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    Been using full wrap Bodyguardz on my Pre since day one. I do like the smooth feel of it and it's extremely easy to clean. I usually just use my tshirt to wipe all the prints off. It's definitely a good investment should you want to sell the phone later on.
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    I bought a 3-pack of Verizon-brand display protectors with my phone on 1/25/2010, and it has not interfered with my screen usage at all. I'm using it sort of as an ideological preventative, thinking that if I don't use it, that's the day I'll end up scratching my screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mespiff View Post
    i have one but i am very anal about things like this -- i put plastic on every thing -- Clarivue makes good screen protectors -- i use the privacy shield so that nosey people can't see what i am looking at -- it means i have to run the screen a little brighter but i like it --
    i had to trim the slightest bit off of the top of the privacy style because they keep the prox sensor from working if hey are on top of it

    Dude, my privacy screen messes with the Pre's proximity sensor! I figured this out because, after i took it off, the proximity sensor worked again. I wonder whatelse went kaput because of the thickness of the privacy screen . And btw....doesnt anyone else have a problem with their bluetooth? Mine is HORRID. I tried to pair my friends samsung no avail...BB avail...BB avail...BB Bold...NO AVAIL!...Atleast until you put it in an exact line of sight.
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    I got a Zagg for the same reason some of the others did. I'm careful with my phones, rarely drop them, and usually it's dropped on my face.........but I do like to keep it clean and neat, and if I do decide to resell it later, most people don't care much about the back, but if the screen is a mess, write 'er off. Also, if you decide to recycle your phone through Sprint, you'll get a higher price if the screen is near mint.

    The old iPhone comparison.......yes, the screen is more resistant to scratches than the Pre's plasic screen. Not totally scratch-proof, anybody that tries to show you how tough it is by scraping it across a brick wall needs to just give you the phone, instead. They're too stupid to own something that expensive. They do have an unnerving habit of shattering when dropped, though. Not just a chip, or a crack on the corner.......shattered to the point the screen doesn't even work, and needs a fairly expensive replacement. I'll take a good screen protector and a plastic screen over a thin piece of glass any day, thanks.
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    having used Zagg on every other device I've ever known, I decided to give Phantom Skins a it! Doesn't yellow or catch fuzz and lint along the edges like Zagg. It's also much thinner, but just as protective, was easier to apply (had Zagg on the Pre before), and has WAY less orange peel texture or rubberiness.

    no matter what you choose, though, they're cheap insurance against scratches. I'm seriously AR when it comes to scratches; don't even like "micro" scratches (which I assure anyone who claims their unprotected screen is perfect has).
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    don't waste your money. Keep it in your pocket by itself
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    i bought some really cheap one on ebay and it works perfectly, i dont really see how much different these 15-20 dollar ones are. its just a sticky piece of plastic
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    Had an invisiable shield for about 6 months, then I got rid rid of it. It has been 3 months, no problem. I think the phone looks better without the film.
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    invisaible shield you will love trust me.better safe than sorry
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    I am so glad I have a screen protector. I got out of my car one day with the phone in my hand, and slipped. Somehow I threw the phone straigt at the ground and it landed screen down. Even worse was that it was a ROugh asphault paRking lot with little rocks everywhere. I couldn't believe it, the phone still worked, but the screen looked scratched to hell, and looked like it had cracked through the protector. But when I took the protector off to replace it, the screen was perfect. I am always careful, but accidents just happen sometimes. BTW, I'm still on my first phone since Oct, and I'll never go without a screen protector again.
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    Screen protector all day baby. I don't even realize it is there. You will wish you had one when you eventually scratch or drop your phone. A Palm Pre is not a Honda Accord; you need to protect its resale value.
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    You absolutely should get a screen protector for ANY screen, especially a touch screen!

    I have what I feel is the best screen protector EVER.
    You absolutely need to check out the screen protector this ebay seller has:

    Instead of a piece of film, it's more like a hard plastic sheet. I have no bubbles with it. I am one of those anal people that HATES bubbled screen protectors, but this one is perfect.
    Screen is still ultra-sensitive, and definitely protected.
    And it's even custom cut for the Pre to fit around the earpiece, mic, and gesture button (for Sprint Pres).
    If you want a case, he usually bundles the screen protectors in with other items.
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    I mostly like the protection because of "traction". The pre is a slippery bugger & not easy to quickly open. The wrap (I only wrap the front) gives just the right amount of resistance to open the keyboard. I don't like the sort of "hard" type of protectors that you buy online for a few dollars, but the body armor & invisishield kind work excellent. A huge pain in the **** to put on. The first one I had best buy install because we didn't have body armor at the mall at the time. The second one I had the body armor (or whatever it's called) put it on at the mall (much cheaper than best buy). They will reinstall for "life". If you have to swap phones (as long as the new phone is the same, pre for a pre) they will wrap your new phone for only the installation fee ($5 at my mall). The peace of mind is huge for me. I have a touchstone back & kinda like the matted look so I didn't wrap the back. Not to mention the fact that it's not that pricey to just get a new back if you totally annihilate it (I've had mine since July - the same back, but replaced the phone - & it still looks new).
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