchscreen but after that NO!!! Form factor not even close, OS quite different. You ever try to back swipe or use gestures on an iPhone? I don't think so. Does the iPhone have a physical keyboard? Hmmmm No! Can the iPhone truly multitask no. I could go on but what's the point. They are two very different devices and I'm sorry you think you got the wrong one. It's just not the phone for you. I hope you find one you're happy with in the future.
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    By far, the best phone I have ever owned. I use it for business and pleasure. Wouldn't trade it for anything else out there.
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    @drcapi give me the name of one phone you don'T have to tweak to make it usable. and as i wrote i had my pre when you had to root it to get some apps to work, because there was no simple quick install with ipk's. but now we have it, so who cares about the past. the original topic poster is not happy with his pre now.

    the pre is not perfect, but neither the iphone nor the droid nor the nexus one nor the hd2 nor the evo 4g are. youi have to tweak all of them to make them to your liking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    For someone who is trying to get into making apps for WebOS, you aren't acting very professional... Hmm.

    And who cares about grammar and spelling? I would say most of us do here. It's not about acting superior towards other people, it's about actually using our language.
    i respect your opinion..... thats all it is.... an opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Eagle View Post
    By far, the best phone I have ever owned. I use it for business and pleasure. Wouldn't trade it for anything else out there.
    I feel the exact same way!
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    I really don't like my phone either. The apps suck, the phone is slow. Trying to run the music app and browse the internet or anything is a chore and you will be lucky not to have the phone stutter. There is no widgets or moving flash lite wallpaper support. There is very little customization without patches. The camera sucks and overall this has been my worst experience with a phone ever. But since I have to have this phone for at least 1 year, I make due with patches, tweaks, and themes.

    Note: I have a pixi not a pre.
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    nobody stop you from jumping to whatever phone you like

    and stop assigning your personal opinion onto others.

    I like my pre, albeit flaws do exist. but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $isn$'$t$ $any$ $phone$ $out$ $there$ $that$ $is$ $perfect$, $and$ $Pre$, $for$ $my$ $usage$, $is$ $closest$ $to$ $that$ $perfection$.
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    There's no reason for anyone who still has the phone not to like it. You have 30 days to try it out and if it doesn't work for you then move on to what does.

    The Pre is not perfect, but it's by far my favorite phone to date and I've owned a lot of phones including smart phones.
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    YES, I LOVE MY ** PRE!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by poplarparkfilms View Post
    My experience with mp4 didn't work at all and considering the video camera out puts clips in mp4 i don't know why it didn't work
    And this from a 20-year-old filmmaker wanna be? I don't claim to be a filmmaker, but I can certainly use the video camera on my Pre. In fact, everything works just fine on my phone.
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    MORE than happy!
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    I've had my Pre since september I love it best phone I've ever had
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    i'm happy with the phone and the webos as for the device you have to remember u learn with your mistakes. the company will make changes next time around give the webos to mature . so yes i'm happy with it it does every i need it to do and then some .
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    Is the pre stuck to your hand,get rid of it already...shoot,if I have a phone that doesn't have the things I want and need,then I'll definitely get rid of it,or just shut up about all it's fault.
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    I have had my Pre since it was first introduced. Never had the slightest problem with or hardware.
    I had a IPhone 3gs. Hands down....Pre is superior.
    I wonderful product.
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    I love the people who don't like their phone but continue to come back here day after day to post about it.

    Sure this thing isn't perfect, but I had been waiting so long for a Palm phone running something other than Garnet that when they showed this thing off I was so excited. I bought it launch day and for that first week I was over the moon with joy at how cool it was. They have keep improving the OS every update, and I still think the look of the phone is nice even though it may feel kind of lightweight. The way the screen blends right into the whole front bezel and the act of swiping up from under the screen feels pretty satisfying.

    It might stutter here and there and the PDK isn't as fleshed out as an iPhone but overall the whole design of the OS has had a lot of thought put into it. If they were to release upgraded hardware (not just specs with a few minor adjustments, a newly designed model) I think I would buy it. I honestly think Palm has done a really good job with rebooting their OS and making it more modern.
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    Overall I am happy with my Pre. I had a Centro for almost 3 yrs. I miss the ability to download .mp3 instead of automatically stream it- I live in a rural area and can't always stream well. I bought a Pre, returned it after 3 days, then bought an android phone. After 3 wks, I went back to Pre. It does lack some of the basic functions that I enjoyed on the Centro, but again, overall it functions really well, minus the "too many cards" issue I sometimes have with no programs open.
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    Well I am very happy with my pre plus. I have used palmOS for alot of years and actually gave up some productivity when I switched to the webOS. But what I lost in productivity I gained in entertainment and web surfing. The multitasking makes for a better overall phone experience. When I was with sprint I had to 60 dollars a month for an aircard , now with my pre plus I pay nothing and can put 5 devices online thanks to moble hotspot. I'm hoping that with more apps I'll gain back some productivity I lost.

    Quote Originally Posted by thornev View Post
    My only gripe is that I can't use 95% of the PalmOS apps I enjoyed on previous Palm devices (the other 5% run OK on Classic). I enjoy my Pre very much. thorne
    This is basically my sentiment as well. The 1.4 patch made the battery last just enough more where I can deal with it. Verizon has not gotten 1.41 patch as of yet. I'm hoping for the keyboard double-strike issue to be resolved. But this is a great phone. SD slot needs to be brought back and some type of official palm desktop software (the cloud is for the birds imo).
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