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    So just today I guess I busted my charge port. I don't really remember doing anything, but now the port won't charge unless it's in JUST the right way. It really takes some fighting to get it to charge.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is a valid warranty claim? I mean, we all know how important charging is to the Pre...
    I got it on February 28th from Verizon, so I'm past the 30 day, but it still has a 1 year warranty, right?
    Not to mention I very much have that double key entry annoying...
    I also have the 800MHz patch installed. I assume I should get rid of that should I send it in?
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    Id say depends who you talk to, but that would be referring to sprint. and i noticed you said verizon. I'm sure you can since verizon loves their customers more in not dicking them around.
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    Verizon, not dicking around customers?!?! Since when?? That is why we left them for Sprint 5+ years ago, and why the secretary at work who handles the cell billing threatened to quit if the company kept Verizon for our contracted phones. I have only had one bad service experience with Sprint in the almost 6 years since we left Verizon. Sprint CS has been great for us.
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    You shouldn't have any issues...I personally haven't. And if one store gives you an issue then go to the next. Besides...its Palm that waranties it...not the service provider. In fact I have gotten another Pre within days...question is the refurbished they send...thats been my issue...on 3rd Pre...about to be 4th...2 in 3 weeks time...and that will be 3 in less than a (atleast I can try to laugh about it...not sure how many more before I am no longer laughing though...the great OS has made me patient...for now)

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