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    So guys, I noticed something last night and wanted to post about it. I believe there is a bug within WebOS, or at least weird functionality with the video camera.

    When capturing video with the palm pre, and you receive a text message, the video will stop recording and freeze. When you go to your video roll, it will be whatever length it was until the text message. This is quite annoying for people who get a lot of texts. Last night I kept trying to record something, only to have it instantly stop with text messages and I could never fully record what I wanted.

    This could possibly be some API issue, but I wanted to post it and see if anyone else experienced this same issue. It seems like a slight oversight by Palm, but if anyone else experiences this, then I assume this will also affect e-mails as well.
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    Yeah, this has been discussed in here before, right now the only fix is to put your phone into airplane mode before you capture a video.
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    Interesting, I did a search but nothing came up. Thanks for the info. I can't believe I didn't think of that.

    Speedtouch: thanks, I just submitted it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    Yes, I think this can't be stressed enough. While some Palm reps do visit this forum, it's best to pass along all bugs and issues directly to Palm.
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    yea ive said this multiple times and always seemed over looked.... it isnt a bug though, i dont so think anyways because my ex's friend's HD2 does the same thing.... is it soppose to do that though? anyways its been put up as a patch request.....
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    If it is not a bug it certainly is a flaw. If I am recording my daughter's dance recital and a text stops the recording, I would not be too happy
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    I notice that with recorded video, when i use the scrubber to rewind the video it shows me a frozen screen with the audio playing. to get the video rolling again i have to close the app.

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