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    and I love it so far. there are plenty of apps (my friend was concerned about there not being a lot of apps), and the HTC hero has no proximity sensor, so I was always calling people, hanging up on people, etc. Not to mention everything including the apps, is prettier on the pre. Very happy with my switch so far.
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    just wait til you get it fully tweaked to your liking
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    I'm still trying to figure all that out, lol.
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    Welcome! You will love it, I am sure.
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    Just bought 2 yesterday the easy way on Verizon w/the BOGO offer! Still trying to keep head above water w/all this phone can do! Looking forward to tweaking this phone and then my wife's!
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    welcome...get preware installed n ur gonna b hooked, dont forget the 800 patch

    have fun

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