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    BB 9630 to Pre+ and 2010 Volvo xc90

    I made the switch from BB world to Pre. I actually changed mine and my 3 partners from bb to pre. Not that the bb was bad but we are consultants that need to see html email and the bb kept promising and never delivering and I had my own exchange server. Put all of us on Gmail. Took Outlook from exchange and ported to google calendar and tasks and memos. Was able to do it but it was not seamless (import contacts as vcf not csv). If you have a choice use a transfer to gmail and google NOT yahoo. Mail is no where near as fast and the google calendar is much better.

    Email is ok on the pre but it eats the battery alive. I bought 10 seidio extended and we just always have one charged. I also put a touchstone in the volvo and the bluetooth is perfect. I can voice dial and it works better than my Porsche (pos) and my old Benz. I am a very heavy Pre user as I get 100 to 150 emails a day that need answering (medical consultant) and the multitasking is really great. Now for the bad news. The keyboard is an issue. the spacing is not as good as any bb and the keys sometimes stick and double type thought sometimes I think this is a software issue. So over all pretty good. Did I mention that I no longer pay $900 monthly for my Bes service and that my html e mail rocks. One partner did not want the pre (hated the keyboard). He is on a droid. Pretty good though the keyboard is worse in reality and the GUI is entropy defined. can not figure what is where and why. Pre is better arranged and more intuitive.

    All the above is just my opinion and your mileage may vary.
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    I just went from a BB Curve to the Palm Pre on Sprint. I have had my Pre for about two weeks. Maybe I can give you some good insight.

    Why-Wanted something that was useful like a BB, but also did the fun stuff that a BB just can't do.

    How Data Trans-Before I got my Pre I made sure to dump all my BB information to Outlook. It all came over when I sync up to Outlook. My IT guy took care of it.

    Email-The email is ok, nothing beats the BB here. As good as the iPhone, very easy to use.

    Messaging-Do not use any of these apps, sorry

    Battery life-Yes, this is truly tragic. Can not make it an entire work day on one charge.

    Some other things...

    Keyboard-As far as the Sprint Pre is concerned I have not had any problems. Easy Transition

    Overall you will be very happy. At the end of the day, the Pre just does more than the BB can do.

    Good Luck
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    I just order my Pre Plus and it should be here Wed. I'm moving from a Storm 2. The Storm does everything I need it to do and it's soooo much better then the Storm 1 (which I also had), but I'm just tired of BB's I guess. I'd like a phone that handled emails, contact, calendars, etc well, but also had a fun side. I played with a Pre Plus at a store and it was nice. I saw what all the hype about WebOS was. Worked smoothly and just made a lot of sense. Wasn't that difficult to figure it out, even in the few minutes I was there.

    My only concern is getting a phone that works right. The phone I played with at the store had the double letter issue and it was pretty annoying. I've got my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I think I'll be happy with the Pre Plus taking care of all my business needs and looking forward to having some fun finally. Also looking forward to learning a ton of new things about the fun on this site.
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    I too am a BB Curve user tired of waiting on the BB browser and having to sync my contacts and calendar manually. Lou27MD, your answers were right down the path of my thinking. I find myself using the browser on my curve more than I thought and even with the replacement browsers, it's not fun.

    Concerns about the Pre+:
    --Battery life. Right now, I go through about 60% of the Curve's battery per day. I'd like to be able to make it through the day without charging
    -- PALM stability: Had a PALM PDA back in the day and am worried they might not be around for WebOs1.5 or 2.0
    --Voice dialing: I'm one of the few that makes heavy use of voice dialing.
    --Speed dials: What is the fastest way to call common numbers? Are there any sort of speed dials through the screen without needing the keyboard?

    Any inputs or thoughts are welcome.

    Rgds/Mark M.
    Verizon 8330 right now
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    dont worry too much about palm going somewhere. I think webOS will be supported for the next 2-3 years xD
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    I made the switch from a Tour to the Pre cuz of the useless web browser and I wanted better email support. The BB was definitely quick on reading emails, but I missed how every other phone does email in that when you read it on the desktop it marks it read on the phone. The push using Exchange and using Gmail are very satisfactory for me with the Pre, and I can see my labels in Gmail again with the Pre's email client; I had to use the Gmail app to check that on the BB.

    I made the move by exporting my contacts to a CSV and importing them to the "My Contacts" portion of Gmail (which is what the Pre syncs to, not every person you've ever emailed anymore). I moved my calendar over by using Palm's Data Transfer Assistant from Outlook, since that's what my BB sync'd to. My calendar is now in Google Calendar, and I created different calendars to simulate categories (which no phone has ever done better than the Palm OS Treos). The memos I have I made them Tasks w/Memo attachments on the Pre, since I don't like how the Pre doesn't allow reminders for tasks at a specific time (only date, but not time). I made a Google Calendar called Tasks and I put my tasks in there.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    I had a BB Storm and BB Curve. I did not use he BES through my work, only Outlook. I had my Gmail and Yahoo on my BB devices too.

    I found the Pre Plus to be better suited to me because of the multi-tasking abilities, especially with the 800MHz Kernel patch. QuickInstall, the "Doctor" and PreWare are all fantastic to have access to.

    The BB was good but it would freeze up on me constantly and take forever to reboot. Too many things you have to add on to the BB to get it to do what I wanted. The Pre seems to have it built in and I find that with my heavy phone use, it works well.

    The battery is a different issue. I am constantly on the go. I have 2 Touchstone chargers for my home and home office. I also have a car charger, and 2 travel chargers to make sure I can get plugged in. It is kind crappy I have to "monitor" my battery but the pros absolutely outweigh the cons for me.
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    The only thing truly I missed were sound profiles. It's nice to customize what phone calls ring at night and what emails might come through at certain times and situations. Plus the pre's email is slower. Nothing is faster than bb when it comes to email. The prprpr $is$ $definitely$ $manageable$ $and$ $is$ $I$ $think$ $better$ $than$ $the$ $iphone$'$s$ $email$ $client$.

    BBM is something but you can SMS or use an Instant messaging client. It's not all that great. That's just me though.
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    any reason my thread was closed or deleted

    thank you mytether
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    Quote Originally Posted by dansod View Post
    So I am thinking of upgrading from Blackberry Curve to Palm Pre with Verizon.

    Why? (simply stated)

    How? - moving data from current BB to Pre. Is it seamless for contacts and calendar events, ect.

    Email? BB is great. Pre???

    Messaging? - BBM is important to me. Is there a comparable compromise for me to use, that is easy for others to use with me?

    Battery life? Really that bad?

    I appreciate all your input. And my other choices are narrowed down to Storm 2, Tour 2 (May?), or wait for future releases.

    Thank You,
    I was the biggest Blackberry advocate on this planet, and switched to the Pre Plus and love it. I had been following the development of the Pre since day 1 and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. In my opinion, Blackberry just keeps making the same phones over and over again. Very boring. And no more worrying about Blackberry being down.
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    im telling you... blackberry build with webos is a perfect match.

    palm sucks at hardware
    blackberry sucks at OS

    blackberry hardware and bettery with webOS is a match in heaven. like me being married to paris hilton

    thank you mytether
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    I love my pre. I got it because I don't have aBB enterprise server at work and got tired of having to manually sync my BB every morning. I also wanted some of the gee whiz factor that comes with the pre.

    I have no regrets making the switch BUT: I think BB still does a better job with emails. I miss the pin function (although that is not as big of a deal since more of my associates move away from BB). Battery life and build quality on the Rim phones much better than the Pre. I really don't use the Pre to play games beyond some card games and Bubbles, so that is not an issue, but the web interface is much nicer. The Sprint GPS is somewhat useful as well

    On balance, if BB ever did allow for automatic syncing to outlook without a BB enterprise server I would be tempted to make the change back. But as I said before, I don't currently regret making the move.
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    I just went from a Curve (8330) to the Pre Plus.

    Why? Too many limitations on the PIM functions, and the methodology of selecting menu items and selections leaves a lot to be desired (nothing worse than try to get that selection on a small item, then pressing the ball in only to have it move and select something else). Also, the email client and browser suck big time on the curve. Opera Mini 5 made it tolerable, but too many issues with using the trackball with that browser. There are other annoyances as well, but they were minor.

    How? Set up a Gmail account, downloaded the Google Calendar Sync app (for syncing Outlook), and downloaded Go ContactSync to sync my Outlook contacts to Gmail contacts. By having my BB synced to Outlook first, I had Outlook ready to go. The Google Calendar Sync app and the Go ContactSync app keeps my Outlook calendars and contacts constantly synced to the Google account. Then you set up the Google account on your Pre and now you have a solution that keeps your Pre synced to Outlook over the "cloud". You can also purchase one of two apps (Missing Sync or Pocket Mirror) that can keep you Outlook synced to the Pre via WiFi when you come home. No more plugging the phone in to sync!

    Email? While push is great on BB if you have a BES, Gmail is better if you don't, and it works with both phones. The email client is light years better than the BB. Supports pinch zoom as well. With a patch, it will also do landscape. The client easily brings all your email accounts together in one view. You can also delete emails by simply swiping it to the right (similar to swiping cards up to close the app). I can't tell you how much better the email app is, especially on the eyes.

    Messaging? My wife is still on a Curve (upgraded to an 8530 when I got my Pre - she didn't want something "new" but keeps eying my phone). I simply set up a Gmail account for her than got Google Talk loaded on both of our phones. Instant messaging. Google talk is really instant, too. One client for another. Obviously, you can use AIM, Yahoo!, and regular text (SMS, MMS).

    Battery Life? Just went through my first work day, showing the phone to a dozen people and using it far more heavily than I ever did my BB and my battery was down to 57% around 1pm when I put it on the charger (that's 7 hours after I removed it from a charging source). My BB would drain at about 60-70% of that speed when I used it heavily, which was rare. If you set the brightness down to around 15-18% (which is still quite bright for this phone) and set the screen to go blank after 30 seconds, you will really help with the battery life. I hear the CPU Scaler app can help quite a bit as well. Really, I heard the battery life was awful, but it's not that bad for a smart phone if you don't leave everything running, but that's pretty much the same with all the phones. If I left the browser running on my Curve, it would drain the battery quite a bit faster than normal.

    Quite simply, your battery life mileage will vary on a lot of factors. You can always get another battery or keep a touchstone handy to plunk it down on.

    The whole Pre/WebOS experience is much better (save the keyboard which is good, but not as good as the Curve's), especially browsing the web (night and day). Most BB users would, in my opinion, be happy with the switch.
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    Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered it from Verizon. We'll see! I had the same issue Craigjenh mentioned with having to sync the calendar and contacts. Now, I'm off to find some must have apps (and maybe a game or two!).
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    I want to also highly recommend other comments on having the touchstone chargers. I recommend having one at work and at home. It is so easy to pickup and put down the phone with the charger it just makes sense. The fact it switches right to speakerphone when place on the charger is a nice benefit as well but bottom line is with the chargers i dont have to worry about battery life much at all. Not sure why they dont drop the price or add that accessory in (At least at sprint since they dont have the mifi) bc the accessory is another great differentiator for the phones.

    BTW I really do enjoy need for speed if you dig driving games
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    Below are my responses...I was a BB user for several years before switching the the Pre. I've had my Pre for 4 months now and honestly, can't wait to go back to a BB when I'm able to upgrade.

    The Pre is a very nice phone, but to get it the way it should be, you have to spend a lot of time "tweaking" and installing patches to get the simple things on the phone such as character counting on SMS, call log duration, date/time in SMS, etc. And, everytime your phone automatically upgrades, you have to reinstall everything and cross your fingers that you don't have to run the doctor on your phone to get it to work properly.

    The main reason I'm switching is the battery life. Yes, it's that bad. I'll have 100% battery when I leave for work in the morning (15 minute drive). I'll read 3-4 emails and when have used up 15% of the battery by the time I'm at work. If you have meetings where you'll check your email a couple times per hour, by 5:00 you'll have 20% of your battery left...if you're lucky. And yes, I've read through all of the threads on how to improve battery life and have done everything that has been suggested.

    Bottom line is it's a great phone, but you can't get the "greatness" out of it b/c it drains your battery. What's the point of a smart phone if you can't use it???


    So I am thinking of upgrading from Blackberry Curve to Palm Pre with Verizon.

    Why? (simply stated) Pre is cooler looking, touchscreen and keyboard. Web browsing on Pre is better. Multitasking is awesome.

    How? - moving data from current BB to Pre. Is it seamless for contacts and calendar events, ect. - Very easy. Sprint did mine fast/flawless.

    Email? BB is great. Pre??? BB's are designed more for business therefore email is better. Pre isn't far behind though.

    Messaging? - BBM is important to me. Is there a comparable compromise for me to use, that is easy for others to use with me? The only thing comparable is if you download a patch ( have to tweak, not something that comes with the phone) and use Windows live or something like that. But that would mean all of your friends would have to do the same thing.

    Battery life? Really that bad? YES!!!!!!!! Horrible!!!!!!!! If you have to use it for business or even plan on using it throughout the day to web browse, plan on charging it a couple of times throughout the day.

    This is honest feedback from someone who switched from a BB to a Pre.
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    Absolutely agreed complex.
    Palm webOS: "There`s a Patch for that"
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    I'm quite surprised by diggityd's response. The battery life on every smartphone and PDA I have ever touched depended primarily on two things: 1) backlight brightness and 2) CPU activity. Other things can impact your battery, but to use up 15% of the battery in 15 minutes checking a few emails? That's horrid, and NOT what I experience.

    As and Engineer I am well aware of the limitations all of these smartphones have in terms of battery life versus function. The BB's and iPhone get great battery life because they generally just sit there and do nothing but get emails and messages unless you start using them heavily. When I would use my Curve for a lot of browsing, which kept the backlight on for extended periods of time, I would eat through the battery at a pretty decent clip (using the browser for about 2 total hours worth of time during an 8.5 hour workday would chew up about 20-30% of the battery power).

    First thing I did when I got the Pre, noticing how incredibly bright it's great display was, I turned brightness down to 18% (I now have it at 14%) and then I changed the default display timeout to 30 seconds. I'll describe below a 12 hour window for my batter usage (my description of browsing is as follows: light browsing is 20% of time or less - ex. 12 minutes out of every hour - while moderate is 20-40%, heavy is 40-60%, and very heavy is 60%+).

    I pulled the phone off the charger (still waiting on Touchstone to get here) at 11pm at night with 100% charge.
    Time range: Battery Lever: Activity:
    11pm-5am 93% Email gathering by phone, no other activity
    5am-7am 82% Moderate browser use, MP3 for 20min, 2 emails read
    7am-8am 68% Very heavy browser use, video watching 1min, 3 emails
    8am-9am 64% Light browser use, 2 emails
    9am-10am 50% Very heavy browser use, used Calendar 5min, 4 emails
    10am-11am 45% Emails only (6 emails)

    I did this as a sanity check for my usage. I don't normally use the browser quite that much, but it's clear that having the backlight on a lot and getting a lot of data can be taxing on battery life. I know from experience that my Curve would have been down to around 60-65% of battery life with the same usage. Better, for sure, but that's with a CPU running at half the speed of the Pre (my wife's new 8530 was down 2 bars out of 4 in one day when I spent about 2 hours setting up preferences and getting Google Talk running on her phone to message me).

    As far as email on BB being better, the only thing better is when BIS and BES can push email to you. I can get that now with GMail if I want it. Otherwise, the Pre is night and day better. It is so much better rendered, you can pinch and zoom to make it easier to read, and html mail is SO, SO much superior on the Pre to the Curve I had (which had the newer OS with html email support). I just don't see the big advantage. But that's me.
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