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    I added the battery temperature gauge to my drop down menu the day before yesterday, and I have noticed that my device response has been a little suspect (i.e., I touch the app menu or apps and they don't respond right away) and my battery life has dropped noticeably. I noticed the same thing with any patches that add functions to the drop down menu (i.e., roam only, gps, and data toggles).

    I also installed the warning patch, but that doesn't seem to have the same effect, though I would like the option to alter the polling rate.

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    I haven't noticed any decrease with these patches. I could understand it being worse taking a poll of the battery but after 1.4.1 its been the opposite with me. Battery seems better....dunno
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    I will mention that I am actually nervous to not have them, so it's worth the sacrifice and I just make sure to plug it in more often.
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    Added the battery patch a few days ago (have a pre plus) and have noticed a significant hit on battery life.
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    do they really,thought it was my imagination.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    do they really,thought it was my imagination.
    I keep trying them because they are such a simple and elegant solution. But But, the lag and the battery hit are just too much. Not sure why it makes a difference if these functions are controlled by a resident app or a patch to an existing function, but it does.
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    it's possible temperature warnings patch may cause some additional battery drain (as it sends out service request every 5min) though the other temperature patches shouldn't cause battery issues nor slowdown
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    I just removed the temperature warning patch from my Pre. I was idling and losing between 4-5% battery per hour. I will update in a couple hours with the difference. I do however think it is a worthy patch but if it going to cause the battery to take such big hit then I going to take my chances.

    I feel better doing it now....after installing the cpuscalerultimate patch with 800 Mhz overclocking patch and the phone seems to be running cooler by 4-5 degrees.

    Please take no offense Jason....You have got a bunch of great patches!!!!!!!
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    I was waiting for the new updated patch so I can install to watch my 800 mhz tweak. My battery usually drains fairly fast anyways, but I always let it drain down to 10% before I charge. Maybe time for a new battery.

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