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    I posted this on the palm pre board, rather than the gsm board before, so apologies in advance to anyone reading twice....

    basically I installed a theme on the pre, it seems to have totally screwed it all up. No dock at the bottom, trying to launch as app causes a freeze of between 30secs - 1 min, reboots seem to take a life time, can't really put the pre into usb mode etc etc.

    I was wondering whether anyone has an idea of sorting it out before I have to somehow re-flash it using the weosdoctor and goign through the long process of getting it all working again?

    help is appreciated,

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    you could just uninstall the theme?

    Go into WOSQI, then to tools > Device manager > You will see a list of installed things, one should be the theme name.

    If you have Preware on your phone, then it will probably be in the 'installed items' or whatever that category is.

    If those fail, just try installing a different theme on top, it should just replace the one on now.
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    hi, thanks for the reply

    the device manager showed nothing installed on the phone, despite there being many things installed .I literally couldn't do anything on the phone without it crashing it so couldn't install any other off preware and for one reason or another I couldn't install themes using WOSQI!

    not to worry, i've just had to webosdoctor (1.4.1) it, but seeing as it had several patches (including overclock) on it, i'm not sure what the result is going to be!
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    cheers for the tip, i have to wait til tomorrow (have to borrow a guys 02 contract sim to bypass profile activation) to find out if it's working ok. Hopefully it'll just work!
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    just in case anybody is wondering, re-flashing with 1.4.1, flashing modem to and using rebel sim seems to work fine after the mess caused by the theme.

    On another note, it really is shocking the difference that the 800mhz patch makes. tried using it for a while without the patch - its SO laggy! makes the phone so much more usable and enjoyable to use

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