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    Here is the spot to tell the forum what compelled you into choosing the Palm Pre phone over all the market competition out there. Were you impressed walking into the store by a salesman's pitch or did you have your facts already googled in advance and know what you wanted? What compelled you to open your wallet for the Pre?

    my reasoning:
    I was not impressed with Apple's iron-fisted app-store policing or the plan prices at AT&T. I was concerned that an android phone wouldn't have long term support for timely updates because it would rest in the hands of handset manufacturers. With the Pre I felt I would get the unified xbox/ps3/wii style of system updates. I felt confident about the linux underpinnings of the Pre and was blown away with the webkit multi-touch, multitasking card-system user interface, notification system, universal search & synergy.
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    I was tired of Verizon's industry's highest prices and the dreadful BB Storm. Bought my Pre last June and looking back I have no regrets. Still on my 1st Pre and love the real keyboard and webOS software and I have saved over 600 dollars switching over to Sprint.
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    it was the only phone that caught my imagination,
    And it still is!
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    I had a Treo 600 and 650, then fell out with Palm when they started making crappy WinMo devices but I always hoped they would make a Linux based device. Eventually I waited for over 2 years for the Pre and got one on launch day (UK). I never even looked at anything else.

    I won't have an iPhone 'cos I hate Apple. The Android phones have potential but all the ones I've used I found I really dislike the UI experience.
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    I think a lot of people here are carryovers from the Treocentral days. Having said that, what made me get a Pre is webOS, it's pretty awesome. The swiping and the gestures are cool. One thing though, I hate sliders, or any gadgets with moving parts. I had to make an extreme exception for the Pre.

    I'd consider myself a Palm ******, but I also wouldn't have any problem suggesting iPhones or Blackberry phones to others, and have plenty of times in the past.
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    I had an iPhone 3G (got it for free) and I was ALWAYS so frustrated with the unlocking methods (tap/slide), the brick style, how it felt in my hand (no roundness at all in the back), the frustrating messaging system (to use AIM, I would open up the app and not be able to do anything else), the intrusive text message notifcation that would force me to close all my apps just to answer a text, and the call quality. It was so frustrating. Oh, and I also hated the virtual keyboard. How anyone likes that crap is beyond me.

    When I got my Pre, it fixed ALL of these problems. It was my salvation.
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    the creepy girl ads caught my attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    it was the only phone that caught my imagination,
    And it still is!
    same here. I had a centro so I liked palm,,when I seen first ads for it I knew I wanted one.
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    - I'm not going to support Apple's policy by any means, even if the iPhone was the last phone on earth: They force developers only to code what they want and since the 4.0 announcement they also force them to use the tools they tell them. And they force the users only to use the small fraction of the phones capabilities that they explicitely allow - Get me right: i work on a Macbook and i think that MacOS is the greatest OS you can buy. I tried about all of them since my C64 days. So i'm not an Apple basher. But i simply can't and won't support Apple's iPhone policy!

    - I'm not going to support Google either. The Platform is more open, sure, but i'm deeply suspicious about Google's data gathering and data mining capabilites. So i give them as few information about me as possible. Same goes for facebook etc, btw.

    - Symbian and RIM are not "smart" enough for a smartphone. Imho they are feature phones running an outdated OS.

    - Microsoft is never an option, no matter what - Hey, i own a small open source company, i avoid MS like the plague...

    So what's left? Right...

    It turned out that my simple avoidance strategy worked:

    - I now have the phone with the best and most open OS on the market

    - I like Palm's policy. The phone allows full access without any illegal steps and they tolerate the homebrew community

    Couldn't be happier. For me, the Pre fits like a glove! Ok, i could: The Pre hardware doesn't do the fantastic OS justice...
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    I've had palms for about 10 years since my first palm pilot. Had treo700w which was my 1st smartphone & I was amazed, but not pleased with leaving palmOS for winmo. Then my wife gets a 700p & I'm more upset but my 700w still working ok. When verizon contract up I couldn't wait to get my next palm but was looking to get back to palmOS. Started looking on treocentral and started hearing all these rumors of the 'next big thing' I watched all the blogs as the Pre was introduced & was amazed (& I still am) I switched to sprint on launch day. The thing is, I was open to other phones but I wanted a vertical, physical keyboard with a great ui & nothing else I looked at came close. I'm glad I waited & I am quite sure I'll never leave palm. I for 1 love the form factor.
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    I had 2 Treo's (650 & 700p) on Verizon before my Pre. I was getting tired of lugging around the Treo after 5 years and wanted something new. I also wanted something that could do e-mail and had a nice internet browser.

    I started looking at the iPhone and I liked it a lot. However, I didn't want AT&T. I know a few people with iPhones and call quality is hit or miss. I've had very few problems with Verizon (almost 20 years) and I wanted to stick with them. I was hoping the iPhone would come to Verizon but I got tired of waiting.

    I started looking at the Droid phones but I didn't really like them. The Motorola Droid was responsive but it had a funny feel to it and it was big. The HTC Droid was slow and I didn't like the phone app. So I decided to wait.

    When the Pre came to Verizon, I didn't jump. I waited for some reviews and thought about it. Then, I saw the Pre as a daily special online and decided to try it in the store. The girl showing me the phone was almost useless. She knew how to open and close apps. That was about it. I played with it for about 10 minutes and really liked how intuitive it was. I liked it but didn't "love it" immediately so I took some time to think about it. By the time I decided, it was no longer a special and went back to full price. I again decided to wait. It became a special again a few weeks later and I ordered one. Got it for $30 with the special and my $50 "new every two" discount. Not a bad deal
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    My contract with at&t had expired and had gone month to month with out my knowlage. Unfortunate because I was wasting so much money on that carrier. I had the Treo 750 which was nice but the Pre was such a huge upgrade and I was tired of at&t...i was considering the igotcha phone but saw the Pre and was sold. On top of that, as a member of the Austin Board of Realtors I qualified for a 23% coprporate discount. More than happy with my Pre!
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    3 reasons:
    It was something new and different
    I hated my past Windows Mobile phones
    I didn't want to join the iPhone bandwagon
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    My ultra-nerdy friend told me it was the best phone coming out in '09 so I listened and don't disagree
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    Had a Treo 650, then a Treo 680 on AT&T and was extremely ready to move up to a new device. The Pre came out just when I was ready and it looked COOL. I didn't like the iPhone... not for any other reason than it simply didn't 'do it' for me. I actually waited for a couple of months before jumping ship from the Deathstar to Sprint, but first came on the P|C forums to read up and ask some questions to the users who jumped on right away. After reading/chatting on here, I took the nervous leap. I was sick of the Treo's constant issue of rebooting, and was afraid WebOS would simple be the same thing with a new name. I was extremely surprised and excited to see it wasn't!

    For me a Windows (anything.x.x) would never be an option. I hated the iPhone design and philosophy of having to control and dictate everything. Didn't like the roller-ball design of BB's with the the tiny screen, I was seriously thinking about trying out Android - even though it was an over-hyped and under performing OS (a quote from our IT guys) - but at least they were coming up with some cool ideas and phones.

    I figured I'd give Palm one more shot since coming off of my aging Treo's... and found what felt like a completely new way of using a phone. WebOS has been an amazing discovery. Simple, elegant, powerful... and extremely well supported by both Palm and the Homebrew community.

    I've never looked back since... but am looking forward to seeing what they do next
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    The multitasking
    The formfactor (touchscreen AND keyboard)
    The internet

    I almost bought a Storm. Man am I so glad I didn't.
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    I had a Palm Zire 71 and a Razr and wanted to combine the two. Kept waiting, and waiting for something to come to Alltel (which I wanted to keep due to signal strength and good plan pricing). Centro came to others, so that wasn't an option, and it was a little small, but I would have gotten it. I then finally stopped waiting in December of '08 and got a Curve, along with my wife. Thought I had found a great solution until I started finding the limitations of the OS. The constant use of the trackball through all the menus, combined with the frequent mis-selected item due to the ball moving when I pressed it in, just drove me nuts! Then the browsing experience just sucks. Getting a task/project list manager to go more than 2 levels deep is not happening unless you spend $60 for a program that goes 3 levels (oh, joy, what if my Project's task's sub-task has it's own sub-task - 4 levels deep?). The calendar was a pain in the rear. The media player, with the use of the trackball, is not an experience one wants while driving.

    When I saw the Pre introduced a month later, I just about wanted to put my head through a wall. I was floored by the next Palm OS. It was obviously ground breaking. I've been reading this site since, and have been drooling to get my hands on one until yesterday. That's when Verizon bumped my "New Every 2" up by 4 months allowing me to easily justify to the wife a $19 expenditure for a $400-500 phone. Can't believe I finally got it. Love it! It's everything I thought it would be and more. I also feel the hardware is pretty solid. I think it has a bad rap in that department and I plan to do my part to fix that.
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    It's currently (or was, it's all debatable) the best phone on Sprint, and am on a family plan w/my parents and brother, so it's too good of a deal to turn down. I had a Centro, so wasn't afraid of the keyboard. Now that I'm used to the UI (swipein') I have limited interest in other devices. It kind of makes me want to throw up using Iphone or Android OS.
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    It was well the 'gadget of the year' and i just had to have it! I don't regret the decision of getting one bit. Coming from a 'jailbroken' iPhone i can say that WebOS is the best thing over. Bring on the 1GHz monster (hopefully)!
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    Simple answer = my previous phone was the Instinct
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